All You Can Eat Sushi Restaurants: How to Find the Best?

All You Can Eat Sushi Restaurants: How to Find the Best?

Are You searching for the Japanese food Sushi in the USA? Where Can You Find All You Can Eat Sushi restaurants in the USA? How can you locate them near your location? In this article we will inform you completely about the Japanese food points in different states of the USA. Further we will discuss the various methods to locate particular Japanese restaurants that offer Sushi in their menu. So, keep reading this blog to get a better understanding about finding these restaurants.

All You Can Eat Sushi

How to find All You Can Eat Sushi in the United States:

There are different ways to find or locate particular restaurants that can offer the visitors Sushi food. You can search on different food websites, mobile apps, forums & Blogs, and you can ask the locals around you to know about the exact location of All You Can Eat Sushi food points in the US.

Websites and Mobile Apps:

There are many websites and mobile applications that can tell you the exact details and location of the Sushi food points near your location. Let’s us discuss few in details;

Google Maps:

Google Maps is a universal tool for finding and locating nearby places, businesses, restaurants and destinations. Similarly, you can also use it to find the Sushi serving restaurants. Just follow the below steps;

  • Open the Google maps website or app and write All You Can Eat Sushi in the search bar.
  • Google maps will show the nearest Japanese restaurants that serve Sushi food if you turn on the location. You can also Zoom In or Zoom out the website to see more restaurants around your surroundings.
  • Moreover, if you want to search for a particular restaurant, then you can also search it on this platform. You can also see different aspects like photos, ratings and reviews of the previous visitors on this platform. This gives you a clear understanding about that restaurant.
  • Moreover, you can get directions from your location to that particular restaurant through Google Maps.


Yelp is a popular and widely searched platform that helps the users to locate the different businesses and services near them. The interface of the website is very simple and unique. You just enter what you want to search in the Search bar like “All You Can Eat Sushi”. The website will show you the results in the grid view and Maps view. You can select the Grid view to know more about the restaurants like, Reviews, Photos, and Ratings.

The Map view will show the restaurants with highlighted markers. You can know the directions and distance of the restaurant or food point from the maps. Moreover, you can select the state in which you are looking for the Sushi food points.

Uber Eats:

Ubereats is basically a food delivery application that can also help you to find the restaurants and their location that serve Sushi. The user interface of the website or application is very simple. You can search for the restaurants and food. It provides both the options. You can search in the food section by typing “All You Can Eat Sushi”. The website will show all the restaurants near you that offer sushi food in buffet deals. Furthermore, the app also provides you the option to get the food at your doorstep. You can also see the reviews and ratings of the restaurants on this application.

All You Can Eat Sushi

Urban Spoon:

Urban Spoon is another website and application that can help the users to locate Japanese food points. You can search for the Sushi food in the search bar of this restaurant. They will show all the restaurants and their necessary details. You can also order the food or cna go to the food points. The app also helps you to read the review and check the ratings of the restaurant to better understand that particular restaurant.

Food Blogs and Forums:

There are different food blogs and food forums on the internet that keep on reviewing the food of different restaurants. You can read those forums and blogs to know the location and food menu of particular restaurants that serve Sushi. Such blogs and forums are quite helpful to know the taste of the restaurants.

Social Media:

Nowadays different social media platforms can also help the users to find the exact location of the restaurants. You can search these social sites to find the official account of the favorite restaurant that provides an “All You Can Eat Sushi” buffet. You can also see the location, images and review of the food in the comments section of the Posts.

Ask the Locals:

The best and easiest way is to ask the locals about the restaurants that offer sushi food. The locals know everything about their neighborhood and can tell you the exact position and details of the nearby “All You Can Eat Sushi” restaurants. You can also ask them about the quality of the food they serve.

Best All You Can Eat Sushi Restaurants in USA:

There are many restaurants that serve Japanese food, especially Sushi in different states of America. We will discuss a few of the best restaurants below in detail. We will also discuss why these restaurants are best among other restaurants that serve Japanese food.

Sushi Wa:

Sushi Wa is a famous restaurant that is located in Henderson, Nevada. This restaurant is famous because of its delicious Chinese food and All You Can Eat Sushi deals. You can enjoy this deal at two different times, Lunch and Dinner. Lunch can cost you $27 and Dinner costs around $30. The working hours at this restaurant is from 11:30 am till 3:00 am. This restaurant works 7 days a week.

All You Can Eat Sushi

They offer Sushi in traditional rolls and simple sushi. You can enjoy their sushi with your family. The taste of this restaurant is amazing and they serve the dishes with their special sauces. Sushi and sushi rolls can significantly enhance your eating experience in this restaurant. They also serve drinks and alcohol with the food. The service of delivery and takeout are also present.

Shan Kishi

This famous restaurant that has delicious dishes like sushi is located in Panama City Beach, Florida. The customers can enjoy the All You Can Eat Sushi deal everyday until 4:30 pm. You can come with your friends and family to enjoy the unique taste of the sushi dish. They prepare this dish with modern spices and flair. The staff of this restaurant is very welcoming and provides you with the best services. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very pleasing. You can enjoy different drinks like Beer, Wine and cocktails to double the pleasure of the sushi experience.

Working hours of this restaurant are from 11:00 am till 10:00 pm(Mon-Sat). For Sundays the restaurant’s working hours are from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The restaurant also provides delivery services at your home and also you can take out the food with you. There Are vegetarian options also available. So, you must visit this place and have a lifetime experience of these restaurants.

Itacho Ramen & Sushi:

This is another famous Japanese restaurant that operates in Los Angeles, California. This website also makes Japanese dishes with spicy flavors and unique flairs. The restaurant also offers a great dining experience with its interior and different TV’s play different sports channels to watch your favorite game. This means it is a perfect place for eating and enjoying the sorts you love. The restaurant also offers an All You Can Eat Sushi deal where you can enjoy unlimited sushi with your family and colleagues.

The operating hours of this restaurant are from 4:00 pm till 3:00 am. You can also enjoy different drinks like Beer and wine to take your dining experience to the next level. There are food delivery and take-out services from this restaurant. Moreover, valet parking is also available for this restaurant.

Sumo Sushi II:

Sumo Sushi II also offers a great dining experience for the sushi lovers. You can enjoy the All You Can Eat Sushi deal at this restaurant for a very reasonable price. The restaurant is located in Las vegas. They provide the services of food delivery at your home and take out from the restaurant. Sushi lovers will definitely love the taste of sushi prepared in it with classic flavors and natural ingredients. The staff of this restaurant is also very friendly.

The working hours of this restaurant are from 12:00 pm till 9:30 pm. The restaurant operates 7 days a week. You can further enjoy your meal with wine and beer.

Rakuzen All You Can Eat Sushi:

Rakuzen restaurant in New York also deals in AYCE sushi. You can enjoy unlimited sushi at a very reasonable price. You need to pay just $30 and can enjoy sushi, salad, Japanese soup and other delicious items without any hesitation. One can also enjoy different wines and beers at this restaurant for enhancing his dining and eating experience.


Why is American sushi different?

There is a big difference in the Sushi that is served in Japan and the sushi that we eat in America. In Japan people make Sushi with vegetables and raw fish and serve it with rice. But In the USA, restaurants make sushi with seaweed and rice and roll up the cooked ingredients in it.

Why are so many of America’s sushi restaurants owned by Chinese immigrants?

Because the owner of a sushi restaurant can earn more money. In china there is a big competition among the restaurants about the food. Everyone loves to eat sushi there. But in America, the customers are low but they can pay a high price to eat sushi. That is why most of the owners are Chinese and they earn more money as compared to restaurant owners in China.

What does “All You Can Eat Sushi” mean?

It means that you can eat unlimited Sushi in a given time. There is not a specific size of sushi plate. You just need to pay $20 to $50 dollars per person and you can eat unlimited sushi at that time.

Which US city has the most sushi restaurants?

Orlando is the city that has the most sushi restaurants per capita in the United States. This is because a lot of the population of Chinese and Japanese people live in this city. So, to meet the demands of their food, many restaurants are operating in Orlando, Florida.

Final Thoughts:

There are plenty of Japanese and Chinese restaurants in the US that offer All You Can Eat Sushi deals. You can find such restaurants with the help of different websites and mobile applications. People in the USA are also very fond of Sushi. Moreover, a big number of Chinese and Japanese people live in America. They search for restaurants that offer unlimited Sushi for eating. People come with their family to enjoy Sushi Food without any hesitation. We also discussed a few restaurants that can serve you the best Sushi in different states of America. For more information you may visit


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