Amazon Hub Counter: How to use? Advantages & Eligibility

Amazon Hub Counter: How to use? Advantages & Eligibility

What is an amazon hub counter?

Amazon Hub Counter are working pickup and drop-off points for Amazon packages. These counters are hosted by small businesses. It is a local store that receives amazon packages. And then gives them to the customers who come to take their orders. People who do their small businesses can take a counter in an amazon warehouse. Then buy items and place them on their counters. When they sell the product the customer takes a product from these counters.

It provides customers with a convenient and secure delivery option, especially if they live in areas where package theft is common or if they are not available to receive packages at home. Additionally, it can be a way for partner retail stores to drive foot traffic and increase sales.

It is like a mom-and-pop hardware store. Because they receive packages and store them on the counters. The customer comes to the warehouse person to take their orders. The actual humans are involved in this procedure. It attracts both of them and also protects them from many crises like theft and many others.

Amazon Hub Counter

Why do amazon hub counters need to be built?

Building your own business is much more costly. First, you need to buy products and then deliver them to the customer’s houses. You hire some drivers who ship the products to the customer’s houses. In this way, you also pay the drivers who ship the orders. Sometimes customer houses are locked but your expenses are more. Also, drivers are aware of and fear thefts. It’s a costly procedure that needs amazon hub counters and amazon hub lockers to be built.

How to use amazon hub counters?

  1. During checkout on Amazon, select “Amazon Hub Counter” as your delivery option.
  2. Choose a convenient Counter location from the list of available locations. Note that you can also search for Counter locations using your zip code.
  3. After your package is delivered to the Counter location, you’ll receive an email notification with a barcode and pickup code.
  4. Bring your pickup code and a valid ID to the Counter location. Within 14 days of the delivery, pick up your package.
  5. The Counter associate will scan your barcode and ID to verify your identity and release the package to you.
  6. If you need to return an item, simply bring it to the Counter location. And the associate will assist you with the return process.

Amazon Hub Counter

Applies for amazon hub counter:

There are many rules that you must follow and then it will be able to deliver.

  • All the products should be sold by amazon, not from other brands.
  • The order does not contain products that are release-date delivery.
  • The order does not have the product that requires special handling.
  • The weight of the product must be 33lbs not more than 33lbs.
  • The size of the product must be 36*24*24 inches

Advantages of amazon hub counter:

There are several advantages to using this as a delivery option:

Convenient Pickup Locations: it provides customers with a network of pickup locations at retail stores. Making it easy to pick up their packages at a time and place that is convenient for them.

Secure Delivery: With Amazon Hub Counter, customers can avoid the risk of package theft or missed deliveries. Since they can pick up their packages from a secure location.

Flexible Pickup Times: Customers have up to 14 days to pick up their packages from the Counter location. After delivery, give them plenty of time to arrange a pickup at their convenience.

Easy Returns: it also accepts returns, making it easy for customers to return items. Without the hassle of arranging a separate return shipment.

Partner Benefits: Partner retail stores benefit from increased foot traffic and potential sales. Amazon customers pick up their packages from their locations.

Overall, it is a win-win for both customers and partner retail stores. Providing a convenient and secure delivery option. While also helping to drive traffic and sales to retail locations.

Amazon Hub Counter

Disadvantages of amazon hub counter:

While it provides several advantages, there are also some potential disadvantages to consider:

Limited Availability:

It is currently only available in select partner retail stores across the US. So it may not be a convenient option for all customers.

Package Size Limits:

It has size limits for packages, and oversized packages may not be eligible for Counter delivery.

Dependence on Partner Retail Stores:

It depends on the availability of partner retail stores to offer the service. And if a store decides to opt out of the program, it could affect the availability of Counter delivery in that area.

Verification Process:

The verification process for picking up packages from Amazon Hub Counter locations requires a valid ID. Which may be inconvenient or problematic for customers who don’t have a government-issued ID.

Distance to Counter Location:

Customers may have to travel some distance to reach the nearest Counter location. This could be inconvenient for those who live in remote areas.

Amazon hub locker:

Amazon Hub Locker is a secure, self-service delivery location where customers can pick up and return. It is essentially a locker system that is available at select locations such as grocery stores, convenience stores, and shopping centers.

When a customer orders a product on Amazon and chooses a locker as their delivery option. The package is delivered to the selected locker. The customer is then provided with a unique pickup code via email, text message, or the Amazon app. Which they can use to access the locker and retrieve their package. Amazon Hub Lockers are available 24/7, making it easier for customers to pick up their packages at any time.

Amazon Hub Lockers provide a convenient alternative to traditional home delivery and can also be useful for customers. Who may not have a permanent address, and live in areas where package theft is common.

Amazon Hub Counter

Advantages of amazon hub locker:

There are multiple advantages of the Amazon Hub Locker that I have discussed below;

  • It provides Convenient Pickup Locations.
  • It has Secure Delivery options.
  • This Amazon locker provides flexible pickup times if a customer is not able to receive their package at home, they can choose to have it delivered to an Amazon Hub locker location.
  • It is a free service, which means customers do not have to pay extra to use it.
  • Easy Returns are also offered on this counter.
  • No Dependence on Third-Parties means a third party is not involved in this counter.

Disadvantages of amazon hub locker:

Let us go through the disadvantages of the hub lockers of Amazon.

  • Amazon Hub Locker has thousands of locations across the country, the service may not be available in all areas. This can be a disadvantage for customers who live in areas without Amazon Hub Locker locations nearby.
  • Amazon Hub Lockers have size limitations. This means that packages that are too large may not be eligible for delivery to a locker location.
  • Amazon Hub Locker locations typically have a limited hold time for packages. This means that customers may need to pick up their packages within a certain time frame.
  • Amazon Hub Locker locations may be convenient for some customers, but they may not be convenient for others. For example, some customers may not have a locker location near their home or work.

Overall, Amazon Hub Locker provides a convenient and secure delivery option for many customers. It may not be the best choice for everyone. It’s important to consider the potential disadvantages when deciding whether to use this service.


What does an Amazon Hub counter do?

An Amazon Hub Counter is a secure and convenient location. Typically located within a partner retail store. Where customers can have their Amazon packages delivered for pickup.

How do I access my Amazon Hub counter?

Go to the counter. Enter your 6-digit code and barcode from the email of your delivery confirmation. In this way, you can access your products.

How much does Amazon Hub counter pay?

Its pay is approximately 20$ per hour.

How long do Amazon Hub counters keep parcels?

3 days if you did not get your parcel within three days. Then you may contact customer service.

Final Remarks:

Amazon Hub counter is an easy and secure delivery option for customers. Who prefer to have their Amazon packages delivered to a physical location for pickup. With 24/7 access and a simple pickup process that requires only a valid ID and pickup code, it offers a flexible and hassle-free delivery option.

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