Among Us Character: Complete Review of the characters, colors

Among Us Character: Complete Review of the characters, colors

Are you searching for a famous meme character? What is the among us character? How to play the

Among Us games? This article will describe all the Among Us Characters and their roles in the game. Moreover, we will discuss the color scheme of the characters and the cosmetics that the characters use in this game.

What are the Among us characters?

The characters in Among Us are called “Crewmates” and “Impostors.” Crewmates are the players who complete tasks around the map, while Impostors must destroy the Crewmates’ efforts and kill them without being caught. Each player has a randomly chosen character. All characters have the same abilities and attributes.

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What are the roles of Among us Characters?

There are different roles of Among us characters. We will now discuss them one by one in detail.

In Among Us, there are two main roles that players can choose: Crewmate or Impostor.

  1. Crewmate:

    Crewmates are the players who must complete tasks around the map to win the game. These tasks include fixing broken systems, cleaning messes, and moving around the map. Crewmates can also vote to remove players that are Impostors among them.

  2. Impostor:

    Impostors are players who must destroy the Crewmates’ efforts and kill them without being caught. They can do this by moving around the map. Imposters kill the crewmates and also keep themselves hidden so that crewmates do not vote to get them off the ship. Imposters win the game when they kill all the crewmates. They can also win when they outnumber the crewmates. These are the conditions of their win.

Crewmates and Impostors can move around the map, use vents to quickly travel to different areas, and report dead bodies. The Impostors also can change into a Crewmate. They use it as an advantage to kill crewmates and not get recognized by them.

There are few other characters that these imposters and crewmates play. Actually, these two groups have character and these characters are assigned different tasks. Now, we will discuss the characters of crewmates and characters.


The role of the engineer’s character in this game is to repair or fix all the vents of the machine and spaceship. His duty is to keep the spaceship in perfect shape for a safe ride. Engineer usually joins vents and tries his best to repair the screws and bolts of the spaceship’s engine.


The role of scientists is to check on the different locales on the way forward during their journey. They also perform other research activities on their journey and track the path to their destination. They are an important part of the game and crew members.

Guardian Angel:

As their name shows that they are the protective characters on their journey. Guardian angels safeguard the crewmates from the attack of the imposters among them. It is also an among us character. Among all the characters it is one of the most important characters who is also very reliable.


This character is in the construction process of the game. Sheriffs can be a vital part of the game. He may lead the crewmates to different missions and act as a chief of all the crewmates group.


Imposters kill the crewmates during the game. Those dead crewmates become ghosts. They later on protect and help the other crewmates to fight and identify the imposters among them. Ghosts keep this game a thrilling and engaging one for the players.


Shapeshifters are part of the imposter group. These are actually the imposters that change their shape and turn into imposters. They kill the real imposters without being caught. These characters have different colors and cosmetics in their kit to convert into any crewmate.

Color Scheme of Among us characters:

In Among Us, players can choose from various colored characters. The colors available are red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, pink, and black. Each color represents a unique character. All characters have the same abilities and attributes regardless of their color. You can choose the colors to distinguish players during gameplay. Players can choose the color of their character before the start of each game.

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In the Among Us game, cosmetics are basically to the variety of colors and skins players can choose for their characters. These cosmetics do not change the gameplay or abilities of the characters. But you can use this to change the among us character look and make it stand out from other players. One can unlock the cosmetics by purchasing them in-game or by completing certain goals. They provide players with a way to show their separate identity and creativity. The game also provides a way for players to customize their experience and make the game more appealing to the eyes.


What is an Among Us character called?

Each player has one or two roles. Most of the characters play as crewmates but few of them act and play as imposters.

Is among us ok for 8 year olds?

The game is rated good for the children of ages 10+ years. The game is quite easy and kids of 8 years can also understand. They should first play with the family members and then play with the online friends.

What is the red Among Us name?

The name of the Red Among Us character is “2020”. On the other hand the Green, Pink and Purple celebrate 2021.

Who is the God of Among Us?

Inner sloth is a character who acts as The God of Among Us Characters.

Final Verdict:

Among Us is a game where players take on the role of either a Crewmate or Impostor. Both characters have their own set of objectives and abilities. Among us character is famous game characters. Crewmates must complete tasks around the map to win the game, while Impostors must kill the Crewmates’ efforts and kill them without coming under their radar. The characters in the game are all the same in terms of abilities and attributes. Players can choose from various colored characters. Cosmetics in the game are a way for players to personalize their character and make it stand out from others. The cosmetics do not affect the gameplay. Overall, the characters and cosmetics in Among Us allow players to show his creativity. You can learn more from


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