Asura scans: A complete review, free platform for comic books

Asura scans: A complete review, free platform for comic books

Are you searching for comic books? How can Asura Scans help you to find the best comic books on the internet? What is actually an asura scan? How to download this application on different devices like mobile phones and laptops? This article totally describes the information about asura scans, a complete process of installation and how you can read comic books on this platform.

Nowadays reading books and articles is changing. The Younger generation and even a great number of mature people love to read comic books and watch animated series. Most Chinese, Japanese and Korean people love these comic books.

asura scans

What is Asura Scans?

Asura Scans is basically a mobile application that allows its user to read different comic books on it for free of cost. This platform has thousands of comic books in its gallery. You need to just install and use the application free of charge. The website has comic books of different genres and styles. You can choose your favorite genre and it will show you all the related comic books.

You can read different types of stories like Manga, Manhua and Manhwa for free on its website or applications. Manga is basically a wide variety of comic stories. Its origin is in Japan and it is published in black and white format. Manhwa is a korean word that means comic and cartoon printed. While Manhua means the same in the Chinese language.

asura scans

How to download Asura Scans:

Following are the different steps that you have to follow for downloading the asura scan application.

  • Open the google chrome or any other internet browser that you prefer.
  • Go to the search bar and write “Asura scans apk free download”. The browser will show you different websites from where you can download this application.
  • Now open any of the top websites to download this application. Once the application is opened, you will see a “Download APK” option on the website interface.
  • Click on the Download APK option, your website will start downloading.
  • Until the downloading is under process, you move to the settings of your device,
  • Find the “Third party sources” or Unknown sources” in the settings.
  • Allow the installation from those unknown sources or third party sources.
  • After downloading the application, install asura scans and enjoy reading comic books for free.

Same is the case for downloading this application on Macbook and PC. you should also prefer the desktop version of the website or applications. Because it is very easy to read comics on this version.

Features of Asura Scans application:

Now, we will discuss different features of this application that make it very preferable for the readers.

  1. The website has a list of available Manga, Manhwa and Manhua titles. You can sort by name, date, and popularity of the comic book.
  2. A search function to help users find particular titles
  3. The ability to read comics online or download them in many formats.
  4. It is a platform where users can discuss comics and other topics.
  5. A contact page where users can contact the site’s staff with any issues or concerns.
  6. It has a request feature where users can request for adding specific titles to the site.
  7. A donation feature that allows users to donate for the support of the site and its translators.
  8. The website has a commenting system that allows users to leave comments on each chapter and interact with others.
  9. A tracking feature allows users to keep track of the manga they are reading. Users can get notifications when the platform releases new chapters and episodes.
  10. It also has a light and dark mode feature that makes it easy for users to read the manga.

Disadvantages of the Asura Scans:

There are very few cons of this website that I am going to discuss below.

  • The website has only some Manga or Manhua titles. Because it relies on volunteer translators to add new titles and comic books.
  • The quality of translations can vary because volunteers do the translations of the comic books into English and other languages.
  • Depending on the number of users using the site simultaneously, download speeds are usually slow.
  • Asura Scans provides illegal copies of Manga and Manhua without the permission of the original creators or publishers. This raises a copyright claim. It is also illegal in some countries. Therefore, the website may get banned at any time.
  • Asura Scans is a third-party website. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the site is safe to use. The user may download malware or viruses while using it.


How to find the best comic book for reading?

You should find the comic book according to your interests. Because book reading is a long process and if the book is not of your interest your time and energy will be lost.

Is asura scans totally free to use?

Yes, this website is free for most of the books. But there are few magazines and books that you have to buy from their official sources.

Can I download the ebooks and comic books from the website?

Yes, you can download the ebooks and comic books from this website. And this is also free. You can read this book in your leisure time. You can further read out the episodes of your favorite comic book when you are offline.

Is it safe to use the APK of the asura scans?

Well, it is safe and also not safe. Because the application is not the official website. The developer of the game provides all the books and stories of the website. But you should avoid the application for reading books. Official website is the best option for reading or downloading comic books.

What are the alternatives of this website?

There are different websites and applications similar to the asura scans like:

  • ZinManga
  • MangaOwl
  • MangaHub
  • MangaBat
  • MangaStream

Final Verdict:

Asura Scans is a website that offers free ebooks of Manga, Manhwa and Manhua. It can have drawbacks such as different translation quality, legal claims, and security issues. May have only some Manga or Manhwa titles available. It totally depends on a group of volunteer translators. Users should know these issues. So, use the website at their own risk, and consider purchasing the official manga release if available.


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