Bubble Slides: A Complete Guide about Quality, Price and Features

Bubble Slides: A Complete Guide about Quality, Price and Features

Are you looking for bubble slides because the weather is getting hot? After looking at the product on instagram, you may be fascinated in buying these slides. Moreover, if you decide to stay at home and may start a journey towards the beach, then these slippers are the perfect choice and provide comfort. At that time, the first question that comes to your mind is how to buy these bubbly slides? Is it comfortable to wear? Is it suited for both men and women? Can you wear these shoes outside? All these questions come after viewing this prettiest sort of product. In this review, I provide an honest review about bubble slides. Have a look and enjoy your product!

Bubble Slides

What are Bubble Slides?

Bubble slides are pairs of slides that are more likely made in a design of balls, that’s why they are called ball slides. These sort of shoes provide comfort, softness, fashion, and pop up the colors of the outfit. It is specially designed to reduce the pressure and provide a message to the foot. When you have to work from day to night, then it is the best choice to wear.

Five Best Bubble Slides:

There are lots of bubbly slippers in the market of different brands. Few are discussed below:

  1. Mukinrch slides:

These are for both men and women. These slides used as slippers for Gym, and showers. Mukinrch Slides  are available in different sizes and ranges. They have non-slip properties that increase friction on dry and wet surfaces and prevent you from falling because it has thick EVA foam. They are highly elastic and you can walk freely. It is a perfect choice for ladies, men, pools, and offices. If you want to enjoy the comfort of your feet, then it must be part of your wardrobe.

Pros and Cons of these slides:

Every product has some pros and cons. You just know before buying a product. For ease, read it carefully.

  • Although, it is easily washable, after it gets dirty. And you can wear it with barefoots and also socks and provide messages and solace. Moreover, its flexible rubble material prevents you from falling and you feel like walking and stepping on clouds.
  • But it has some disadvantages: it is less durable and makes some noise while walking.

    1. Bronax slides

Bronax slides are a good choice, if you want the best quality, pretty, and fascinating product for your footwear. You have to take care while wearing it, because it picks up dirt too quickly. But don’t worry, You can easily clean these bubbly slippers by using towels and some sort of soft cloth. Before purchasing these slides, take care if you are diabetic and a blood pressure patient. First, take advice from your doctor and then choose the size.

Pros and cons of these slides:

  • Bronax are bubble slides are easy to wear during walking, soft in material, available in different hues, you can wear with any outfit.
  • But it has little disadvantage, that it is not comfortable for flat feets.

    1. Gaatpot Massage slides:

These Gaatpot Message slides are made of EVA foam and best for soft and relaxing properties. They are used as gym, bedroom, and shower slippers. It has the capacity to minimize your stress, insomnia habits and body pressure.

Pros and cons of these Bubble slides:

  • As it was made of EVA foam, it is comfortable, and soft to walk. And looks stylish.
  • But it has some cons, you can not easily find the correct size.

    1. Lerish slides:

It is also another enjoyable slide. Lerish slide was the best slide if you are looking for comfy slippers for home, and casual wear. It is helpful to remove your day routine fatigue. It provides smooth and confident walking. You must take care in choosing the size of the sliders

Pros and Cons of these bubble sliders:

  • It might be harder to wear at the start, but once you wear it, it messages your feet. Most importantly, it fits perfectly for bathing and swimming in pools.
  • Besides all these, it has a little defect of being bigger with time.

    1. Afellicy Bubble sliders

Bubble slippers are also a great choice for men, women, and ladies. It provides relief, reduces stress, and anxiety. These gorgeous pairs of shoes are the best choice for home and evening walk. So, get rid of your tidy one’s, and enjoy these bubbly slides.

Pros and cons of these sliders

No doubt, it was comfortable and felt comfy. But it was stiff for some customers.

Size Chart and Colors:

Bubble slides Size range Price range
Mukinrch 4-13.5 for women and kids $9.99-$18.95
Bronax 4-16 for women $26.99
Gaatpot massage slides 4-13 for women $30.99 and less
Lerish 7.5-14 $14.99
Afellicy 6-7 for women and 4.5-5.5 for men $22.99

Factor Consider: In choosing bubble slides

There are different factors while considering in mind before you choosing these bubbly slippers:

Size of slides:

It is best to select the slides that fit perfectly your feet and your lifestyle. These slides are available in a large range of sizes. Make sure they are not big and little, if you want to wear them primarily inside. However, you must ensure the proper sizes, if you want to use them for running and walking. For the right choice, you must read the shoe size chart.

Durability of product:

Durability is related to the material which is used to make bubble slide shoes. The materials like PVC, and Leather are less durable. If you want to wear these in every day routine, you must read the label for a better choice.

Material of the Bubble slides:

These are lightweight, flexible, and comfortable. That’s why it provides comfort and cushioning action. The material of the puffy slides vary from brand to brand, and styles. There are different materials like

  • EVA foam: The bubble shoes made of these materials are more flexible and comfortable.
  • Rubber: Those shoes which are made of these materials are water repellent, and anti slip.
  • Synthetic fibers: Synthetic fiber like PVC, polyurethane, and nylon. These bubble shoes have good durability and resistance.
  • Fabric stuff: The bubble slide having upper fabric lining provides more comfort and solace.

Sole Size:

If you want more support, then bubble slides with a large curve are a better choice. If you want lightweight shoes, then sole size with smaller range are preferable. For wearing with a rough tidy dress, then smaller size bubble shoes are better.

Comfort level:

Overall, comfort level is the foremost factor while choosing the best slippers. If you want to wear it for a long period of time, then choose the bubble slide made of breathable material and ample cushion support.

Bubble Slides

So, choose the slides by considering the above factors and enjoy your perfect pair.

How to buy bubble slides through online market stores?

There are different online market stores, you can choose any one of them.

  1. Ubuy:

First go to the Ubuy market store website by simply writing the keyword “Bubble slides” on ubuy. The interface of the website is open. Then, they are available in different colors and sizes are open.Select the size and color. Then simply add to the cart. Review your cart. Proceed to the checkpoint and enter your shipping and payment information. And finally, click on the place of your order and after delivery enjoy your order.

2. Temu

Temu is also another popular store online. On temu.com just follow the basic steps of shopping online.

  • Search your product
  • Select the size and color
  • Add your order to cart
  • Review your cart
  • Proceed to checkpoints

Bubble Slides

3. Etsy

Etsy is also a common online shopping mart. Just go to the website and follow the above steps of online shopping. There are also other accessories like jewelry, and

4. Freedomoses

Freedom Roses is also a worldwide online market store. Just go to the website and search your slides and follow the above steps and enjoy it.

Why are bubble slides comfortable to wear?

These slides are known for their comfort due to the following reasons:

  • Many slides have a cushioned footbed made from materials such as EVA foam or rubber, which provide a soft and comfortable surface for your feet to rest on.
  • They typically have a slip-on design that is easy to put on and take off, no need for laces or straps.
  • Bubble slides are usually lightweight, which makes them easy to wear for extended periods of time without feeling heavy.
  • Some of these puffy ball wearing slides have a breathable fabric upper or lining, which can help keep your feet cool and dry.

Hence, they are a comfortable and convenient footwear choice for many people.


  • What are these called bubble slippers?

They are also called Golf ball shoes, because of ball like upper appearance

  • What designer makes these sliders?

Chinese designer Yang Li makes this sliders

  • Can you wear these slides outside?

It is used for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Are these bubbly and puffy slippers unisex?

No, it is not unisex and can be easily worn by men and women.

  • Why are they so popular?

They are popular for a comfortable and fun look.

  • Are these slides for girls?

Yes, they are meant for both men and women.

Final Remarks

Bubble slides are comfortable and a solace sort of pair of shoes for both men and women. It is ideal to wear with casual dresses. You can easily wear them in your home, office, and during morning and evening walks. You are still waiting, it’s too late. Confirm your order now. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy these fantastic shoes. If you have some extra money, and you want to spend then by purchasing this product for your family and friends. Now, it’s enough, simply buy it and share your comments on our review.  For more info related you may visit techkmarket.com


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