Canuckle: How to play? Gameplay, Rules, Hints & Why to Play

Canuckle: How to play? Gameplay, Rules, Hints & Why to Play

Canuckle is a special online game. This game is designed for Canadian people. It is also known as a daily world Canadian game. It’s like a guessing game, you can guess any word and put it in this game. It will show some colors that show the sign of correct or incorrect. The words that you put must be based on Canadian country.

What is Canuckle?

It is a unique online word-guessing game created just for Canadians. On 10 Feb 2022, Mark Rogers of Ottawa produced this game. The only words you will have to guess are ones that are directly related to Canada. Like Canadian city names or other things that are directly related to Canada. However, the word will not contain any grown terms and will resemble Wordle. Participants in this game will have six chances to guess the solution. In each chance, you have to write a word that will require them to use 5-letter words. After typing it will tell about correct or not.

Like other Wordle games, the Canuckle can be played. The user must correctly guess the five-letter Canadian-related terms in order to win the game. This game shows three colors that are red, yellow, and grey. All these three have different features.


How to play this game?

3 highlighted colors are used to play this game. When you type some words in this game the boxes show some different colors. This game shows three colors that are red, yellow, and grey. All these three colors show different results such as:


When you type some word and you can see yellow color it means this word relies on this list. But not in the correct place. At that time you should change the position of the yellow-colored word. In the below picture, the word world is written, in the words “o” and “r” are in yellow color showing the placement of the correct words. These words are correct but not in the correct place.



In this game, the red boxes show the correct place. The red color is the sign of a winning point. When boxes are going to red it means your games take high scores and you will win. I also mean the word that shows red color is in its correct place. You do not need to replace this word. In the picture, the word “proud” have all red boxes that show its correct place. This means this word is correct and it will enhance your chance of winning.


When you type some word and you can see grey color it means this word does not rely on this game list. So you should avoid that words which show a gray color.

Words that are used

There are many words that you can use guess and then use in this game. Here we discuss some words that you can use

  • Maple
  • Wheat
  • Crops
  • Track
  • Beach
  • Donut
  • Sport
  • Canal
  • Leafs
  • Snowy
  • Large
  • Sorry
  • Camps
  • Queen
  • Apple
  • Radio
  • Clock
  • Pizza
  • Great
  • Pucks
  • Proud
  • Skier
  • Peace
  • Cabin
  • Tower
  • Foggy
  • Oceans
  • Guard
  • Roots
  • Rocky
  • Igloo
  • Falls
  • House

Why play this Canuckle game?

Due to the total wide-ranging, individuals feel forced to stay at home, which causes sadness in many. To feel better and improve their mood is what they all try for. Most peoples feel some bad condition at home, they need some kind of refreshments. This game is the best option for those who want and keep their mind active.

So get ready for a fun-filled evening of gaming on Friday with your pals as well. Making custom lapel pins as a gift or a prize is a smart idea for those who enjoy playing Canuckle. You may pin them to anything you choose, including backpacks, hats, clothing, and jackets. You can become more active if your creativity is infinite.


1. How does Canuckle work?

In the Canuckle game, you have 6 chances to play. In each chance, you write five letters word. The word may be the name of the place, a word overall related to Canadian. When you type some words in this game the boxes show some different colors. In this game, three colors red, yellow, and grey are used. The red color shows the winning point means the word that you write is correct. The yellow color shows the word is in the game list but not in the correct place. And the last gray color shows the word is wrong. After that, you can see results in the right corner in the fun fact portion.

2. What happened to Canuckle?

We were interested in hearing Mark’s thoughts on the game’s future at the conclusion of our conversation with him. On July 1st, 2022, Canada Day, Canuckle will come to an end. On that day, the game won’t fully go. But Mark and his brother must think about a lot of options and possibilities.

3. How many people play Canuckle?

Now it’s the first year anniversary of this game. From February 10, 2022, we’ve come a long way. And are already over 270 words in. Over 7 million individuals worldwide have played this game.

4. Who is the owner of Canuckle?

Mark Rogers of Ottawa is the honor of this game.

5. What is today’s word for Canuckle?

CRAFT is the Canuck word of the day.

Final Verdict

Canuckle is an online guessing game. In this game, you have six tries and then the game is over, and you can see the results. The boxes of this game show three colors red, gray, and yellow. Each color has different properties. In this blog post, I hope you will gain all your knowledge about this game and how to play it. It will also improve your vocabulary and many other thinking skills. You can learn more from



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