Clevo NH70- Review, Why it different, Specifications

Clevo NH70- Review, Why it different, Specifications

Advancement in Laptops is the need of hour. The young generation is very keen to enjoy great gaming experiences on their laptops. Such laptops are becoming the top most priority of this generation. If you are a gaming ardent and searching for a laptop at a very reasonable price and want to enjoy the modern specifications then Clevo nh70 is the perfect model for such young enthusiasts.

Clevo is a Taiwan based company. It was founded by a technology company named Nan Tan Computer (NTC) in 1983. Further the company was later evolved and turned into a big company and spreaded all over the world. Currently, Clevo has many service centres spreaded in Germany, China, Canada, Great Britain, South Korea and the United states of America. Moreover, the company is looking forward to expanding this brand in more countries of the world. Furthermore the company also provides chassis to the resellers besides selling lucrative laptops.

The general parts and specifications of this laptop are very appealing and can draw the attention of people towards him. First, the unit processor, keypad, mouse, battery, sound and storage capacity tempt the customers. Its display and pixel resolution are also smooth but when compared with its other features this resolution needs a little improvement.

This article will enclose all the features and specifications of this laptop. By going through this blog one will be able to understand all the basic factors like benefits and detriments of this model. After acknowledging all these parameters one will be looking to put his hands on a nh70 laptop.

So, without further putting you on a delay, let’s deep dive into the specifications and features of this laptop.

General Specifications:

The general specifications are firstly put in a table to get a compact, precise and a quick overview of the laptop.

Laptop Model Clevo nh70
Processor Intel Core i7 9750H
Battery Capacity 3275 mAh , 14.4V
Battery Timing 3.5 Hours
Graphics Processing Unit Nvidia GTX 1060
Pixel per inch 127.3
Weight 2.5 KG
Display Resolution 1920*1080
Operating System Windows 10
Display Size 17.3 inches HD
Latest Price 1700$

clevo nh70

Details of the Enticing Features:

Random Access Memory (RAM):

The nh70 comes with a decent 8 GB RAM that provides smooth and distraction free experience to the users. The users can access different applications at a time in different tabs. The laptop will not freeze or cause hurdles while using parallel tabs. 8GB RAM is very suitable and meets the demand of gaming and other heavy applications.


The nh70 laptop has a SSD of  256GB that is more than enough for a gamer to keep his various gaming setups intact. Moreover this SSD can also be increased according to your use and demand. In addition, the laptop will meet your expectations regarding gaming storage and will let you enjoy your gaming world without storage problems. Further more, The SSD can be set to increase up to 1TB.

Processing Unit:

Clevo nh70 is designed with an Intel Core i7 9750H processor. This processor is an optimum choice of the young gamers and users because it gives its users a smooth usage experience. The machine does not get heated while operating heavy gaming setups and allows its users to have a trouble free gaming adventure. Moreover, the processor is designed and constructed in such a way that most of its outer parts are covered with a metallic  body so that inner parts do not break or get damaged by any sort of unfortunate accident.

clevo nh70


The nh70 battery is made up of Lithium ion and possesses great quality and maintenance. The battery comes with a black colour. Further, the voltage of the battery is 14.6 Volts. The capacity of the battery is 3275 mAh. A completely charged battery of the nh70 laptop gives a 3.5 hours of backup and efficiency. From a gamer’s point of view the battery capacity is not sufficient to survive for a long period while playing a game. So they have to keep their laptops connected with the charger. But if we are looking for a laptop with 7 to 8 hours battery backup, Then this laptop is not a perfect option for the buyers.


The graphic card used by the nh70 laptop is a very highly demanded card from the gamers community. Because the Nvidia GTX 1060 boosts the performance of the gamers. The processor used in nh70 is perfectly compatible with the graphic card of this laptop and takes the gaming experience to a whole new level. This combination of processor and graphic card attracts the customer to buy this gaming beast laptop.


The Clevo nh70 keyboard has a backlit feature that enhances the beauty of the laptop. The colours of backlit can be changed and adjusted according to your mood and environment. Moreover the laptop’s keyboard has a sleek and responsive touchpad that allows the user and gamers to make right moves in less time and enjoy working on this keypad.

Display Features:

The nh70 laptop is also good when it comes to display features. It comes with a screen size of 17.3 inches. The image display is full high definition. Adding more to it, the nh70 presents users 127 pixels per inch that allows a great visual experience to the eyes and users feels like  a live experience.


A great Sound system is loaded in the nh70 laptop. The speakers are located in the bottom left corner of the laptop so that the user can listen to a smooth, loud and clear sound. While playing games, writing  or surfing the internet the sound will give you a pleasurable adventure. Moreover, the combo of audio and video create an exciting and enticing environment for the user’s best experience. That’s why this laptop is the best among its competitors with similar price and features.


The maximum resolution of the nh70 laptop is 1920*1080. For such a good and renowned laptop it is necessary to have 2k or 4k resolution capacity. Furthermore, gamers want a great visual experience and adventure, low resolution is not a good idea. In addition large pixels disturbs the view during discovering a newly born gaming era.


First, the weight of the laptop is quite more. Because gamers want a lightweight and slim laptop for their use. Moreover, the processor is covered with metal. Therefore its weight is increased. So, Clevo nh70 can be a burden while carrying on long journeys.

Compact Pros Chart:

Feature Specification Rating
Processing Unit Core i7 9750H for operating big size games 4.9
Pixel 127.3 pixels per inch, best for such gaming laptops 4.8
Keyboard Backlit feature with different colors, providing cool image 4.8
Sound Top class speakers with excellent bass 4.6
RAM, ROM 8GB, 256GB SSD, best for young gaming community 4.5

Target Market:

The target market of Clevo nh70 is today’s generation because the young generation has a deep fantasy of gaming. First, the world is rapidly changing and this new and young generation wants to pursue gaming as their career. Therefore, they want a great gaming setup for their gaming career. Clevo nh70 smartly observed this loophole and decided to design a laptop covering all the bases for a good gaming laptop and that too at a reasonable price. The age group is between 15 and 40.

Concluding Remarks:

After going through all these facts and features review, you can simply understand that Clevo nh70 is a good gaming laptop that can be availed from the market but not the best. Because the advanced features like processor, memory, keypad, screen size, sound are perfectly placed in this laptop. But  on the other hand its battery capacity and backup is not what a gamer expects. Moreover, its price is a bit hefty because features are not according to the price. Furthermore, resolution is lower than what was expected at this price.

The today’s generation has a keen interest in online games, consequently drawing their attention towards advanced games and gaming platforms. Therefore this laptop has few benefits and drawbacks. Considering all these points i would suggest that this hv70 is still better than many other laptops of its competition.

Clevo nh70 is an awesome and glossy laptop for the gamers. For office work and other purposes maybe this laptop won’t be a perfect fit. So it is necessary for you to find a perfect match for a laptop that best fits your interest. This laptop has some off points but considering its positive aspects and features, What’s more you want from such laptops. For more information you may visit techkmarket


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