Dell XPS 15 Touch Screen: Features, Specs, Performance & Cons

Dell XPS 15 Touch Screen: Features, Specs, Performance & Cons

What is Dell XPS 15 Touch Screen?

Dell XPS 15 is a latest model from the Dell computers that is available in multiple configurations. This is an expensive product from Dell because of the features and specifications that the laptop carries. Dell XPS 15 Touch Screen and non-touch screen are two different variants of thai laptop. Further, Dell XPS variant of the Dell computers is available for purchasing from the official website of the Dell. You can buy in different configurations like Generation 12 and 13, touch screen or non-touch screen, varying Display resolution and many more specifications.

Normally, the Dell XPS Touch screen available in the 12th and 13th generation is equipped with the powerful 12th Gen Intel Core i5-12500H and 13th Generation Intel Core i9-13900H Processor. The 12th generation laptop can be customized with two other processors. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 graphic card is present in the 13 generation model of this laptop. Similarly, Intel Iris Xe Graphics card is available in the 12th generation model of Dell XPS 15. Talking about the display resolution, this model is also variable in terms of display. You can avail the 2k and 4k resolution model in the same laptop. The laptop is equipped with subwoofers and 8 watt speakers. There are multiple ports that you can avail for different purposes like charging and data transfer purposes. These ports are of B-Type and USB C-type.

Dell XPS 15 Touch Screen

Quick Specifications:

Brand Dell
Model XPS 15
Processor 12th Generation with Intel Core i5- 12500H

13th Generation with Intel Core i9- 13900H

Graphics Card 12th generation comes with Intel Iris Xe

13th generation, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070

Display size 16 inch width and 10 inches length
Display Resolution Both 2K and 4K resolution
Battery 6 cells, 86Wh
Sound 2 x stereo woofers

2 x stereo tweeters

Connectivity WiFi, Bluetooth 5.2, Multiple ports
Camera 720p, 30 fps
Storage 512 GB
Color Exterior Silver, Interior Black
Dimensions Height : 0.73 in. (18.54 mm)

Width: 13.56 in. (344.40 mm)

Depth: 9.06 in. (230.10 mm)

Weight 4.62 lbs. (2.10 kg), for Touch screen laptop

4.22 lbs. (1.92 kg), for non-touch screen laptop

Price 12th Generation ($1299)

13th Generation ($2399)

Detailed Features of Dell XPS 15 Touch Screen:

Now, we will briefly describe the detailed features of this laptop that make it unique and expensive.


Dell XPS 15 is actually available in multiple models depending upon the generation, resolution, processors and graphics cards. In terms of processor, the 12th generation model has Intel Core i5-12500H processor. If we consider the model in the 13th generation, it is loaded with Core i9 13900H processor. Both the processors are equally good in performing certain types of tasks. They can handle the photography editing, video production and sound production like tasks quite efficiently. This Dell XPS 15 Touch screen laptop is best compatible for the video editors and graphic designers. Because of the quality graphic card and powerful processor, the laptop easily works for such professionals.

Graphic Card:

The Dell XPS 15 in its multiple variants have graphic cards like Intel Iris Xe Graphics and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 for the 12th and 13th generation respectively. These graphics cards allow the user to do the video editing, sound production, graphic designing and photo editing like tasks in no time. Dell company specially designed the graphics card after completely discussing them with editing softwares like Adobe and Auto Desk. This is just to provide an ultimate performance to the users and improve it with time to time. You can install heavy editing softwares and graphics. Dell XPS 15 touch screen will handle these softwares easily with the help of powerful processors.


The Dell XPS 15 features a 86 Wh battery that provides a long battery backup. In different models of this laptop, the battery capacity and nature is similar. But the battery backup also depends on the usage of the laptop. In the 12th generation laptop, FHD+ model, the battery can provide a 13 hours of backup while watching movies and Tv shows. But if we talk about the model with 4K resolution, the battery backup reduces to 9 hours. This is still a great battery backup considering the other models in this range. Now, if we consider the OLED model of thai laptop, the 86Wh battery provides a 10 hours backup while streaming or watching the content in 4K resolution.


Display Screen And resolution is another important factor of this laptop. Dell XPS 15 is available in multiple display resolutions depending upon the touch or non touch screen. The colors and luminations in the display of this laptop are quite bright and they also feature an infinity edge display from all four sides of the screen. The Frames of the resolution are High definition and you can avail 2K and 4K resolution in 12th and 13th generation model respectively. The screen size has a 16:10 ratio and it means that there is 92.9 % screen to body ratio.

Dell XPS 15 Touch Screen

Dell has installed a special eyesore technology that keeps the eyes safe while long term use. This technology actually reduces the harmful blue light coming out of the display. It also maintains the viewing experience by maintaining the vivid and sharp colors. Overall, we can say that the Dell XPS 15 touch screen and non-touch screen has excellent display size and resolution. This gives the users a great viewing experience while watching movies, TV series or playing high graphic games.

Sound Quality:

Dell XPS 15 touch screen and other models are all equipped with 4 speakers with multiple powers. You can see two stereo woofers of 2.5 Watt power on the sides of the keyboard body. Additionally, the laptop also has 2 stereo tweeters with power of 1.5 Watt. So, a total of 8 watt speakers are installed in these laptop models that provide great sound with immersive experience.


Dell XPS 15 in different models have the same number of ports. You connect multiple peripherals via these ports. In the Dell XPS 15 Touch screen, there are 2 Thunderbolt USB Type-C ports available for connecting the laptop to external audio or video sources. Moreover, you can also use one USB- Type C port for thai purpose. This port is actually 3.2 Gen. For connecting audio gadgets like Headphones, Headsets and handsfree, you can avail a 3.5mm audio jack.

Dell XPS 15 Touch Screen

Other Key Features:

Dell XPS 15 comes with a RAM of 16 GB and internal storage of 512 GB. This RAM can be converted into 2 8GB RAMs. Furthermore, there is a 720p camera having 30 frames per second. The keyboard of this laptop is black and has backlit features. For connectivity, you can avail a WIFI, Bluetooth 5.2 Wireless card. The operating system of this laptop is Windows 11 Home. Dell XPS 15 Touch screen comes with a warranty of one year. The design of this machine is very slim, sleek and delicate. The outer part of the laptop is a shiny silver color with the interior having black color.

Dell XPS 15 Touch Screen

Performance of Dell XPS 15 Touch Screen:

From the detailed features and qualities, one thing that you might have noticed is that this laptop is perfect for graphic designers, editors and sound producers. The laptop has the perfect processors and graphic cards for the ultimate work of an editor or graphic designer. The graphics cards are especially designed according to the Editing Software’s like Adobe and Autodesk. In terms of gaming, you can play the heavy games but for a long period of time the processors and GPUs won’t work. From an editing point of view, this laptop is perfect.

Although it is expensive according to its models, you will not face issues while rendering videos. There is no problem while using heavy software’s during your video editing or other graphic designing work on Dell XPS 15 touch screen. If any photo or video editor is in search of a laptop for his professional work, these models of Dell XPS 15 are the perfect choice. But you need to first keep you budget in mind because these models are bit costly than other such laptops.

Blowbacks of Dell XPS 15 Touch Screen:

Now, let us discuss a few blowbacks of using this laptop or overall its disadvantages.

  • First of all, this laptop is a bit costly for the normal users. Anyone who is looking to buy a laptop for his editing, graphic designing or any other video production related work have to break his bank to afford this laptop.
  • Furthermore, despite having heavy, powerful processors, graphic card and display screen, still this laptop is not compatible for gaming. The processors and GPUs are according to editing and rendering work. For gamers, they need to look for other laptops that have features perfect for gaming.
  • The body and design of this laptop is very unique and sleek. If you do not provide extra care and protection, this laptop is prone to spills, scratches and accidental damages.
  • Another great setback of this laptop is that it is suitable for very limited purposes. You cannot put this machine in the versatile laptops category. This limitation actually is somehow a negative aspect of Dell XPS 15 Touch screen laptop.


Does the Dell XPS 15 have a touch screen?

Yes, There are two models in the Dell XPS 15 laptop. One model of the 12th generation of this laptop has a touch screen feature. Similarly this laptop is also available in touch screen in the 13th generation model of Dell XPS 15. It all depends on the preferences and choice of the buyer.

Is the Dell XPS a touchscreen?

Yes, Dell XPS 15 laptop has touch screen and non-touch screen models. In both models of the 12th and 13th generation of this laptop, you can get Dell XPS 15 touch screen and non-touch screen laptops.

Is the XPS touch screen worth it?

Considering the performance of the touch screen panel of Dell XPS 15, we can see the touch is with the money. The sensitivity and navigation on the screen is very smooth and easy. However, the touch Screen model of this laptop is considerably more expensive than the non. Touch laptop.

How do I turn on the touch screen on Dell XPS 15?

While using Dell XPS 15 laptop, one has the authority to turn on and off the touch screen of the laptop. For turning on the Dell XPS 15 touch screen, you need to follow the given steps.

  • First of all, press Windows Key + R key. You will see a Device manager interface.
  • Select the “Human Interface Devices” option from the list.
  • After that you will see many options, among them click on the “Compliant Touch Screen” option.
  • You will see 4 different options, click on the “Drivers” option and see click on the “Enable” option. After clicking this option, your touch screen will start operating.

Final Thoughts:

Dell XPS 15 Touch Screen is a great device for photographers, photo editors, graphic designers and video producers. This laptop is a perfect machine that renders and edits large size videos in quick time. Its processor and GPU supports this task. Furthermore, it is good but not perfect for gaming. Stay tuned with techkmarket for more stories.


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