Detachable Camera Flash: Features, Pros & Cons, Best 5

Detachable Camera Flash: Features, Pros & Cons, Best 5

A photographer often faces the problem of image distortion and lack of light in the dim light conditions while taking images and videos. He often searches for the options to enhance his photography and videography skills especially in night and dim-light environments. Therefore, different major camera brands felt this lacking and started to manufacture detachable camera flash that provide necessary light for a great photo session in the night mode.

What is a detachable camera flash?

A detachable camera flash is basically a flashlight that provides excellent and focused light for taking photos and videos in dim light conditions. These flashes are helpful and give better light in the night environment. The light from these detachable flashlights properly covers and focuses on the key points of the person whose image is to be taken. The method of attaching these flashes is very simple. There are certain benefits and core features of these camera flashes. These camera flashlights have great lamination and lighting power which helps the camera to capture each minor detail of the image properly and more focused.

Detachable Camera Flash

Core Features of Detachable Camera Flash:

There are multiple core features of these off camera detachable flashes. Let us go through the details of these camera flashes and discuss their major impacts.

Through the Lens metering:

TTL is an amazing feature that the detachable camera flash offers. These features actually detect the amount of light that is reflecting back from the object. Due to which a precise exposure of flashlight is created by the light. This meeting is an important point that can be varied in the settings.

Zoom Head:

One of the best features that really excites the buyer is Zoom Head of the flash. The purpose of this feature is to properly fix the angle of detachable camera flash according to the requirement. With the help of this feature, the user can control light direction and this helps to pour light on the exact spot.

High-Speed Synchronisation:

HSS is among the excellent features that you can find in a detachable flash. As the name suggests synchronisation, it means that the purpose of this feature is to properly synchronise the flash with the shutter speed of the camera. When the flashlight strikes the object, the image is taken as the very moment. This gives the photographer a great help in his photography.

Modelling light:

The last but not the least feature that is very important for the detachable camera flash, is modelling light. This light basically helps the user to adjust the effect of lighting before he holds any photography session. In this way, after proper adjustment, he can move forward with his images and videos sessions.

Wireless triggering:

Detachable camera flashes also have a feature which is wireless triggering. It means that with the help of this feature, the photographer can trigger the flashlight without pressing any button. This becomes very easy for the professional videographers, photographers, and vloggers to capture the moments with ease and professionalism.

Flash Exposure Compensation:

Another exciting feature of external camera flash is customizable flash brightness. The user can select the amount of light brightness he requires for shooting or photography sessions. This factor depends on the external environment light. According to this environment light, the user can adjust the amount of brightness that he requires for taking images and videos.

Detachable Camera Flash

Pros & cons of detachable camera flash:

Now, we will shed some light on the major benefits and blowbacks of these off camera flashlights that have a huge impact on their performance.

Pros of Detachable camera flash:

Now, let us discuss the key benefits of these external camera flashes.

  • These camera flashes enhance the image quality and allow the photographers and videographers to capture high-quality images and videos.
  • These flashes are simple to attach and allow the user to click proper photoshoots.
  • Furthermore, this detachable camera flash allows the user to adjust its various features like brightness, synchronization and power flash. You cannot find these features in normal camera flashes.
  • In addition, the light from these camera flashes focuses each minor detail of the object. With the help of this, the camera captures proper images.

Cons of Detachable flashes for camera:

Following are the major blowbacks of attaching an extra flashlight with your camera.

  • First of all, your camera becomes a bit bulky after attaching a detachable camera flash. So, this makes it less portable and more difficult to carry on longer journeys.
  • The compatibility is another feature that usually does not get along with the camera. It means that a camera of a certain brand requires an offered camera flashlight of the same brand. It means these flashlights are not versatile and universal. A flashlight may work best for a camera but is not perfectly suitable for all the cameras.
  • These external flashlights are quite expensive considering their features and qualities. This is another negative feature.

Best Detachable camera flashes:

Following are a few of the best camera flashlights available that help you in your photography and videography experience. Let us discuss each of the following in complete detail.


Another popular brand that is in competition with canon is Nikon. This camera manufacturing brand also manufactures off camera flashlights that are suitable for their cameras only. Again this brand’s flashes are also typical and compatible with Nikon cameras. In terms of quality and features, these flashes are also outstanding. In dim light environments and night mode, these lights work perfectly and help the user to take outstanding images and videos. Moreover, the design of these flashlights is also very stylish giving the camera a great overlook.

Detachable Camera Flash


Well, everyone is aware of the famous camera manufacturing brand canon. This brand also deals in especially designed detachable camera flashes that have very remarkable features. Most Canon camera’s flashlights lack the advanced features. The personal flashes are not up to the standard, Therefore, Canon decided to design the flashes that have all the core features that can help the user to capture excellent photos and videos in dim light conditions. The flashes from this brand are of highest quality and are reliable. But the problem is that they are not versatile and just compatible with Canon cameras.


Sony is another top brand in camera manufacturing and external flashlight making. The flashlights from this brand are equipped with latest technologies and features like HSS, TTL metering and power flashes. These features help the user to adjust the brightness, synchronization speed and amount of light absorbed by the object whose image is taken out. Professional vloggers and photographers often search for these features that can help to enhance their photography and video making abilities.


Yongnuo is a brand that has the specialty of making detachable camera flashes. The flashes from this brand come with latest features and capabilities that can help the user to get quality and focused images.


Like other brands that we discussed earlier, Godox is not a camera manufacturing brand. It is basically a brand that deals in detachable camera flash lights. They make the camera flashlight that can be used with all types of cameras. Therefore, these flashes carry the features like High speed Synchronization, Through the Lens, modelling of light and wireless triggering.

Detachable Camera Flash


Can you add a flash to a camera?

Yes, you can add an external flash with your camera. It will definitely give you more control on your photography in low light and dark environments. You can attach these flashlights with the help of a USB cable to your camera. This enhances the lighting effect of your camera.

Is an off camera flash worth it?

Yes, the off camera flashlights are worth the price. Because major camera brands also have certain types of issues with their flashlights. In dim light conditions, most of the camera’s personal flashes do not provide excessive and focused light. Therefore, the external and detachable camera flash is a necessary tool for your cameras.

What is the best off camera flash?

There are many camera flashes available in the market that give excellent performance. But the best flashes are determined on the basis of their usage, their illuminating power and different other factors. However, following are among the best camera flashes that you can avail from the market.

What is an off camera flash?

An off camera flash is a flashlight that you can attach externally for better light adjustment during photography. Mostly, camera flashes are not enough for taking photos and videos in low light conditions. Therefore, an off camera flash can help you in this regard. They provide excellent lighting that you can easily focus and get great images and videography.

Final Verdict:

So, finally from the discussion that we did in this article, we can say that detachable camera flash is a helpful tool. It allows the user to click excellent images and videos with the help of their laminations. These lights are specially manufactured according to the dim light situations. We further discussed the features and major uses of this camera flash. Moreover, there are various benefits and issues also related to these off camera or detachable flashlights.


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