Elden Ring Soft Caps: Complete guide about Attributes and Stats

Elden Ring Soft Caps: Complete guide about Attributes and Stats

Gamers know the excitement of increasing the attributes and stats of their favorite gaming characters. When we talk about Elden Ring Soft Caps, these are also a levelling up or upgrading of your character in the Elden Ring Game. You may be looking at the working process of these soft caps? How do the soft caps actually work in the game? What are attributes that indicate the hard caps and soft caps in the game? We will try to explain the working procedure and different attributes and at which levels you can find them in the game.

What are Elden Ring Soft Caps?

Gamers definitely know the thrill and excitement of increasing stats and levelling up your character. Same is the case with the Elden Ring game. So, you are wondering how soft caps actually work in the game. Elden Ring Soft Caps are those levels where you can spend your most number of points before they have no value while spending. On the other hand, Hard caps are the maximum levels of upgradation that you can achieve with your gaming character.

In simple terms, you can say that A “soft cap” means you should stop at a certain point. But you can still carry on with the upgrading if you want to. A “hard cap” means you can’t go any further. You can find the hard cap in games usually at level 99. However, you shouldn’t just stop when you reach the hard cap – you should stop when you’ve achieved your goals.

Attributes of Elden Ring Soft Caps:

Let us discuss the Elden ring attributes that you can see in the game. The characters in this game usually carry these characters. When you increase the stats and upgrade the attributes of the gaming character, the character becomes quite powerful and can now fight against tough opponents also. This upgrading further helps your favorite gaming character to develop strength and agility during fights. There are various kinds of attributes that you can find in the Elden Ring game. You can upgrade them in Elden Ring Soft Caps. Following are the attributes that you upgrade and automatically the character is levelled up and becomes more powerful.

Elden Ring Soft Caps


Strength is the main attribute of the character. You can increase it by spending your score and points. This helps the gaming character to have more power and strength. He can fight with bigger enemies and also improves his skills in the game.

How to increase Strength:

You need to collect the special items in the game for increasing the strength of the character. These items are Radagon’s Scarseal, Imp head, Haima Glintstone crown, Omensmirk Mask, and Godrick’s Great Rune. These items have a major effect on the strength of the character.

Strength Soft Caps:

Same is the case with levels of Elden Ring Soft Caps for the strength trait. The first level is 18 and further proceeds to 60 and then you can increase the strength up to level 80.


Mind attribute is responsible for the focus point of the character. It means increasing this attribute, will increase the focusing angle and concentration of the character. This trait is very important for players who totally rely on the Focus point.

How to increase Mind:

The player can increase the Mind attribute by collecting items like Godrick’s Great Rune, Navy Hood, Marika’s Scarseal and Preceptor’s Big hat. The Marika’s Scarseal also decreases the damage taken by the character of the game. Other items are also quite helpful in terms of increasing the Mind attribute.

Mind Soft Caps:

The levels to increase the mind attributes by soft caps are quite limited. You can increase the Mind attribute in Elden Ring soft caps from level 50 and 60.


Vigor attribute is related to the health of the character. Increasing the vigor trait speeds up the healing process and increases the health of the character.

How to increase Vigor:

Vigor of the character in the game can be increased through Elden Ring soft caps. The player needs to collect items like Radagon’s scarseal, Radagon’s Soreseal and Crimson Hood.

Vigor Elden Ring Soft Caps:

There are limited level options for increasing the vigor by soft caps. These levels are 40 and 60.

Elden Ring Soft Caps


Endurance trait and attribute is quite difficult to increase and understand also. This attribute directly is responsible for the stamina points of the gaming character. It means increasing endurance will automatically increase the stamina of character in the game.

How to increase Endurance:

To increase the endurance of a gaming character, the player needs to collect special items from the enemies area. These special items are Radagon’s soreseal, Radagon’s Scarseal, Godrick’s Great Rune, Imp head, and Hierodas Glintstone Crown.

Endurance Soft Caps:

For the Endurance attributes, you can get 4 levels to increase it. These levels are 15,30,34 and 50. After level 50, you can increase the endurance attributes by elden ring soft caps till level 60.


Faith is among the vital attributes that the gaming character needs. This attribute is basically used to do different sacred incantations. After performing these incantations, damage does not remain stable and the faith level of the character increases.

How to increase Faith:

For increasing the faith attribute in the gaming character, you need to find particular items. This faith attribute is basically to scale the damage that the character faces in the game. The things to find are Two Fingers Heirloom, Godrick Great Rune, Ruler’s mask, Sacred Crown Helm, Haligtree Helm, Graethood, and Marika Soreseal. These items reduce the damage and increase the faith attribute in the character.

Faith Soft Caps:

There are three levels of increasing soft caps for faith attributes. The first one will be at level 20 of the game. In the next soft caps, you need to reach level 50 of the game. Keep in mind that you should spend your points in the game very carefully. The final soft caps level is 80. This level starts increasing from 60 and you can increase the attribute till level 80.

Elden Ring Soft Caps


Arcane is another major attribute that the gaming character holds. This quality helps the character to locate and find hidden items. When you increase this attribute by spending teh points, it helps the character to discover more items in the area of corpses. In this way you can add up to 10 corpses in this attribute.

How to increase Arcane:

As we discussed earlier, arcane deals with the corpses and their points. You can increase it by spending your game points. Another method is by using items that the character finds in the lost corpses of the enemies. There are a few items like Silver Tear Mask, Marika Sorseal, Godrick Great rune and Albinauric Mask that the character finds from the corpses of enemies. These items increase the Arcane attribute.

Arcane Elden Ring Soft Caps:

There are three levels of soft caps in the arcane attribute. The first level is at 20. You can spend points at these soft caps to increase the arcane attribute. Next, level is at 50. Same is the case with the last level that is 80. Now, you need to find more items and points for increasing arcane attributes in Elden Ring soft caps.


The Dexterity attribute is quite similar to the strength and intelligence attribute. This attribute has a reducing effect on the fall of damage. If the character is riding a horse in the game, higher dexterity will make it difficult for his enemy to knock him off.

How to increase Dexterity:

There are two methods to increase the dexterity attribute of the character of the game. One is by spending time on the game and understanding the procedure. After complete understanding, invest the runes in a wise manner. The other method is by collecting certain items like Godricks’s Great Rune, Radagons’s Soreseal, Okina Mask, Consort’s Mask, Radagon’s Scarseal, and Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom.

Dexterity Elden Ring Soft Caps Soft Caps:

Dexterity traits can be increased in different levels that range in 3 different levels. These levels are 18, 55 and 80. You can increase Elden Ring Soft caps for dexterity in the game from level 18 to 55 then the next final level starts from level 60 to 80.


Intelligence attribute is somehow quite similar to the dexterity factor. This attribute helps the gaming character to do glintstone sorcery in the game. This sorcery is the only differentiating factor that separates strength from dexterity. It also has effects on the magic resistance of the character.

How to increase Intelligence:

To increase the Intelligence level and attribute in the gaming character, you need to collect the items. The items mainly includes Stargazer Heirloom, Marika’s Soreseal, Godrick’s Great rune, Witch’s Glintstone crown, Haima Glintstone crown, Hierodas Glintstone Crown, Imp head, Graethood, and Twinsage Glintstone Crown.

Intelligence Soft Caps:

The intelligence attribute is also available in three different Elden Ring Soft caps levels. These levels are 20, 50 and 80. The lowest level like 20 can change to 18 but it depends on the physical damage that a gaming character usually gets in the game.

Elden Ring Soft Caps


When should I stop leveling the Elden Ring?

You should stop upgrading the mind attribute after scaling the level 40 of the game. After this level the points are no more effective.

What is the LVL cap in the Elden Ring?

The eight attributes sum up to level of 99. You need to spend runes to reach that level.

What is the soft cap for strength in Elden Ring Reddit?

Soft cap for strength is 80. For 2H the soft cap becomes 54.

What is the soft cap for PvP in Elden Ring?

You can get a great PvP flexibility after reaching level 150 cap. These levels allow the soft caps for traits like endurance, vigor and additional damage.

Final Verdict:

Elden Ring soft caps are basically the levels in which improvement of the gaming character can be done. When you reach closer to these levels, the points are no more effective. The attributes for this Elden Ring character includes, Vigor, Strength, Endurance, Mind, Dexterity, Arcane and faith.

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