Flum float: All you need to know, Features, Flavors

Flum float: All you need to know, Features, Flavors

Are you interested in searching for a Flum float? What do you mean by float disposable? What did you know about the features of these Floats? All other questions related to Float that arise in your mind have been briefly explained in this article. You just make sure that you will read this article thoroughly. I am confident that when you accomplish reading this article you will understand these Floats completely.

What is Flum Float?

Flum Float is a uniquely designed device that is used for vapes. The unique shape and design are made up of a thick tube and also contain mouthpieces that are used to get the wonderful delivery of deliciousness. When you are looking for the best alternative to quit smoking you can choose it confidently.it is the best device to quit smoking for enjoying some healthy ways of smoking alternatives. Flum Float is a disposable device that offers you more than 3000 puffs. It contains approximately an 8 ml mixture of juice and also contains 5% E juice of nicotine.

Flum Float:

Features of the Flum Float:

It is a disposable device that is used in the latest fashion in the smoking industry for vapes. Here, we discuss some important features of this device, so, let us have a look at some major features of Flame Cloak below.

Easy to use:

This device has the latestly modified design and shape. It has a design like a pen. You can keep it with you anywhere without facing any trouble. you just need to click on the small button and after this, you will fully enjoy this smoking alternative device freely.


It is a major feature of the Flum .It comes with pre-filled juice and saves you time.

5% nicotine:

We know that tobacco contains a lot of nicotine. So when we are going to quit smoking we face much trouble because nicotine is necessary for the body when we are in a state of smoking and suddenly we decide to quit smoking. The less amount of nicotine in our body can produce irritation. So, the Flum float mixture contains 5% e-juice nicotine to balance the nicotine level in your body after quitting smoking.


The Flum contains a variety of different flavors available in markets. There are 21 different Flum flavors available in the market. So, you can choose one of them and enjoy your life with vapes.


The Flums come in different colors. It has a cylindrical shape and you can hold it in your hand easily. It provides you with a strong grip because of its sleeper and cylindrical shape. you can enjoy it in better ways with your friends if you choose it.

Flum Float:

Some Coolest things about Flum Float:

According to its latest version and fashion, and disposable design, it also has some cool features which are listed below.

The capacity of 3000 puffs:

Its capacity is more than 3000 puffs. For every smoker looking to quit smoking, it’s got enough of the addictive chemical to make the transition from smoking to vaping.

Variety of flavors:

The Flum contains a variety of different flavors available in markets. There are 21 different Flum float flavors available in the market. So, you can choose one of them and enjoy your life with vapes.

Comfortable design:

This device has the latest design with modification and shape. It has a design like the shape of a pen. You can keep it with you anywhere without facing any trouble.

Flum Float:

Design of the Flum Float:

The Flum Float has a smart design and its cool feature makes it more popular in public. So, let me list below some design features of the Flum.

  • It has a large exterior
  • A tiny mouthpiece
  • A spherical bottom
  • A cylindrical and sleep-shell
  • the small button that is on or off the device.
  • Its battery powers up when you inhale through the mouthpiece.

Different Flavors of the Flum Float:

There are many branded flavors available in markets. You can choose your flavor according to your interest. I have listed below some famous and public-demanded flavors with their names.

Apple Icy:

A frosty taste flavor with a punch of red flavors and is a publicly demanded flavor.

Aloe mango Malin Icy:

it is a mixture of three tastes Aloe, mango, Malin.

Aloe Grapes:

It is a mixture of aloe and grapes that produces a delicious taste in your mouth.

Chilly Mint:

With a bead cool feeling, each hit of cool mint will recreate the freshness of mint leaves.

Lush Ice:

Sweet and cold, this is one of the best flavors that will have you coming back for more.

Mixed Berries:

The flavor that has a combination of blueberries and design to entice you right away.

Red Bang:

A delicious blast of red cherry to refresh and excite your taste receptors.


A rich and creamy strawberry and banana flavor in a flum float that will definitely tickle your taste buds.

Strawberry Mango:

On the inhale, you’ll get the sweetness of strawberries and on the exhale, you’ll get the freshness of mangoes.


A mild taste that delivers a satisfying and refreshing vaping experience.

Pina Polo:

A refreshing flavor with the sweetness of pineapple and the chilly taste of peppermint polo.

Strawberry Ice Cream:

With the creamy and fresh taste of strawberries, this will transport you to summer.

Flum Float:

Peach Gelato:

Peach Gelato is a delicious flavor of peaches on your tongue. It has a blend of delicate ice and a creamy finish!

Fruity Hawaii:

A burst of deliciousness in every delectable hit from pineapple, mango, and peaches is a great summer blast in every hit.

Summer Straw Kiwi:

With this vape, you’ll enjoy the wilderness of vaping clouds of this flum float. Enjoy 3000 puffs on an incredible Strawberry and Kiwi combination.


There is a combination of Strawberries and Melon juice to create a delicious vape juice. This one will leave a lasting fruity sweetness in your mouth.

Delo Lychee:

Immerse yourself in the unique taste of lychees as they reward your vape ride with their real flavor.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera and grape juice will undoubtedly make your heart skip a beat.

FJewel Mint:

Enrich your taste senses with mint juice.

Aloe Vera, mango:

And melon juice combinations that you want to drink again and again.

Blue Raspberry Ice:

A great vape flavor with blueberries and raspberries combined with a cool sensation.


What are the advantages of the Flum Float disposable device?

The Flum Float has a well-shape and excellent design. You can useit is easily. There is no need for maintenance and recharging because they are disposable. There are a variety of different flavors available in the market. You can choose your favorite and chill with friends.

Is the Flum float device waterproof?

No, the Flum float device is not a waterproof device. If you contact this device with water, the water can spoil the battery of the device and it doesn’t work properly.

Final Remarks

Flum Float has a unique design device that you can use for vapes. The Flum flock has a unique shape and design is made up of a thick tube and also contains mouthpieces that are used to get the wonderful delivery of deliciousness. If we talk about the taste it depends on the brand of flavors. There are many brands of flavors available in the markets. You can shop easily and also easily use it. So, I have listed above all the information related to Flum Float disposable devices. I am confident that, if you read this article thoroughly you will understand all about Flum float disposable devices.

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