Google Maps Simulator: How to use it? Improvements Required

Google Maps Simulator: How to use it? Improvements Required

What is a Google Maps Simulator?

Google Maps simulator is a game-like platform where you can drive on virtual roads of the real world. You can experience driving on such roads with great thrill and intensity. While playing games on mobile and PCs, one may have thought to drive virtually on different roads across the whole world. Google Map simulator gives you the option to use it and drive on the roads of whichever city you want in this world. Like any other racing game or driving game, you can get different controls to drive a vehicle on this simulator.

If you are using this simulator on your laptop or computer, you can drive with the help of navigation buttons like Right, Left, Up, and Down on your keyboard. But if you are accessing this simulator on your mobile screen, you can control your driving by steering that you see on your mobile screen. It’s great fun and a pleasure to drive on real-world roads in a virtual mode.

How did Google Maps Simulator come into Being?

Katsumi Kobayashi is a Japanese games and software developer who hit upon the idea of creating a simulator where you can drive on the roads of cities where you want. He took help from Google Maps and made this simulator. Before finally creating this simulator, Kat Suomi Kobayashi had also worked with Google Earth and developed similar software for them. He developed a map of the world in 3 Dimensions, but this simulator was a tough task to ask. That is why this project was never completed. But after constant struggle and hard work, he finally developed a Google Maps simulator. This simulator is still working and getting regular updates. While playing on this simulator, you may face certain challenges and limitations, but still, you can get a great experience. More importantly, you can drive on roads and cities of your particular choice.

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Benefits of Google Maps Simulator:

You can have many benefits while using this simulator. Following are a few of these benefits;

  • If you are using this simulator, you get a better idea about driving on the actual roads of the world in virtual reality.
  • You can drive a vehicle on this simulator on the roads of your particular city and have a thrilling experience.
  • There are no limitations on particular areas and locations on this Google maps simulator. Google Maps supports this simulator and you can drive to any place that is on Google Maps. If you ever observe a mistake while using this simulator in terms of maps or directions, you can report the error in the map.
  • The user has access to drive his vehicle on any road in any city, no matter which country you belong to. You can get the virtual experience of driving a car or bus on Times Square road, Manhattan Road, and many such famous roads in the world.
  • There are multiple angles and map views that you can try while using this simulator. You can use this simulator in Map view, Satellite view, and Hybrid view. Talking about different camera angles, you can set your viewing angles on the Google Maps simulator by clicking on options like Tilt Down, Tilt-Up, North Up, and Head Up. You can select which one suits you better and provide you with the ultimate experience.
  • Furthermore, you can enjoy the high-speed ride while noting the speed on your simulator screen. You can also watch the speed in miles per hour simultaneously.

Map Views on Google Maps Simulator:

The user can enjoy three different Map views while using this simulator. Following are the details of each map view and its importance for the user.

Map View:

By clicking on the Map view of the simulator, the user faces a new map-like view on which he can drive his vehicle. In the map view, you can drive on the roads that are highlighted by yellow stripes, and the remaining part of the map has different strips showing the names of the stores, businesses, and other points besides the roads. But it’s a bit difficult to drive a vehicle in this mode because of no clear distinctions between roads and other areas.

Satellite View:

By clicking on the satellite view in the simulator, immediately your Google Maps simulator screen shows a bird’s eye view of the city with mentioning names of the roads and businesses beside the roads. You can also observe the clear roads and building designs while driving the car. In this map view, you can also watch different types of vehicles standing on the roads, and you have to drive more carefully and get a great experience while driving on those roads.

Hybrid View:

Hybrid view basically does not shift any map view whether you are using a map view or satellite view. You just get the names of the road and clear information about the other stores, buildings, and businesses.


The simulator is quite limited in terms of using a variety of vehicles. You will not have any fancy cars, sports cars, or any 4 x 4 vehicle. You just have the authority to use two modes of vehicle. Moreover you can use the car or bus for driving purposes. Furthermore, You can switch the vehicle type during the driving process also by clicking on the car or bus option that you see on the screen. You can choose what suits you better and what gives more thrill and entertainment while driving.

Camera Angles in Google Maps Simulator:

Now, let us discuss the different camera angles that you can switch while driving the vehicle.

Tilt Up:

By clicking on the tilt-up option on your google maps simulator screen, the viewing angle shifts to the top of the vehicle. In this way, the user gets a smaller viewing angle but has complete control over his driving on this emulator. This all depends on the preference of the user driving on the simulator.

Tilt Down:

Using the Tilt Down option, the viewing angle shifts from the top to the back side of the vehicle from the top. This provides the user with a wider viewing angle of the frontal road and drives more smoothly.

Head Up:

By clicking on the Head-Up option, the camera angle quickly moves from straight top to back of the vehicle. This camera angle provides more details about the things that are in front of the vehicle, and you can get a great experience by sidelining them. Because it becomes quite easy to drive the vehicle in the Head-up camera setting that offers a proper all-side viewing angle.

North Up:

If the user clicks on the North Up option on the screen of google maps simulator, the camera angle moves from the straight top or top back to the side of the vehicle. This gives another great experience to the users that love to drive from this viewing angle.

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There is no limitation for driving on particular roads. Google Maps is actually behind this whole simulator. So, if there is a place whose map exists on Google Maps, you can drive to the place virtually through Google Maps Simulator. There is a preset location bar where you can set particular cities on which you love to drive on this simulator. Furthermore, if you want to drive to your particular city from any part of the world, you just put the name of that place in the empty bar. This simulator will take the vehicle to that place and you can drive on the roads of that city virtually.

Things to Improve on Google Maps Simulator:

People who have used this simulator might have noticed many negative points about it. Let us discuss a few options that the developer needs to consider to make it a better simulator to use.

  • The first thing that should be improved is the graphics of this game. The user did not get a great gaming experience while using this simulator.
  • Second, the developers need to create some barriers while driving on the roads. You may have noticed that you can drive over buildings, water bodies, and other vehicles. This does not give a real-like experience to the user. It might increase this simulator’s size and loading time but ultimately give the user a great thrill and experience.


Is there a Google Maps driving simulator?

A Google Maps Simulator is present where you can drive a vehicle like a car or bus. Moreover, you can use different viewing angles and map views for driving on this simulator.

How do I drive a car on Google Maps?

There are certain steps that you need to follow while driving with the help of google maps.

  • The first step is that you have to open the google maps application on your preferred device like a tablet, mobile phone, or laptop.
  • Allow google maps to know your location and set the destination point of your path. After that, click on the “Navigation” option.
  • The next step is to click on the “Start Driving” option. Follow the steps that maps ask you to do.

How do I simulate a route on Google Maps?

You need to follow the steps that I have discussed below to simulate a route on Google Maps.

  • Open your Google Maps application and allow Google Maps to access your location.
  • Now the next step is to set your location from where you want to start driving. After this, click on the Destination bar and select the place where you want to go.
  • Following this step, you should click on the “Navigation” option so that Google maps can set the right route for your driving.
  • After setting your route to follow, you should click on the “Start Driving” option and follow the guidelines of Google Maps.

Final Verdict:

There is an excellent gaming-like forum where you can drive on the actual roads virtually. This platform is a Google Maps simulator. There are different viewing angles and map views that you can change according to your preferences. Additionally, you can also select the city where you want to drive the vehicle. Moreover, for desktop users, there are navigation buttons on their keypad that they can use for driving on this simulator. For touchscreen users, there is an option for steering that shows up on the screen.

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