Google pixel 3 used: Features, Specifications & Disadvantages

Google pixel 3 used: Features, Specifications & Disadvantages

What is Google Pixel 3 Used?

Google Pixel 3 used is a device that Google itself launched back in 2018. The mobile has a simple yet elegant design. The mobile has the features and specifications which are normally found in every mobile. Actually, The mobile has features that are compatible with 2018 requirements and demands. The rear camera result is excellent and you can compare it with various top quality mobiles. The display feature of this mobile is also top notch. However, this smartphone lacks power back up. The capacity of the battery is also low. The processor used in this mobile is Snapdragon by Qualcomm. The mobile does not support heavy gaming and multitasking with big size applications.

Google pixel 3 used

Quick Specifications of Google Pixel 3:

Device Name Google Pixel 3
Processor Snapdragon 845 by Qualcomm
Storage 64 GB, 128 GB
Camera Rear camera 22 megapixels, dual pixels PDAf, OIS
Display 5.5 inches

1080 x 2160

Battery 2915 mAh, Li-Po

Non- removable

Sound Stereo speakers
Dimension 145.6 x 68.2 x 7.9 mm
Weight 148 gram (5.22 oz)

Detailed Features Google Pixel 3:

Let us have a deeper look into the quality and attractive features of the google Pixel 3 used nowadays.


The best feature that everyone looks at in the pixel 3 used model from Google, is its camera. The mobile phone features a 22 megapixels camera that has great image results. People often compare its camera with different high class camera mobiles like Samsung and iPhones. Yes, you may be wondering that the number of megapixels is low but how can this mobile compete with the camera results of mobiles like iPhones and Samsung.

So, the image quality does not depend on the number of megapixels but it matters on the quality of the camera. Pixel 3 has a rear camera with features like auto HDR, panorama and pixel shift. Moreover, it also carries the ability to record videos of resolution 2k. Furthermore, the frame rate while recording videos is 30 fps.

Google Pixel 3 used can also help you to do excellent photography. The rear camera has an excellent image result. It is also accompanied by a powerful flashlight that helps you to capture images at night or dim light situations. However, the front camera is 8 megapixels with an HDR effect. You can record the video of 1080 pixels from the front camera.


Google pixel 3 mobile features an Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845 chipset. This processor helps the user to run multiple apps at a single time. However, for heavy gaming the this processor is not compatible. Furthermore, the RAM also does not support the gaming features.


There are multiple connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and sim connections. You can connect to the internet with these various options. Google Pixel 3 has dual sim feature that allows the user to contact with multiple sims at a time.

Display Size:

The display screen of the Pixel 3 used mobile is 5.5 inches. The display resolution also features P-OLED and High Definition Resolutions. With these features of display, the mobile also has a general display resolution of 1080 x 1920. This provides the user to watch movies and webseries in high definition and excellent quality. For the protection of the display, there is corning gorilla glass which is quite tough and can withstand spills and accidental damages. Moreover, the mobile has a display that carries 443 pixels per inch, which means that the user can watch the movies with eye pleasing graphics and results.

Google pixel 3 used

Battery of pixel 3 used:

The battery life and capacity of google pixel 3 used is a major issue. The battery offers a capacity of 2915 mAh. This is par below as compared to the latest mobiles and their battery capacities. Due to low charge capacity, it will definitely give low power backup. Therefore, people looking to buy a this phone should always keep in mind its low battery capacity.

The mobile supports the feature of wireless charging and also with a charger of 18 watt power. The charging port can connect a B-Type cable.

Design and Shape:

Considering the shape and design, google pixel 3 has a shiny and good looking design. But the problem is its thickness. The front and rear side of the mobile is covered with corning Gorilla 5 glass. The remaining part of the mobile has construction material of aluminium. The design of this mobile also supports dust and water resistivity. But this mobile is not waterproof completely. They offer a waterproof resistance of IP68. Due to use of alumni=um and gorilla glass, the weight of this pixel 3 used reach up to 148 grams. This comes in the lightweight mobile categories.

Google pixel 3 used

Performance of Google pixel 3 Used:

Let us shed some light on the overall performance of Pixel 3 mobile. The mobile is best for normal usage. There are plus points that you must know is its excellent camera result and high quality display resolution and result. You can enjoy movies and websites in 2k resolution. In terms of photography, this mobile is best considering the results of the other mobiles in its price range. From a gaming point of view, this mobile is never compatible with heavy or light games. This is because of the processor and GPU that pixel 3 uses. However, battery is also an issue. Low power backup makes this mobile not ideal for those people who prefer to use mobiles for long periods of time. Overall, it is a great device with compact size and features.

Sensors Proximity, Compass, Barometer, Accelerometer, Gyro, Fingerprint, Rear Mounted.
Audio Quality Crosstalk -70.1dB, Noise -71.7dB
AnTuTu: 285044 (v7)

GeekBench: 8337 (v4.4)

GFXBench: 33fps (ES 3.1 on screen)

GPU Adreno 360
Operating System Android 9.0

Disadvantages of Google pixel 3 used:

Following are a few of the disadvantages that you may face while using the pixel 3 used.

  • First of all, if you have purchased a pixel 3 used from the market, there is a high probability that the cell phone will have some issues. These issues can be related to the processor, Display, battery or any other software related problem.
  • Even in used cases, the device is expensive considering the features and qualities it offers.
  • Battery capacity is another major problem with this device. The battery capacity of this mobile is 2915 mAh. This capacity is not enough keeping in mind the normal usage and applications drainage rate.
  • Pixel 3 also does not provide the necessary power back up. You have to charge the device 2 times a day. If your usage is more than normal, the charging rate can increase. This all depends on the way of usage from the user.

Google pixel 3 used


How much is Pixel 3 worth?

The price of pixel 3 used mobile is around $60 to $80. The original price of this mobile phone is $180. However, these prices are according to the market prices of March 2023. With the passage of time, these prices will slowly come down because of the new model’s launching.

Is Google Pixel 3 worth buying now?

It is a good mobile with compact shape and size. As of 2023, Pixel 3 is not worth buying. Because of the major issues like low battery backup and smaller size. You have to charge it twice a day for normal working and usage of this device. If you are thinking of buying a Google Pixel 3 in used condition, then you should definitely consider any other device.

Is Pixel 3 outdated?

Pixel 3 used is a decent mobile phone that has the option of software upgrade for many years to come. But considering the rapid change in the world and technology, Google pixel e is a bit outdated mobile phone. Its features are quite normal and you won’t find anything extra in this mobile. So, in our opinion this mobile phone is outdated and not a better choice for buying.

How long is Pixel 3 supported?

The Google Pixel 3 has the 3 year long warranty of software updates and upgrades.

Final Thoughts:

Google Pixel 3 is an old mobile that Google released in 2018. this mobile used to be the top mobile in the year of its release. But nowadays, modern behaviour and demand have changed. These mobile phones are not suitable to buy. Google pixel 3 used may have some issues like low battery capacity and low power backup. However, teh camera and display resolution of pixel 3 mobile is far better than many mobiles of this range and category. If you are looking for a compact and budget friendly phone, for your normal routine usage, then the pixel 3 device is good. Otherwise, look for better and advanced mobile options.

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