Heartland Season 16: Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Episodes

Heartland Season 16: Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Episodes

Heartland’s upcoming second season makes it appear as though the longest-running one-hour drama in Canadian television history is determined to keep its record. The Bartlett-Fleming family will face fresh difficulties and successes in the upcoming Heartland season 16. So I reasoned that it was time to go deeply into all of the material that is currently available about the upcoming season.

In this article, you can read minor details about all episodes of this season.

Release date of Heartland season 16

The official issue date of this Heartland season 16 is about 2 October on the day of Sunday. It means it release on Sunday evening at the time of 7:30. On 2 October the premiere of Heartland shows on CBC is also on the network streaming service CBC Gem. But the new season won’t be available to viewers outside of Canada until the following year (2023 in this example).

Overview of Heartland Season 16

We do have not much information about Heartland season 16 but CBC gives little information about season 16. From the CBC report you can say, this suggests that Amy will be moving on with her life following the death of her husband. She makes new friends, and potentially even considers starting a new relationship. The daughter of Amy will be making her first step towards same her mother’s skill as a horse guide.

Tim and Jessica will be in the midst of their blissful new marriage when an old ghost from Tim’s past. (The trailer suggests this has something to do with Shane, Tim’s kid) bothers their calmness and forces Tim to make up for his previous misbehaviors.

Overview of Heartland Season 16

In their relationship, Lou and Peter will be even more devoted. Katie will be attempting to determine her position about her newly reunified family as well as life in general, while her parents will be trying to determine theirs.

Frequent cast in Heartland season 16

There are many faces in this season let us discuss their original names and the names that are used in this serial.

  • Emmanuella Spencer works as Lyndy
  • Jessica Steen works as Lisa
  • Michelle Morgan works as Lou
  • Amber Marshall works as Amy
  • Chris Potter works as Tim
  • Shaun Johnston works as Jack
  • Michelle Nolden works as Jessica
  • Cormier works as Finn
  • Alisha Newton works as Georgie
  • Ivan Cermak works as Garland Foods owner Fred Garland
  • Gabriel Hogan works as Peter
  • Aidan Moreno works as Lou’s Chief Administrative Officer Rick
  • Drew Davis works as Logan

As in previous seasons, not all of the actors will appear in every episode of the current one. But you will absolutely see all of these stars on Heartland season 16 fairly normally.

Frequent cast in Heartland season 16

Official trailer of season 16

Here is a YouTube link where you can watch the trailer of Heartland Season 16 and enjoy it.

Episodes of Heartland season 16
There are 15 episodes of Heartland season 16 that you can watch but here you can read the theory and enjoy this season.

Episode 1

Broadcast on: on October 2nd broadcast the 1st episode.

Title: “Something’s Got to Give”

Summary: Jack misses Lisa, especially now that Tim and Jessica have to occupy the home.

Episode 2

Broadcast on: on October 9th broadcast the 2nd episode.

Title: “Changes”

Summary: Logan is disappointed by Amy’s choice to train Peyton Westfielf’s horse. Jack aids Katie in taking her own course. Lou has to carry Rick.

Episode 3

Broadcast on: on October 16th broadcast the 3rd episode.

Title: “On the Ropes”

Summary: Amy and Caleb put one of Sam’s free horses through a roping exercise. About Blue’s future, Jack and Tim disagree. When Katie and Logan go river-pushing, they have a bigger experience than they had expected.

Episode 4

Broadcast on: on October 23rd broadcast the 4th episode.

Title: “Spark to Flame”

Summary: Amy is shocked to hear that Finn has come back home. Jack and Tim win the biggest award, which creates problems for Lou and the appearance of somebody from Tim’s older.”

Heartland Season 16

Episode 5

Broadcast on: on October 30th broadcast the 5th episode.

Title: “Higher Ground”

Summary: When Hudson faces some flood crisis then Amy works with the horses. Rick takes more steps in the absence of Lou. Jack and Lisa support a new pair.

Episode 6 of Heartland season 16

Broadcast on: On November 6th broadcast the 6th episode.

Title: “Into the Wild”

Summary: In this episode, Amy helps a zoo animal. Tim joins Jessica in New York to recover from his past mistakes.

Episode 7

Broadcast on: On November 13th broadcast the 7th episode.

Title: “Vigil”

Summary: in this episode, there is a storm and a sad exit. Amy believes Finn has completed her worst fears about him. Without permission, Lou reads Katie’s journal.

Episode 8

Broadcast on: On November 20th broadcast the 8th episode.

Title: “Running Down a Dream”

Summary: In this episode, Amy teaches Lyndy about the barrel race. The father of Logan reached heartland. Katie pierced her ears but Lou fight with Katie about why she pierced her ear.

Episode 9: Heartland Season 16

Broadcast on: On November 27th broadcast the 9th episode.

Title: “True Colours, New Tricks”

Summary: Amy works hard for Jessica’s new photography job.

Episode 10

Broadcast on: On December 4th broadcast the 10th episode.

Title: “Lurking in the Shadows”

Summary: in this episode Lou and Amy go on a road trip. They want to stop a Miracle Girl imposter.

Episode 11

Broadcast on: On January 8th, 2023 broadcast the 12th episode.

Title: “Head Over Heels”

Summary: Amy agrees to allow Logan to lead a fresh client horse. Tim follows the person responsible for Jack’s mistake. Lou tries hard to get back in touch with Katie.

Episode 12

Broadcast on: On January 15th, 2023 broadcast the 12th episode.

Title: “Memory”

Summary: Amy changes her opinion of Finn because of a surprise arrival. Peters and Lou are not in good according to planning.

Heartland Season 16

Episode 13

Broadcast on: On January 22nd, 2023 broadcast the 13th episode.

Title: “Striking a Balance”

Summary: in this episode, Jack rejoins his country music.

Episode 14

Broadcast on: On February 29th, 2023 broadcast the 14th episode.

Title: “After the Ever After”

Summary: Lou is shocked to learn that Peter is relocating to Heartland

Episode 15

Broadcast on: On February 5th, 2023 broadcast the 15th episode.

Title: “A Light in the Dark”

Summary: in this final episode, Jack meets the reality of his fight with Al Cotter. Peter and Lou continue to develop their connection. Amy has a fresh perspective on her own future. Georgie decides what she wants to do with her life.


Q. Is Heartland Season 16 out yet?

This season starts airing on October 2, 2022

Q. Is there going to be a season 17 of Heartland?

In Heartland season 17 there will be between ten and fifteen one-hour episodes in Heartland Season 17.

Q. Will Heartland Season 16 be on Up Faith and Family?

This season is not yet broadcasted in America. After releasing in America you can see it on up faith and family.

Q. Where can I watch season 16 of Heartland?

You can watch season 16 on CBC only. This is the most famous drama comedy. But unfortunately, CBC is not available everywhere.

Bottom Line:

Heartland season 16 is a drama that you can watch on only CBC. This season is not available on any other except CBC. But unfortunately, CBC is not available everywhere. It has 15 episodes that are discussed. At last, Jack meets the reality of his fight with Al Cotter. Peter and Lou continue to develop their connection. Amy has a fresh perspective on her own future. Georgie decides what she wants to do with her life.


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