Island Boys net worth

Island Boys net worth

Most people search to know about the Island Boys net worth. So, the quick answer to this query is the net worth of island boys is approximately 1.5 million dollars. They are two twin brothers. They got popular after the song “I am an island boy.”

In this article, you can learn about the net worth of island boys. And how do they earn money? On which things do they invest money?

Island Boys net worth:

Island Boys are two twin brothers, 22 years old. The Island Boys net worth is approximately 1.5 million dollars. They are famous for their song “I Am an Island boy”. On TikTok, this song is very famous. Their identity names are Franky and Alex Venegas. Alex is the person who came up with the name “Island Boys,” and “Island Boys” is the band’s most well-known single.

In 2023 their yearly income is about 70 thousand dollars. They get most of their income from TikTok, brands, and YouTube channels. On YouTube channels, they have 28.4k followers and more than 8 million views.

Island Boys net worth

The sequence of net worth

Year Net Worth
In 2018 10 thousand dollars
In 2019 30 thousand dollars
In 2020 100 thousand dollars
In 2021 300 thousand dollars
In 2022 800 thousand dollars
In 2023 1.5 million dollars

The Island Boys’ sources of income

Islands Boys Alex and Franky Venegas are from Florida’s West Palm Beach. The brothers are undoubtedly proud of their Cuban background. Their nicknames are Kodiyakredd (Frankie) and Flyysoulja (Alex). There are many sources that they get most of their income like:

  • TikTok
  • YouTube Channels
  • Merch
  • Brands
  • Cameo appearance
  • Instagram

1. TikTok

The TikTok video “I’m an Island Boy” by these subtropical boys has gone viral online. They could (theoretically) fill Madison Square Garden with their three million combined fans. They Both have 1.4 and 1.8 million followers on TikTok. So on TikTok, they get most of the popularity and then TikTok becomes the big source of their income. This is the major source of the Island Boys net worth

2. YouTube Channels

Island Boys have a huge YouTube Channel. Their fast-growing channel is Big Bag Ent which has 228,000 subscribers and 175 million viewers. The Island Boys have been able to profit meaningfully from their online activities thanks to YouTube’s AdSense program. It’s safe to say that they now make a major amount of money from their YouTube channel. In this way, YouTube is also a big platform for their earning.

Island Boys net worth

3. Merch brand

The Island Boys have a range of stuff that includes sweatshirts for $46, t-shirts for $26, home decor items, stickers, posters, and other few unusual chachkies.

4. Cameo form

They sell their shootouts on the cameo. They get 80 dollars for personal video and get 60 dollars for commercial booking. So Cameo form also becomes a good earning platform. This is also a main platform to enhance the Island Boys net worth.

The Island Boys’ financial investments

As Island Boys net worth is so high they also invest a huge amount. Here you know about their investments. They invest their amount in many things like:

  • Watches
  • Grills
  • Jewelry
  • Cars

1. Watches

They wear the most costly watches. The total worth that they spend on watches is 300000 dollars. These also include a $25,000 Santos de Cartier diamond watch. The Island Boys will most definitely make money if they sell their Santos. Because Cartier wristwatches are of special quality and typically keep their value for a long time.

Island Boys net worth

2. Grills

On Grills, both brothers spend approximately 60,000 dollars. The grills that they wear are the most loveable grills. The cost of each twin’s diamond grill is estimated by experts to be roughly $30,000. In this way, the Island Boys spent $60,000 pushing out their teeth.

3. Jewelry

Island boys wear the most expensive jewelry. One boy spent 82,000 dollars to make an expensive chain. Island Boys net worth is used in fashion.

4. Cars

Island boys like high-quality cars. They have high-ranked cars. To buy new cars they show off their wealth. As for their wealth, they buy so many cars easily.

Island Boys net worth


Q. How did the Island Boys get their money?

Island Boys get their money from many platforms like:

  • YouTube channels
  • TikTok
  • Merch brands
  • Cameo accounts

These are the major sources that become the major source of their income.

Q. How much are the Island Boys net worth together?

Their combined net worth is about 2 million dollars. That they get from YouTube channels, creating TikTok, cameo accounts, and Merch brands. These two twin boys Franky Venegas and Alex get most of the popularity on the TikTok song “I am an island Boy”.

Q. How did Island Boy get famous?

When these two brothers come at a young age. They decide to come into the rapper field. And then finally in October 2021, they joined this career. And form a video of the duo. In this video, they perform a song and fortunately, these songs go viral. In the duo, they have a different look like they have tattoos on their body and diamond teeth. All these things help to make them popular.

Q. Are the Island Boys from a wealthy family?

Venegas tells us that we do not belong to a wealthy and rich family. Our father died when we were four years old. After the death of my father, my mother held me and my brother. She tried every effort to make our future bright.

Final Verdict

Island Boys net worth is around about 1.5 million dollars. Which is a great amount. They get their amount from many sources like TikTok, YouTube channels, Merch brands, and cameo accounts. Also, they invest a bundle of amounts in their luxury requirements. That shows their personality like cars, watches, jewelry, and grills.


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