Lugares de Interés Turístico: How to find the best places in USA?

Lugares de Interés Turístico: How to find the best places in USA?

Are you looking for lugares de interés turístico in the USA? How can you find the best tourist attraction that suits your mood and choice? What are the best tourist destinations in the USA? This article will provide you complete and thorough information about all the major attractions, destinations for travelers and adventurers. Further, we will also discuss various websites and mobile apps that can help you to locate a perfect destination for your tour.

lugares de interés turístico

How to find lugares de interés turístico in the USA?

Following are the few methods to find the best tourist attractions while you are in the USA.

Websites and Apps:

There are a lot of websites and mobile apps that can help the users in finding or exactly locating the tourist points and attractions during their visit to the United States.

Google Maps:

Google Maps is a great website and mobile application for locating different places from around the world. You can find the tourist destinations by this platform. You need to enter the “Lugares de Interés Turístico ” in the search bar of this website. Google will first detect your location and then will show the popular tourist attractions and destinations near your location. Moreover, you can search for the specific tourist attraction by entering its name in the search bar. Google maps shows the result in this list and maps view. You can also read the review, view photos and rating of the place you want to visit.


Waze is another location finder application and website. You can get help from this application in finding the best tourist attractions in the USA. Waze app allows the users to use its search bar about their particular destinations. This website or app can provide you complete details about the Ratings, Reviews and photos of that tourist attraction. So, if you are planning any tour of the USA, make sure you add this app in your cellphone for future uses.


TripAdvisor is a perfect website and app that especially serves to help the users to find best places and tourist destinations. The user interface of the website is very simple. You just write the particular destination you want to visit in the search bar. If you do not know about the particular destination, then write Lugares de Interés Turístico in the search bar. TripAdvisor will show you the nearby all the popular destinations in a perfect pattern. It will show destinations with best ratings and reviews on the top to save the time of the user to go for these best places. It also provides photos, reviews and ratings of the visitors that have personally visited that tourist attraction.

lugares de interés turístico


Due to its ability to show offline maps, OsmAnd is a popular App among Americans. It is worth noting that this app allows you to bookmark routes you have taken in order to revisit them later.

The search bar of this app or website really helps the user to simplify his search for lugares de interés turístico to entertain and relax yourself. It should be mentioned that the three tools include a mobile application and website, making it much simpler to utilize them wherever you are.

Culture Trips:

Culture Trip is an amazing site that can guide the first-time visitors and travelers. It offers detailed facts and information on the location you wish to visit. You may use its search bar to discover attractive and beautiful tourist attractions and destinations by entering Lugares de Interés Turístico. The website will guide you in understanding the reviews and ratings of various restaurants and other attractions in the area you have chosen to visit.

Ask the Locals:

Asking the locals about the tourist destinations is great way in my opinion. The local people can guide you better about the tourist attractions. Because the locals know exactly what it takes to reach a particular tourist point and what you should take with you while going to that tourist attraction.

Social Media platforms:

Nowadays social media has connected the world thoroughly. You can search for different and popular tourist attractions near your location. You can also the stunning images and photos of tourist attractions that you want to visit. It will provide you a clear understanding of the place, ratings and reviews of the tourists in the comment section.

Best lugares de interés turístico in USA:

Now we will discuss different tourists destinations in the USA;

Space Needle:

We start with one of Seattle’s most famous and iconic structures. No tourist image or video does not show it. It is part of the city’s culture and cannot go unnoticed. It is an imposing tower built in 1961, which stands out for its interesting futuristic design.

Many tourists come here every year, take photos from outside and have the opportunity to go up to the observation deck. Once up, you will see how Seattle opens up before your eyes. This structure provides a unique experience.

Statue of Liberty:

The Statue of Liberty is a popular lugares de interés turístico in New York City It attracts millions of visitors annually from all over the world. If you are planning a visit to the USA, this is a must-visit place. You will need to take a ferry to Liberty Island to see the statue closely. Furthermore, You can climb this statue to the top of its crown. From the top of the statue, you will see stunning and beautiful views of New York city and its skyline. You can get knowledge about the history of this statue at the museum. This museum is built inside the pedestal. The Statue of Liberty is actually a symbol of freedom and democracy. People who take great interest in American history and culture should definitely visit this place.

lugares de interés turístico

Walt Disney World as lugares de interés turístico:

Walt Disney World is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Florida, USA. This place is equally famous among children and youth. This place is basically a big resort that has 4 different theme parks that includes;

  • Magic Kingdom
  • Hollywood Studios
  • Epcot
  • Animal Kingdom

There are different attractive points like thrilling rides, and shows which are based on Disney World characters. If you ever go to this place, you will enjoy different fun activities like relaxing at hotels and spending a day with family and friends at the parks. Walt Disney World also features hotels, restaurants, commercial centers, and entertainment facilities besides the theme parks. Walt Disney World is a must-visit place for anybody who likes theme parks and Disney characters.

Golden Gate Bridge:

The Golden Gate Bridge is a famous lugares de interés turístico in San Francisco, California. People from all around the world visit these places especially on New Year’s Eve. Golden Bridge is basically a suspension bridge which acts as a link between San Francisco and Marin County. The bridge is popular because of its unique orange color and tower-based design. You can walk across the bridge to take in breathtaking views of the San Francisco skyline. This bridge is a great piece of engineering art and design. If you love to see and explore the different landmarks, then you should definitely pay a visit to this bridge.

National Central Park as lugares de interés turístico:

Central Park is one of the most famous parks in the world. This park was built in the 19th century because New York was rapidly growing and the natural beauty of this city was decreasing day by day. This park was built to protect greenery and natural habitat in the city. Today this park offers cultural spaces for music and visual arts. There are different recreational activities like drawing and bird watching in this lugares de interés turístico. You can also take part in various sports activities like boating, ice skating, baseball, and tennis. There is a Zoo also in this park. Many other attractions like walking trails, theater and Swedish Cottage are also a part of this Central Park.

Niagara Falls:

Niagara Falls is also among the most touring places in the world. These falls are on the border of Canada and the USA. People from both the countries can enjoy the scenery and breathtaking view of these falls. The view from the top like a helicopter shot or bird eye view of the falls literally gives goosebumps to the viewer. If you are a keen lover of natural beauty and waterfalls, this is not a place to miss in your life. Every year Millions of visitors are attracted to this place from all over the world. You can also enjoy the stunning beauty and take photographs of this place. It is totally free to enjoy this place.

Times Square:

In New York City, Times Square is an attractive tourist point that attracts many visitors from all around the world. Anyone who visits this city definitely passes through this crossroads several times, either during the day or at night. The advertising signs and neon lights impress and fascinate the visitors.

To take the best photos of this place, we recommend you go up the red stairs of the TKTS, from where You will get a fantastic view of all of Times Square from the red stairs of TKTS. So, if you want to capture some photos make sure you take photographs from this lugares de interés turístico. This site is also perfect for purchasing same-day Broadway show tickets at incredible discounts. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere, a good option is to have a long coffee and sit in one of its red chairs and tables to watch life go by.


Hawaii is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Hawaii is basically a group of eight islands that has unique cultures and natural beauty. If you plan your visit to Hawaii, you can enjoy surfing, hiking, and beautiful sunbathing on the beaches. Hawaii is quite famous for its delicious food with dishes like poke and plate lunches. Furthermore, the islands of Hawaii offer various opportunities of learning about its dance, music and history. So, if you’re searching for adventure, relaxation, or cultural experiences, Hawaii is an ideal option for you.

Final Thoughts:

The USA is full of stunning and wonderful lugares de interés turístico and destinations. You can find these popular destinations by searching about them on different websites and applications. Such apps and websites are very useful for the travelers and adventurers because they can help them to better understand about those places. These platforms provide details about the tourists attraction by showing reviews, photos and ratings of the place. You can visit these places in the USA by following the methods and tips described in this article.



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