Miconex Company: All you need to Know, Strategies & Awards

Miconex Company: All you need to Know, Strategies & Awards

Are you in search of the Miconex company? What does this company offer? What are the benefits of collaborating with this marketing firm? In this article, we will completely describe the features, working procedures, and marketing strategies of this company. We will further discuss the multiple branches and headquarters of this company.

Due to the COVID pandemic, the local business community has suffered a lot. After this pandemic, businesses have seen a huge growth in the online market and businesses. The local businesses and stores, markets and shops have suffered a lot due to the changing trend of shopping in the world. Nowadays, people prefer to buy what they want from big marketplaces and have changed their behavior of shopping from physical outlets and stores. This has given a huge setback to local businesses and stores. To solve this issue, Miconex company has come to the stage of helping local and small businesses to grow and draw the attention of people to these small businesses and shops.

What is Miconex?

Miconex is a company that helps to grow small businesses and compels people to buy from local stores and shops. This company works with many businesses and stores to derive local spending from the people. It follows different marketing strategies and plans to help small businesses grow and wants people to spend on local businesses. The company was originally founded in Scotland but now has more than 100 small towns and cities across the United Kingdom, Ireland and Scotland.


The company has also spread its businesses to many other countries like Canada and the United States of America. Miconex has got so much attraction from people, and it has rapidly grown into a big business. The marketing strategies and plans are quite working for small businesses.


This company aim to help most of the businesses in small towns and cities to grow and has market exposure. Currently, the company is working in different countries, and many local businesses and stores have joined it to spread their business. The company’s aim is to take this local business and local spending all over the world. For this purpose, the company punched different gift cards and loyalty schemes. These steps gave a significant boost to local businesses.

Gift Cards:

The company launched a gift card scheme to attract customers towards local businesses. These gift cards are actually connected with local businesses. The stores that are linked with Miconex company provide special offers and discounts through these gift cards. This attracts customers to the local market and spends their money in the small town and local businesses.

These gift cards are then linked with different payment methods like Apple Wallet and their certain digital wallets. Thai helps customers to buy online or in-store at any moment with their gift cards. These gift cards are actually a local currency for small businesses that a user can keep in his gift card and use while shopping from these local stores and businesses.

This gift card system has proven to be very successful for this Miconex company. Because it has now spread over 100 small towns in the United Kingdom and is connected with more than 8500 retailers. This has really helped people to participate in local spending. You can easily attach these Gift cards with your MasterCard and, without any hurdles, can buy from these cards. Moreover, you can convert your gift card balance or rewards to your linked bank account.


Gift Cards in Scotland:

The company launched the Town and City Gift card system. The government asked the company to launch such cards with the collaboration of the government. Later after the coordination, Scotland Loves Local Gift Card was launched. This program was backed by the Scottish government to uplift the local community of the country. In the Scotland region, the company spent over 6 Million Pounds on the loading of almost 100,000 gift cards.

Gift Cards In USA:

After the success in Uk and Scotland, the company started to shift its focus to the American market. The Miconex company launched its first gift card program in America in 2020. The company launched them in various states like Virginia, Michigan, Montana, Massachusetts, Colorado, Alaska and Arizona. In 2022 the company launched more gift cards in other states like Oregon, Illinois, New Jersey, Nebraska, NewYork and Idaho. The company has targeted many states of the United States of America and has further plans to grow it in the remaining parts of the later programs.

Gift Cards in Canada:

The company also started its operation in Canada in 2021. Currently, there are ten gift programs in Canada. The company has collaborated with Food Island Partnership and spent over $4.8 Million dollars on its operation for setting up 100,000 Gift cards. These cards were sold soon after their launch. Now, the company has plans to grow these gift card programs in other parts of Canada.

Loyalty MI Rewards:

The Mi rewards are another strategy from the Miconex company. These are the rewards that the customers get after purchasing from these small businesses or local economies. They can also cash in these rewards to their bank accounts to purchase from other local stores. The process to get these rewards is very simple. You need to follow the steps to benefit from this rewards system.


  • Set up an Account:

First of all, you need to set up your account with the website. You can sign up for the website by your email address. After completing your registration, you need to attach or link your existing Visa, Amex or Mastercard debit or credit cards with this Mi Rewards account. There are no exceptions with the banks. This reward system works with every bank.

  • Spend:

After completely setting up your account, you need to do a shopping of a minimum of 10 pounds from any local businesses or stores. After that, your account will automatically enter the lucky prize draw. yOu do not need to show any separate loyalty card to enter the prize draw. The more you spend on these local economies, the bigger reward you will claim upon winning. This greatly drives people and customers to shop from the small stores and actively participate in the local economy.

  • Win:

The draws are open monthly, and the winner gets a great prize. The amount of the prize depends upon the amount of shopping that the customer has done from those stores.

Benefits of Miconex:

There are multiple benefits of collaborating with the Miconex company for the growth of your business. Following are the key benefits that you will get upon your linkage with the company.

  • First of all, customer saturation in local businesses increases due to such gift cards and loyalty programs marketing. This is a perfect tool that attracts a great number of customers to such stores and businesses.
  • Your businesses or stores will be at a perfect platform that does their marketing and provides great deals for them also. This provides great exposure for your business to grow and have its presence felt in the international market.
  • You can do your little business into a perfect brand by collaborating with these platforms. This helps a lot in growing into a big business.


Awards and Distinctions for Miconex:

The company has claimed multiple awards from many platforms due to its great success and achievements. Actually, the idea and mission of this company have impressed many platforms. So, let us discuss the key awards that the company has achieved over the years.

  • Miconex won the award for Best Use of Prepaid at the incentive Awards. The company won this award in September 2020.
  • In November 2021, the company won the award of Prestigious Company of the year at the Incentive awards.
  • Miconex also won the award of Small to Medium Business of the year at Gift Card and Voucher Association Hall of Fame awards in September 2022.
  • The company also won a ‚ÄúSocial Impact Award” at the Scottish Financial Technology Awards in October 2022. This accolade was awarded because of their great service to uplifting the local community and helping them to grow their business.

Company Overview:

Name Miconex
Head office United Kingdom
In Business From 6 to 10 years
Funding Self-Funded Company
Employees 10 to 50

How can I join the company?

You can join the company by signing up for the website. You can sign up for the website through your email and contact number.

Bottom Remarks:

Miconex company is basically a digital marketing company that helps young and small businesses to grow. The company comes with different plans like gift cards and Mi Rewards programs to drive the attention of the people to local community businesses. After the pandemic, the company has helped many businesses and has grown quite rapidly. Now, it is operating in various countries like the UK, the United States of America, Canada, Ireland and Scotland. The company has the plan to grow it further to many countries.


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