What is NORSTRAT? How it helps young businesses to Grow

What is NORSTRAT? How it helps young businesses to Grow

Are you searching for a NORSTRAT company? What actually it does? How does it help businesses to grow? This article will provide necessary details about this consulting firm. So keep reading this article to get a better understanding about it.

What is the Northern Strategy?

Canada is getting bigger and more populated than previous years. People from all around the world come to Canada for Better Business and life opportunities. From 2007 Canada saw a rapid growth in different areas especially Northern Coast Canada’s own government organizations, private corporations and Military were building different infrastructure and development programs. The Canadian government quickly realized this and thought of a plan to grow the northern part of the country in a proper and systematic way. The government did not want any illegal activities and wrong developments in that part of the country.

Therefore the government proposed a northern strategy plan. The strategy was to build infrastructure under certain conditions and terms. The northern part of Canada has a great potential of wealth. The Canadian government wanted to use the natural resources in a systematic manner to earn money and wealth by exporting it. It means the government should have certain plans and strategies to develop the northern part of the country under a proper and clean system.

What is Norstrat?

NORSTRAT is basically a consulting company that helps new businesses to grow according to Northern strategy. This Consulting service helps the government organizations, corporate and private sectors and even the military of Canada to develop infrastructure and buildings according to certain plans and rules of Northern strategy. The company proposes plans and consults with the business owners and government for approval. They keep the northern strategy in mind while driving different plans and strategies. It means they use the Northern strategy as a benchmark for developing infrastructure and businesses in the northern coast of Canada.


NORSTRAT is a successful venture and is currently working with many government companies and private companies and making strategies and plans for them. This consulting firm provides a path and guidelines for those companies and business organizations to build the infrastructure projects. The company believes that Northern strategy is a great initiative by the government to develop the northern coast of Canada. It will boost the economy and business opportunities for many people in Canada.

Purpose of NORSTRAT:

The purpose and goal of NORSTAR consulting company is to guide and help the new businesses to develop under Northern strategy. The device plans and strategies according to the nature of businesses and organizations. The mission and purpose of this company is to make developments in Canada that are according to the modern requirements. The company proposes such plans and strategies after the Deep study of the businesses. These plans are for the sustainability, reliability and growth of the businesses.

NORSTRAT consultation form as a staff of experienced and educated persons. Every person in this firm has great experience in different fields and organizations. NORSTRAT are very dedicated and Keen to serve the new businesses for better growth and development. They want all the businesses, organizations , private companies, infrastructure contractors and even the military to grow and develop according to the northern strategy. They want to serve each business on the northern coast of Canada. This company proposes great business deals and plans for the prosperity of their country Canada.


After 2007, Canada saw rapid growth on the northern coast. The northern part of Canada was rich in natural resources and the new businesses wanted to benefit from this opportunity. The Canadian government quickly realized this and thought over a plan and strategy to develop businesses in the northern part. Lee Carson who is the founder of North trade consulting firm saw a business Gap in this regard. He got an idea of providing consultation and guidelines to the new businesses that were growing on the northern coast about the northern strategy. He gathered a group of people that worked for different businesses and companies for many years.

These people serve in major fields like cultural development, government bodies, infrastructure , military and Aerospace companies of Canada. He used their experience to guide the new businesses to develop and settle on the Northern coast of Canada. His idea worked and quickly the NORSTRAT became a huge company in a matter of 3 years. The businesses which took guidance from this Consulting firm show a positive and rapid growth. And Lee Carson became a millionaire after providing such services.

Experiences and Expertise’s:

Now let’s discuss the experiences and expertise that NORSTRAT consulting company has gained with different businesses and organizations over the years.

Project definition Expertise:

The consulting company got a great project definition experience while working with different organizations like Maritime coastal defense vessel, Arctic offshore patrol ship, joint support ship, the Arctic sub surface surveillance system, Halifax class modernization, and AIS constellation.


Business Development Expertise & Experience:

NORSTRAT has excellent Business Development experience. According to different reports this consultation company has earned $200 million since its foundation. Lee Carson, who is the founder, is a millionaire now. These stats show that the company provides great services for the business development on the northern coast. The Canadian government also awarded different infrastructure development contracts to this company.

Northern System Development Expertise & Experience:

Since working according to the northern strategy and developing different plans and strategies for businesses, it is clear that This consulting firm has great experience for the northern system development. The consulting company has worked on different projects like AIS-Space Arctic Marine surveillance and tracking, Radarsat to Arctic surveillance, IDIAS sea ice mapping system, and BAPS Iceberg tracking system.

Major Capital Project Expertise & Experience:

NORSTRAT consulting company has worked on major capital projects and has experience offering services to the Radarsat constellation mission, Maritime coastal defense vessel and Radarsat II.

Subject Matter Expertise & Experience:

This consulting company has a great experience in subject matter like presentations, extensive Northern travel and contacts, conferences papers and Member of 2014 Victoria Strait Expedition.

Services that NORSTRAT Offer:

This company actually provides services to many businesses like corporate companies, government organizations and infrastructure development companies.

Private and Corporate Companies:

  • The consulting company leaves services to new businesses about how to define a new project, their support system and legal laws and rules to follow according to Northern strategy.
  • NORSTRAT also offers services relevant to the memorandum to the Canadian government cabinet.
  • The consulting company also provides procurement strategy and plans in our point and proper manner for execution in the businesses.
  • It also provides consultation and plans after studying the new businesses and how they can develop according to Northern strategy.
  • The consulting company completely demonstrates the business clients Northern strategy of Canada. Then the company defines plans and strategies for their new business which can grow and develop according to this strategy.
  • The company also gives their precious consultation about the operational needs and requirements that the new business should meet for its development.
  • The consultation form also provides subject matter expertise to the private and government companies.
  • NORSTRAT also guides the new businesses about the big management and capture plans to gain contracts of infrastructure developments.


Government Organizations:

  • This consulting company also guides and assists the government agencies and organizations about risk management. They train their staff how to understand the risk assessment activities and conclude the potential hazards.
  • The consulting firm also offers services in regard to project management and its support to the Canadian government departments.
  • It also provides consultation about the changes and variations that a project needs for sustainability and reliability.
  • The company also trains the government employees about the Strategic and planned Business Development processes. This helps the organization to run smoothly and accurately.

Clients of NORSTRAT:

NORSTRAT is affiliated with a number of business and private entities. They also offer their services to various Canadian government entities. This corporation is involved in a variety of sectors.

Government Organizations:

Given below are the government departments and organizations that operate and get services from this consulting firm.

  • Canadian Space Agency
  • Aerospace Review
  • Canadian Coast Guard


Private Businesses:

These are a few private associations and companies that work with this consulting company.

  • Hill + Knowlton Canada
  • Aeronautics
  • Aker Solutions
  • Raytheon Canada Support Services
  • MacDonald Dettwiler
  • Ultra Electronics Marine System
  • Calian
  • Cassidian
  • Aerospace and Defence Industry association of Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Astrium SAS
  • Northwestel
  • L-3 MariPro


Where is this company located?

The main office of NORSTRAT is located in Ottawa, Canada.

What kind of infrastructure does the company work for?

The company works for several big infrastructure projects that are funded by the Canadian government. It also provides services to the new startups and space missions such as defense systems, transportation infrastructure, satellites constellation, housing projects, and social infrastructure contracts.

How can NORSTRAT help a common person?

The consulting company can help a common man building his business Empire. It will provide necessary information, strategic plans and Market structure to take their business to new high levels. The proposed these plans after a deep understanding and study of the new startups and businesses.

Final Remarks:

NORSTRAT is a consulting company that offers services to private organizations and government companies. According to Northern Strategy, you can learn more fromĀ here. it supports new businesses and entrepreneurs in their sector. This firm has earned several government awards and honors. It is also fast expanding, and its value is increasing daily.


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