Orby Gun: How to use, Features & Where to buy

Orby Gun: How to use, Features & Where to buy

Are you interested in searching about Orby gun? What is the Orby gun? How much are Orby guns? All other questions that arise in your mind about this are solved in this article. So, make sure that you read this article thoroughly.

What is an Orby gun?

It is a plastic made toy for children or shooted small round ball made from gel called an Orby gun. It is safe to use, and children play with this gun frequently for outdoor activities. Orbeez gun balls are made from expanded material that expands when shocked in water.

Orby Gun

How to use it?

There are some following necessary steps to keep in mind before using a gun.

  • Firstly, you need an Orby gun, Orbeez balls, and a container of water.
  • Now fill the container with water.
  • Take the Orbeez balls and place them into the water container.
  • Allow the Orbeez ball to soak in water for 3 to 4 hours until it becomes fully filled with water and expanded.
  • After the Orbeez ball fully expanded, removed it from the water and placed it into the gun.
  • Now, it is ready to play. You hold the gun with both hands and use your finger to press the trigger to fire.
  • When you press the trigger Orbeez balls will be shouted out of the gun. You just make sure that the playing area is safe for playing.
  • You can use this gun for playing different activities like practice, fun, etc.
  • Note, clean it after use to make it safe for the future.

How much is an Orby gun?

The price of Orbeez guns varies by brand, model, design, etc.

So, some common models can have prices around 20$ to 60$. But the more advanced models with higher capacity of the magazine and longer range usually have around 60$ to 120$. Notable is that the quality is normally not that high at this price. If you are looking for a fully modern gun with a longer range and high capacity the magazine normally has prices around 120$ to 400$. This gun uses high-quality material to use for a long-lasting time period.

Features of Orby gun:

I have listed below some useful features of the Orbeez guns.

  • It is very simple and easy to use.
  • These are available in a variety of different kinds and brands with different colors.
  • You can use these guns for a variety of different activities like a target to practice and games.
  • It has a special design for children to provide huge entertainment for the whole family.
  • You can easily clean and maintain these guns.
  • These guns are not used to harm people, they are just used for entertainment.
  • Orby guns are made with high-quality material for long-lasting.

Orby Gun

Are the Orby guns illegal?

These are toy-type guns used for just entertainment, this is the reason for Orbeez guns are not illegal. These guns are made with gel blasters and the gel blaster is considered airsoft.

Top best 2 Orby guns:

Orby is a small spherical bead that you can use in different varieties of toys and crafts. An Orby gun is a fun gun that you can use for a variety of entertainment or to shoot out a small ball of beads. When we use these spherical beads firstly we place small beads in the gun and press the trigger to shoot the small beads in the form of a stream of beads. The Orby gun is also known as the water gun. There are many brands of Orbeez guns available in the market. So here we discuss some advanced and upgraded kinds of guns that launched in 2023.

1. Cyberpunk Stats DR12 Quasar Orby gun

This Orby gun is made according to the Cyberpunk 2077 dr12 Quasar revolver. The hard nylon shell material is used to make it. It’s built with a unique gearbox that can be up to 240FPS.


  • Bullpup design and cool science fiction outlook.
  • Made with hard nylon shells with a safety switch.
  • Blue and tan colors.
  • Semi-auto and fully auto.


  • The shooting range is 15 to 20 meters.
  • The rate of fire is 12RPS.
  • Firepower 220 to 240 FPS.

Orby Gun

2. X5 Orby gun

This Orby gun follows the model of the notorious Jm x2 blaster. The x5 has a colt 1911 designed shape made with high-quality material at an affordable price. In the new x5 Orby, You can optimizeĀ  gun internal structure with a gear ratio.


  • It has a great fire ratio.
  • Electronic blowback
  • A flashlight on the bottom
  • The last round hold open
  • It has a short-length, drum magazine
  • Compatible with x2 jam mags.


  • A shooting range is 15 to 20 m
  • Fire rate 12RPS
  • Velocity is 140 to 150 PSR

Buying Guides:

If you have an interest in choosing a gel Orby gun, you just keep in mind some below important features.


Firstly, you check your budget, If your budget is strong then you can choose a good branded gun to perform your fun activities in the best way.


You should consider a branded gub before buying it. Do not buy any local guns because they will be out of order soon because of their low quality.


You should consider the best quality before buying it. long-lasting quality is better than loose quality.


Firstly, you check your playing area where you play with this gun and after this, you can decide the range of the gun. New launched Orbeez guns have a good range for shooting 15m to 20m.


Safety is the first policy before playing with these types of guns because they can fracture your face, eyes, and some other parts of the body. So you should make sure that these are safer before you play with guns.


Capacity depends upon the nature of the games if you have interest to play a bigger level of the game you have to make sure that the capacity of the gun is more than local guns. Usually, Orbeex guns have a desirable capacity.


A variety of different designs are available in markets and online stores. Design is necessary to explain a good-looking orbeez gun. So, the design depends on your interest but you should choose a good design before buying orbeez guns.

Online shopping platforms:

Here I am listing some online centers where you can shop easily for Orby guns.

  1. Amazon.com
  2. Walmart.com
  3. Made in china.com
  4. Newegg.com
  5. Aliexpress
  6. Bass pro shop
  7. Ali baba.com
  8. Academy sports
  9. Alt gov
  10. Orby gun Homepage

Orby Gun


What are the best Orby guns?

The best guns with orbeez will depend on the specific needs and interests of the user. So, I have listed below some commonly used Orbeez guns.

  1. SplatRBall
  2. Jm X2
  3. Nerf Pro Gelfire
  4. Pink P90
  5. GF2070
  6. AK 47

Where to buy an Orby gun?

A variety of retail locations where we easily purchase gel guns like sports shops Walmart’s and department stores, and sports goods. You can also find them online through some online sites like amazon, Ali baba.com Walmart’s. com, etc.

Final Remarks:

Orby gun is a great product for entertainment. Some children including adults play with Orbeez guns for outdoor activities. There are many brands of Orby guns available in markets. You can easily shop and play with them to produce a stream of beads in your life. So, my suggestion is that you don’t wait, go to the online sites and order it and enjoy your boring life.

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