Orthodonti: Oral Problems, Treatment, Benefits & Disadvantages

Orthodonti: Oral Problems, Treatment, Benefits & Disadvantages

Are you suffering from different types of teeth issues? You may be searching for the perfect doctor that can treat your dental issues. Dentistry and Orthodonti are two separate concepts and professions. Dentists are more concerned about the oral and deeper teeth surgeries and operations. While an orthodontist is expert in dealing situations like straightening the teeths and applying braces.

What is Orthodonti?

Orthodonti is basically a branch of dentistry that deals majorly with the diagnosing of problems in the teeth and treating them. In this field, the professional doctor first diagnoses the issues like misaligned teeths and bites, Crooked, gapped or overlapped teeths. After diagnosing the actual problem, then there involves the process of treating these issues.

This field is quite complex and the professional ortho dentist needs to be very precise and careful in thai surgery. There are various ortho dentists currently working and treating in various states of America. Your oral health is very important in your overall personality. These oral issues occur due to bad bites. It is important to note that your teeth need to fit perfectly against each other. If you improve the way your upper and lower teeth fit perfectly, it will reduce many teeth and oral issues. This can save you from issues like cavities, swollen gums, erosion and gum diseases.


Who is an orthodontist?

Orthodontist is basically a professional that deals with the issues of twisted, crooked, overlapped and gapped teeth’s. They perform different types of treatments depending upon the situation of the teeth. The treatment majorly includes braces, aligners and retainers. The purpose of these doctors is to improve the bite of the patients. These professional doctors get an additional 2 or 3 years training in orthodontistry for getting experience and command on these treatments. These treatments are actually very sensitive and only professionals with certain experience and skill can perform such treatments. These doctors then do not perform simple dentistry operations and treatments like fillings, bridges, and crowns.


Common problems with Orthodonti:

Following are the major problems that one can face with this orthodontic treatment.

Overlapped Teeth:

Overlapped teeth is a condition in which the patient has multiple teeth overlapping each other. In most cases these teeth are usually the frontal one.

Crowded Teeth:

In these conditions, the patient has more tooth congestion in small places. This is not a common problem but many people face these issues.


Overjet is another issue related to orthodonti. In this condition the upper teeth of the patient stick out over the patient’s lower teeth. This is also a big problem and most people usually avoid this problem and do not consider it serious.

Rotated Teeth:

Rotated teeth is also a common issue with many patients’ teeth. In this case the teeth of the patient grow in a rotating shape. This shape is due to the crowding of teeth in a narrow space which causes the teeth to grow with curl. Most people often call these wisdom teeth also.


This underbite is basically the reciprocal of overjet condition. In the case the lower teeth of the patient stick out more than his upper teeth.

Impacted teeth:

Impacted teeth is a problem in which the teeth are trapped inside the jawbone. This trap can be fully or partially in the jawbone.

Crooked Teeth:

Crooked teeth are actually the growth of teeth in crooked shape. This issue occurs due to shifting of jawbone, underbite, overjet and genetics.

Treatment of Orthodonti:

There are multiple types of treatments that you can use for treating the problems related to teeth’s. Let us discuss each treatment in complete detail.


By putting braces, mostly the problems like teeth irregular growth and shape can be treated. The braces are basically a set of bands, wire and brackets. The orthodontists place these braces in a proper way to fix the shape and growth of the teeth. The material of these braces is different and it depends on you which material type braces you want in your mouth. There are metallic and ceramic braces available currently.



Retainers are also certain appliances or products that the patient needs if he is wearing braces or aligners. The purpose of these retainers is to stop the teeth from shifting or drifting out from their original position. The patient does not have to wear it all the time. The doctor recommends the patient when he needs to wear these retainers to maintain the position and shape of the teeth.

Clear Aligners:

Clear aligners are basically the substitute of the braces. Many patients are not comfortable wearing braces all the time. These aligners are the best solution for them. There is no perplexity or wearing brackets, wires and bands. The patient needs to put these aligners which are the trays that are customized according to his irregular teeth. By wearing the trays for one or two weeks, the patient can remove these trays. After that slight improvement in his teeth, he needs to put another aligner trays again customized according to his improved teeth condition.

Palate Expanders:

Palate expanders are basically the device that orthodontists use to widen the jaw of a patient. At a young age, children’s bones are soft enough to manipulate and direct. The doctors place this expander in the upper jaw to create extra space for the teeth to grow. In this way, the child does not face the extraction of teeth due to low space. This process should be done in the early stage of life when bones are easier to modify and manipulate. However, it is not necessary to do this treatment on every child.

Benefits of Orthodonti:

Now, we will discuss the key benefits of the orthodonti that helped a lot of the people who suffered from dental issues.

  • The best benefit of using this treatment is that it gives you a beautiful smile. Because many people are very hesitant while laughing or smiling because of misalignment of the teeth. This helps them to achieve a beautiful smile.
  • Straightening your teeth with the help of orthodonti process can help you clean your teeth easily. Because when teeth are straight and in line, it is much easier to clean them.
  • You can also chew the food with more ease and with this straightening speech function also improves with time.
  • There is a sharp pain because of TMJ disorder. This pain no longer exists if you have treatment from professional doctors or dentists.
  • By straightening the teeth, there are very few chances of gum diseases, cavities and other dental or oral issues.


Disadvantages of Orthodonti:

Following Are a few disadvantages that one faces if he treats his orthodonti problems from a professional doctor.

  • The first disadvantage of this process is that it tests the patience level of the sufferer. You need to be very patient and careful until your process does not end.
  • In most cases, the recovery time is usually one year. But it can take 2 or 3 years depending upon the situation and nature of the patient.
  • There are strict rules and terms you need to follow while this treatment goes on. The patient has to keep his dental appliances like trays, bands, wires and expanders clean. Otherwise, more damage and diseases can occur.


When to visit an orthodontist?

It is advisable to visit an orthodontist whenever you feel you are not able to chew food properly. When you observe your teeth are not straight and this causes various oral issues to you. This is the best time to visit an orthodontist to fix your smile and alignment of teeth.

Who benefits from ortho dentist?

Anyone who is facing issues of misalignment of the teeth can benefit from the orthodontist. He can fix his smile and twisted, crooked, and overlapped teeth. However, it is important to check the health and condition of your teeth before applying any type of orthodontics.

When should I take my child to Orthodontist?

Yes, if there are issues like twisted, crooked, overlapped teeth, underbite and overjet, you should definitely take your child to ortho dentist. Under 7 years of age children must visit the ortho dentist once to check if everything is okay with their teeth. So, if there comes any issue, the doctor can solve it in time. In this way, the child does not have to go through tough and complex processes at a young age.

Final Thoughts:

Orthodonti is a special type of dentistry in which there is more focus on the alignment and proper growth of the teeth. There is a special training that the dentist has to do after completing his degree. There are several issues like crooked teeth, overlapped teeth, overjet, underbite and twisted teeth that can be treated with the help of this orthodonti process. With this treatment, you can easily eat and stay away from different oral issues. Best part is that your beauty can be brought back again. However, there are certain care and instructions that the patient has to follow until the complete process of treatment goes on.


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