Polk Audio Buckle: Features, Pros, Design & Sound Quality

Polk Audio Buckle: Features, Pros, Design & Sound Quality

Are you searching for Polk audio buckle headphones? What are the excellent features of these headsets? Why should one buy it from the market? In this article, we will discuss all the features and benefits of this device. Moreover, we will also discuss a few models of this brand.

What is a Polk audio buckle?

Polk audio buckles are a great kind of headphones designed by the renowned American maker Polk audio. Polk audio maker American company is best known for its speakers for home speakers and some other brands of audio products such as amplifiers and FM toners. These audio buckles have many qualities to produce interest in people such as a favorable design, rugged parts, a snug fit, and the best audio qualities. Its unique design makes it more favorable in markets. You can use it in different places like while you stand in rashy places, you feel bored, in offices, and some other related to this type of places.

Polk Audio Buckle

Feature of the Polk audio buckle

Polk audio buckle is branded and stylish headphones. Here, I am listed below some favorable features of this audio buckle.

  • These stylish and light Polk audio buckles are travel companions.
  • These audio buckles include a leather box in which you can close the buckles and easily hold them.
  • Headband has a design ergonomically with pivoting ear caps that allow the buckle to conform to the shape of your head for a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Passive sound isolating technology makes sure that over-ear pads cover your ears and minimize the noise pollution in the surrounding.
  • The Polk Audio buckle brand has made this headband of lightweight aluminum and generously padded them, with the comfortable feature.
  • It has a three-button rocker switch that allows you to control audio and phone calls.
  • There is just a single cable that holds buckles, so, there is no rash of the cable wire.
  • There are Gold-plated 3.5mm that the company has made precisely. Furthermore, connector seats have a more protective connection to your source.
  • POET produces a legendary sound in headphones that is desirable for people.


The Polk audio buckles are very stylish and light. The very attractive reason is that people like them and have the interest to buy them. If we talk about the design of buckles. They have an ergonomic design that features pivoting ear cups. These cups ensure that the buckle matches your head size for a snug and secure fit. The overhead brown band has strong stitching and there is a silver belt buckle on the earcups. The belt buckle is made with matte finished matter, producing coolness when touching it.The outer parts of the ear cups have the material brown painted plastic and the pads are soft that produce a comfortable zone for your ears.

The company uses sturdy material to design the belt buckle. This material makes the headphone hefty. In spite of this, the headphone is comfortable to wear even for a long time. But you never forget that they are much larger in weight if we compare them with other brands of headphones. It has a 3.5mm headphone jack that allows you to connect a data cable. This cable is of heavy-duty rubber. Protected all the weaker points where the cable brake to ensure the sturdiness and durability.

Polk Audio Buckle

Sound quality:

The Polk audio buckle headphones have beautiful and attractive audio but it’s not perfect. It’s pleasing to the ear with subtle stress on treble and bass. They allow a good amount of clear voice and you can differentiate between the high, mid, and low-frequency voices. So, it struggles in the upper mid-range. This drawback is the only real flaw in the sound quality of what otherwise is a balanced headphone.

You can feel a cool audio distortion when listening to heavy bass music as the bass-boosting parts are not the cleanest. So, this is a minor issue, its competition still manages to avoid this problem at the same price range.

The audio leakage almost does not exist. You can play songs from any genre and artist but the people around you will not be able to listen to them. And one is that when you wear it and connect it to your mobile device or another device and open music then outer noise pollution doesn’t disturb you. It does not have an active noise cancellation feature or an in-ear design and you will be able to hear the world around you when not listening to music at higher volumes.

Pros and Cons of Polk Audio Buckle:

Here we discuss some pros and cons of the Polk audio buckles.


  • The Polk audio buckle has a unique and stylish design to attract people to buy audio buckles.
  • This headphone has desirable sound quality and a comfortable design.
  • It is long-lasting and highly durable because it is made with sturdy material.
  • The audio buckle has a good amount of bass on offer and also has good playing qualities.
  • When we purchase it provides great value for money.
  • It has a balanced experience no matter what genre of music you listen to.


  • It is very expensive to purchase.
  • The mid-range frequency is not visible in the device.
  • Some little distortion can be listened to when we boost the song’s bass.

2 Major kinds of the Polk audio buckle

Polk audio buckles are unique headphones, and the design of the buckles is very stylish and attractive which attracts people to buy them. Some different kinds of audio buckles are also available in markets and also available on some online stores such as amazon. So, let us discuss some kinds of audio buckles in detail.

  1. Polk Audio UltraFit 3000
  2. The Polk Audio MA6617 A

Polk Audio UltraFit 3000

The Polk audio buckle has Digital sound and ultra-high performance making it more desirable for people. Stunning detail and deep bass to maximize performance. It has three buttons Remote control and a microphone in a line. You can connect your phone or iPod on the fly with in-line control. They are secure-fit support, which means that when you play or exercise they provide you with a comfortable attachment and zone. It has an ultra-flexible tangled free planar audio cable; you just avoid tangled and unwanted microphones with oxygen-free cables.

  • Model : ULTRAFIT 3000BLK
  • Color: Black

Polk Audio Buckle

Polk audio MA5119 A

  • These are Polk audio buckle headphones.
  • Headband is designed ergonomically with pivoting ear caps that allow the buckle to conform to the shape of your head for a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Technology wire
  • Lightweight aluminum, superior material including durability. Stitched with leather and soft pads.
  • There are three buttons present that control the headphone and it gives access to your fingers which control audio and phone calls.
  • A single data cable also connects with these headphones to make it so easy.
  • These headphones have 40 mm drivers. They are lightweight because of durable PET material. It has the balance process which requires the variables of materials technology. It has a diaphragm shape to make a right sound balance for the drivers’ performance goals.
  • Model: MA5119 A
  • Color: Black

Polk Audio Buckle


Is Polk audio still in business?

Yes, for 50 years, with hundreds of thousands of speakers and achieving many awards, recently they are working to produce more beneficial devices for people.

Who manufactures these audio buckles?

Polk audio inc manufactures this audio buckle, the company started in 1950 and has its headquarters in San Diego, California.

When was it launched?

Polk audio inc company has manufactured these headphones. And it was available to purchase in market science in September 2013.

Final Thoughts :

The popular American maker Polk audio has designed the Polk audio buckles as a great kind of headphones. Polk audio maker American company is famous for its speakers for home speakers and some other brands of audio products such as amplifiers and FM toners. The design of the audio buckles universe is stylish and very attractive. There are many brands of the audio buckle available in the market. Where you can easily purchase it and some online platforms are also available you just simply open the online site and order the Polk audio buckles.

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