Raebanns: All about Bio, Net Worth, Relationship & career

Raebanns: All about Bio, Net Worth, Relationship & career

Are you interested to know about the famous Instagram Model, Raebanns? Why is she becoming so famous these days? What is the net worth of this social media star? In this article we will discuss the whole biography of this star in proper detail. So, make sure you go through this article completely.

Who is Raebanns?

Raebanns is a famous American Tiktoker, Instagram influencer, and social media star. She is popular on different platforms because of her funny videos, dancing videos and other entertaining content. Moreover, she also has done modeling and acting in many music videos with top musicians. She is quite active on her social accounts and quite often interacts with her fans. This social media star is gaining huge popularity and a followers base because of her entertaining and engaging content.


Quick Biography:

Real Name Taylor Rae
Nick Name Raebanns
Date of Birth March 15, 1999
Age 23 Years
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Place of Birth USA
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Profession Instagram Influencer, Tiktok Model

Early Life and Education:

Raebanns was born and raised in the USA. She completed her primary education from a local school in her neighborhood. Later on, she completed her graduation from a private institute of the USA.


Raebanns is very popular among different social media platforms but she always prefers to keep her private life a secret for the world. She has never talked about her family openly. Further, she posted an image of her with her mother and father on her Instagram account. She often makes her video content with her friends and colleagues. But she never discussed or disclosed her family details. Therefore, exact information about her mother, father, brother and sister is not known to anyone. We totally respect her decision and will not add misleading information about her family.


Professional Career:

Her professional career started with her TikTok account where she kept posting her amazing and entertaining videos. Her fan base on that social account gradually started increasing. Later on, her videos went viral all over the world and people across the globe started following her because of her beauty and content. She started to do modeling and for different brands and earned money from this source. She also does photoshoots for different shoe and clothing brands.

Raebanns is also associated with a modeling agency whose name is “it Model Management”. This agency actually has contacts with different models and these models do modeling for them. Raebanns also registered with this modeling agency and they offer her a great amount for photoshoots and Ad shoots for various brands. Because of her authentic followers on Instagram, she also earned other business deals to work for many clothing, shoe and cosmetics brands. Her career is quite stable in modeling and brand endorsements.

Personal Life:

Talking about her personal life, it is quite clear that she is not in any relationship. She has not revealed about her personal life on her social media accounts. She is a very possessive and private person when it comes to her family and personal life. Therefore, she does not consider it right to share any details about her personal life and family. We also respect her decision of keeping her personal life away from her social media life.

Social Media:

Social media platforms are the main reason for her so much popularity and fame. Raebanns is currently on many social sites like SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, and none other than TikTok. She has the largest followers on TikTok platforms. Let us discuss her engagement on different platforms.


Another source of her popularity is her Instagram account. She has a big number of people following her on Instagram. Raebanns is also a pet lover. So, besides her usual entertaining and modeling stuff, she also posts pictures and videos of her pets. People really adore those pictures. Her Instagram account is actually full of hot and scorching images where she reveals her classic and slim figure. This is the reason for her popularity on this social site. Moreover, she has posted her images and videos from different adventures. She posted images while hiking, swimming and relaxing between the mountains. According to her Instagram bio, she is currently residing in Dallas, Texas.

Account username Followers Posts Following
@raebaans 31.8K 130 397


The TikTok application has given her huge popularity and fame. She posts regular content and videos on this forum. Her videos are quite interesting, funny and entertaining at the same time. She makes different reels and videos with her friends. She often posts her traveling and adventure photos on her TikTok account. There are different videos of her swimming, hiking and roaming in the mountains on her account.

Account Handle Followers Likes Following
@raebaans 462.8K 3.2 Million 153



SnapChat is one of the social media platforms that she quite frequently uses. According to her Snapchat bio, she lives in Santa Monica, California. She often puts videos of her cuddling her cat on her SnapChat Stories. Raebanns is a passionate pet lover and keeps posting funny videos of them. She also keeps updated her followers and fans with her SnapChat stories and snaps.


Raebanns also uses Twitter but she is not quite active on this platform. Her engagement with her fans is very low on this platform. She does not use this social site for her images and funny content, rather use it to share her views and thoughts on certain topics. She joined Twitter in 2013. And due to her less engagement with the people and her followers, she does not have a big number of followers.

Account Name Followers Following
@raebaans 2265 124

Besides these social media accounts she further has accounts on different other platforms. She has an account on Spotify and LinkedIn. Her engagement with her fans is very low on these social forums. That is why she often uses these sites.

Physical Appearance:

She is slim and has great body features. Due to her fitness and perfect body shape, she gained a huge following on her social media accounts. She carries a sizzling body and regularly puts images of her dynamic figure.

Weight 55 Kgs
Height 5 Feet 5 Inches
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Deep Blue
Tattoos No
Body Measurements 34-28-40


Net Worth:

After working and modeling for various brands, she has earned a good sum of money. Raebanns has an approximate net worth of around $1 Million. She has multiple income streams like brand endorsements, Ad shoots for various companies, modeling for different clothing and shoe brands. Because of her good followers base, brands offer her good amounts to model or shoot for their brands.

There is multiple information stating that she earns around $50k per year through these Ad shoots and Modeling for the brands. Moreover, she has other income streams that add to her total net worth.

Quick Facts:

Now, we will discuss some facts about this famous Instagram influencer and model.

  • Raebanns is also a pet lover. She has a cat with which she often makes entertaining videos and reels.
  • She also loves traveling to different places around the world. The star posts her photos while trekking, hiking and swimming on beaches.
  • She recently visited Costa Rica and posted her images and videos from the tour.
  • Raebanns earns money from the brand’s shooting and Modeling career.
  • She is an amazing content creator who has a good sense of humor and makes funny and interesting videos.


Who is the boyfriend of Raebanns?

She is currently single. There are no signs and hints that tell us that she is in any relationship. Moreover, she never confessed or expressed her views about her personal life.

Where is she currently living?

She currently lives in Santa Monica, California according to her SnapChat bio. Moreover, she regularly posts her images and videos of relaxing and visiting beaches of California, on her Instagram account. But her Instagram bio states that she is living in Dallas, Texas. The modeling agency that is associated with her is also based in Dallas.

What is the net worth of Raebanns?

According to different information and sources, the net worth of this famous social media star is around $1 Million. She has earned this money from her multiple income resources like Brand’s sponsorships, modeling and Ad shoots. This all is due to her followers base on TikTok and Instagram social media accounts.

Final Thoughts:

Raebanns is a famous American TikTok Star, Travel freak and social media influencer. She loves traveling, trekking and adventures to beautiful places all around the world. She recently visited Costa Rica and Jamaica. Further, she posts her images and videos from her adventure on the social media sites to attract more followers. She is a passionate animal lover and has pets. She produces amazing, interesting and funny content on her TikTok account. Raebanns is a star in the making that has a bright future in the modeling and showbiz world.


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