Raighn Family: All you need to know, Ancestors, History

Raighn Family: All you need to know, Ancestors, History

Are you looking for the history of the Raighn Family? Where is this family living Nowadays? Why their life expectancy is low? In this article, we will describe the details of this family. Furthermore, we will also discuss the current situation, status, and location of the Raighn family. So, without any further delay let us move to the details of this family.

What is Raighn Family?

Raighn’s family originally hails from North America. History tells us that the first name of this family originated in 1880. The name Raighn has many other synonyms. The other spellings of this name are Rain, Reign, Rayen, and Rayhn. The members of this family have served in the military of the USA. Nowadays this surname is not popular in America.



The Raighn family history takes us back to 1880. The record shows that the first recorded and saved surname was in 1880. These families were living in New Jersey in 1880. There were 8 families that had the surname Raighn. The name was on several records of the United States of America till 1920. After this year, no notable records show the presence of this family. Most of the members of this family were living in the USA. There are certain reports that claim that 89% of the Raighns lived in New Jersey, USA. The remaining members and Families of this surname used to live in Maryland state of the United States of America.

There are multiple records like passenger records, draft records, and Census records that verify the existence of this family.

  • Passenger Records:

There are passenger records available where the person has the surname rain. These passenger records actually show the list of their traveling in the USA. Their Journey consisted of ships to different ports, and the records also show their time of arrival and departure while they were staying in the USA.


  • Census Records:

Census records also show citizenship, status, level of Education, and where your ancestors have worked. There are almost 64 such records available in history where the people have their surname as rain. These records confirm Raighn’s existence in America from around 1880 to 1920.


  • Drafting records:

Usually drafting records are saved from the letters and the messages that people used to send their families in the past. Most of the time military personnel used this mode of communication in the past. For the Raighn family, there are around 7 military records in which the surname is rain. This shows that members of this family have also served in the American Military and army. Furthermore, these records also show the physical appearances and descriptions of the military personnel.


Conditions the Family Faced:

From multiple records, it is clear that the Raighn family lived through many harsh and difficult conditions. The average lifespan of this family is considerably low. This may also be an indication of living in filthy and unhygienic conditions. They may have suffered many diseases and that’s why their lifespan was short. Such conditions happen while migrating from one place to another. This also shows that the family has migrated from other parts of the world to America. There are certain reports that claim that the Raighn family migrated from Britain after colonization.

The average lifespan of this family in 2003 was 43 years, and in 1972 the average lifespan was 55 years. These are quite short lifespans as compared to normal people and other families’ life spans. The American association that deals with this lifespan records have the data from 1962 till 2003. From these records, it is quite visible that their life expectancy was highest in the year 1975 and was the lowest in the year 1970. All these records give clear indications of the Raighn family’s living standards. Certain hard conditions like weather, diseases, and hunger might have an effect on the shortness of the life cycle of this family.

Notables Personalities that have Raighn Surname:

Edith M Raighn

1899 – 1989

Frances E Raighn

1915 – 1983

Lester Bogle Raighn

1905 – 1975

James Lester Raighn

1942 – 1971

Edward D. Raighn

1874 – 1931

Adelbert Raighn

1901 – 1947

Walter George Raighn

1919 – 1993

Edith Raighn

1904 – 1983

Anna Raighn

1910 – Unknown

Current Status and Population:

Currently, the family is living in various parts of the USA. Their population has grown up to 140 percent from 1880 to 2014. Most of them are found in the United States of America, but few of them have migrated to many other countries. In America, the family lives in Anglo North and North America.

Final Thoughts:

Raighn’s family has been living in the United States of America since 1880. Their population has grown up to 140% since 1880. The family has gone through many hard conditions and diseases which are the reasons for their short life expectancy. They used to reside in the North of the United States of America but currently are spread in different parts of the USA.

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