S8 Plus Cardholder Cases: Features, Buying Guides, Best 5 Cases

S8 Plus Cardholder Cases: Features, Buying Guides, Best 5 Cases

Are you looking for various types of S8 Plus cardholder cases? Are these cardholder cases available in the market? What are the best 5 cases for the protection of Samsung S8 Plus smartphones? In this article, we will discuss the features of cardholder cases and why they are important for devices. Moreover, we will also discuss the different consideration that you should know before buying any cardholder case from the market.

What are S8 Plus Cardholder cases?

Cardholder cases are basically small pouches or wallets that are designed for dual purposes. They can help you to hold and carry different types of cards, such as credit cards, debit cards, business cards, ID cards, and more. Besides this, they also provide necessary protection and safety of your Samsung S8 plus device. These s8 plus cardholder cases are usually made up of various materials like leather, fabric, or other durable materials. They are also available in different sizes and styles.

These cardholder cases are quite useful for those people who often carry multiple cards and want to keep them properly in one place. These cardholder cases can easily fit into a pocket or purse which make it easy to access your cards when you need them. Furthermore, s8 plus Cardholder cases can also protect your debit cards, business cards and other important cards from damages like bending or scratching. They also help to prevent their loss or theft. It means that cardholder cases are simple but useful accessories that can help keep your cards in a proper way, safe, and easily accessible.

S8 Plus Cardholder Cases

Important Consideration before Buying s8 plus cardholder cases

There are few features and qualities that you should look for in the cardholder cases before buying them. Let us discuss them in detail here.

If you’re in the market for a cardholder case, there are a few important considerations you should keep in mind to ensure you choose the best one for your needs. Here are some things to think about before making a purchase:


The first thing that You should consider before purchasing a cardholder case is how many cards you need to carry on a daily basis. You are buying a cardholder case, it means you are fed up carrying wallets and mobile covers separately. If you only carry a few cards, a small case is sufficient for you. However, if you have many cards, you will definitely need a larger case with more slots or compartments.


Before purchasing S8 Plus Cardholder cases, you need to keep in mind the material of those cases. These cases often come in a variety of materials like leather, fabric, or plastic. Each material has its own unique properties, benefits and drawbacks. We observe that Leather cases are durable and stylish but are usually more expensive. While fabric cases are lightweight and affordable, they do not usually last as long.


One important thing that you should keep in mind is the safety of your device. Cardholder cases not only provide spaces for cards but also are used for protection against spills and accidental drops. You should consider both the features before purchasing these cardholder cases.


Cardholder cases usually come in different designs and styles. You will find cases that have different designs like from simple and classic to modern and trendy. You need to choose a design that suits your personal style and needs. Do not go for cases that are way too stylish or boring and do not match your personality.


You should also consider the security feature before purchasing s8 plus cardholder cases. You need to check whether the cardholder case provides additional security features. The security feature such as RFID blocking technology to protect your cards from electronic theft.

Size and Portability:

The size of the cardholder case usually determines how portable it is. If you usually carry your mobile in your pocket, you should definitely go for a slim and compact design that doesn’t take up too much space.


Last but not the least factor is price and your budget. You should consider your budget before purchasing s8 plus cardholder cases. These cases come in various ranges of prices. So, it is better to choose one that fits within your budget without compromising on quality or features.

Best 3 S8 Plus Cardholder Cases:

Now, let us go through the details of the best 3 cardholder cases for Samsung s8 plus devices. These cardholder cases are easily available in the market knowing the fact that samsung s8 is an older device. But the performance and market value of this device has still kept it in the market. This mobile is quite expensive and you definitely need cardholder cases to provide necessary safety and protection to the device.

CaseMe S8 Plus cardholder cases:

Let us get into details of the features and specifications of Goospery Wallet cases.


The CaseMe Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cardholder Cases are a protective pouch or cover that performs two tasks of carrying cards and safety of your Samsung mobile. The material of this cardholder case is PU leather and this case comes with a pocket for keeping cash. The case has a stylish and fashionable look. This cardholder case has a card slot that has enough space to place 3 cards. The magnetic fold protector is easy to use, and it gives perfect protection for your phone. It further has precise cutouts for camera, ports and lock button. This cardholder is a great accessory for keeping your phone and cards in one place.

S8 Plus Cardholder Cases


Brand CaseMe
Material Retro Flannelette leather, PC+TPU, Metal
Magnetic Yes
Camera Border is overlapped
Form Factor Fold and Flip
Grip Firm and non slippery
Colors Black, Brown, Red Green,
Price $26.99

Goospery Wallet Cases:

Let us get into details of the features and specifications of Goospery Wallet cases.


The Goospery s8 plus cardholder cases are another stylish and protective case for Samsung s8 plus mobile. It has both the functions of a phone case and a wallet. This cardholder case has multiple credit card slots and a pocket for bills or receipts. So, you don’t have to carry a separate wallet. The case can also act as a media stand for your phone. The magnetic flip of this cardholder keeps the case securely closed, but is easy to open when needed. This case is made up of premium soft synthetic leather. This helps to save the phone from accidental drops and spills. The inner case is made of premium TPU material for maximum shock absorption giving more protection for your phone.

S8 Plus Cardholder Cases


Brand Goospery
Material Faux Leather, Inner TPU
Magnetic Yes
Camera Overlapped borders
Form Factor Flip
Grip Strong and firm
Colors Black, Mint, Gold, Brown, Hot Pink, Red

Spigen S8 Plus Cardholder cases:

Now, we describe the features and specifications of Spigen card holder cases.


The Spigen S8 cardholder case has a flexible sheet that covers the edges of your phone and protects it from damage. It also features three card slots and a side pocket where you can store some cash. This feature makes it a great wallet replacement. Furthermore, these s8 plus cardholder cases have the kickstand feature. This feature allows you to watch movies or games in landscape view. The magnetic lock keeps your phone secure and protected. That is why this cardholder is the best option for your Samsung s8 plus. This wallet case is a practical and stylish accessory that provides excellent protection for your phone.

S8 Plus Cardholder Cases


Brand Spigen
Material TPU, Synthetic Leather
Magnetic Yes
Cutouts Precise and perfectly placed
Form factor Flip and fold
Grip Firm and Resistive
Colors Black, Blue


Does the Samsung S8 plus have a secure folder?

Yes, the Samsung S8+ has a secure folder feature that allows you to store and hide your personal content on your device. To set up the secure folder, go to Settings > Biometrics and security > Secure Folder.

Is the Samsung S8 plus considered obsolete?

One thing that I should tell you is that Samsung S8+ is not getting any Android OS updates. Samsung is still giving security pouches and covers for this phone.

What is the maximum memory card size supported by the Samsung S8 plus?

The Samsung S8+ supports memory cards with a maximum capacity of 256 GB. But there are multiple memory cards that are not compatible with Samsung S8 plus because of their manufacturer and type.

Can you unlock the Samsung S8 plus using facial recognition?

Yes, the Samsung S8+ supports facial recognition for unlocking your device. However, you should use this feature indoors or away from direct sunlight for best performance.

Final Thoughts:

Samsung s8 plus cardholder cases are still available in the market because of its great market and value. You should definitely buy a cardholder case for the maximum protection of your device. These cardholders also provide you an option of keeping your cards like business cards, banking cards, ID cards and other important cards in it. It means that these cards provide double facility with no compromise on quality.


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