Are you searching for different tools to watch the Instagram content of someone? Which website is best for tracing different accounts on instagram? This article will provide all the necessary details about the SmiHub website that does exactly the same thing that you are searching for. So, make sure you read the complete article to get a thorough understanding about the features, benefits and drawbacks of this website.

What is SmiHub?

SmiHub is a website that allows its users to watch the profile, photos, videos and reels of their favorite personality anonymously. This is a very useful tool that works without any fee or charges. The user interface of this website is very attractive and smooth to use. You can watch the complete information, like videos, images and reels of a person without letting him know about it. These amazing features help the users to keep an eye on their favorite person.


However, using such websites can be dangerous for your own data and account security. One must visit such websites at their own risks. Because your data security is your top most priority in the world of social media and digital media.

How to Use?

Using the SmiHub website is very simple and easy. The website has a very engaging and good looking homepage. When you open the website on your device and see the homepage, you feel a clarity on the website and each feature has a clear option for it. Like you will find separate options for watching or downloading the images, videos, reels and profile of a person.

For Profile View

You can use the SmiHub website to watch the profile of the person you want without any charges. It is very simple to use, you just follow the steps that i am going to tell you now;

  • First of all go to the profile of the person on instagram, copy the link of the Profile of your favorite person.
  • Now, paste the link of the profile in the search bar of this website. Remove the lengthy part of the link starting form “?”.
  • Click on the search after setting the link, The profile picture of the person will open and you can watch it without logging in your personal account.
  • You can view the image and download it from the option of “Download”.


For Video View:

To watch the videos posted by your favorite personality, you should use this website. This website is very simple to access and use. Follow the tips that are discussed below to watch the videos of the person you want without letting him know.

  • Open the profile of the person whose videos you want to watch, copy the URL of the profile of that person.
  • Now, open the website SmiHub and paste the link of the profile in the Search panel of the website.
  • Edit the link and remove the ending part of the link that starts from “?” of the link.
  • Now click on the search option, the videos of that profile will be in front of your eyes. You can select the videos you want to watch anonymously.
  • Moreover, there is an option of “Download” to save the video on your device. It is as simple to use.

For Images View:

The process of watching the photos and of the favorite personality is also very simple. The steps are similar to the steps of watching videos or profile pictures.

  • As discussed earlier, copy the profile link of the person you want.
  • Go to the website of SmiHub and enter the URL of the profile that you copied in the search option of the website.
  • Remove a certain part of the link as told in the above paragraphs. Paste the link in the search bar of the website. Click the search option.
  • The images of the profile will show up on your screen. You can watch them one by one and can also save or download them by clicking on the download option given at the bottom of the page.

For Reels View:

The best part of the website is that it can help you to watch the reels and stories of the person you want anonymously. The drawback of this feature is that you cannot watch the private stories of the person you want. But still SmiHub is a great platform to track your favorite person without getting his attention. The procedure is the same to watch or download the stories and reels.

  • Copy the link of the profile of the person from Instagram. Now paste the link in the search bar of the SmiHub website.
  • Remove a particular part of the link that begins from the “?” sign. Then, click on the Search option of the website.
  • The particular stories, reels of the person will pop up on the screen. You can watch them again and again on the website.
  • For saving or downloading purposes, you can download them also. The person will not know that you watched his/her stories and reels again and again or downloaded them.


Benefits of SmiHub:

Now let’s discuss the benefits of this amazing website that draws the attention of the people towards itself. While using this website, you will encounter its many features and benefits that will keep you engaged with this website.

  • The website is very easy and smooth to use because of its interface and layout.
  • There are separate options for watching videos, Images, reels and profile pictures of the person you want.
  • The SmiHub platform is actually a website not an application. So, it saves your time because you don’t have to download or install a particular APK to use its features.
  • The website allows you to watch all Instagram features without making or logging in any of your accounts. This keeps you anonymous.
  • The best part of the website is that it is completely free and you can access its all features without paying any subscription charges.
  • When you download the videos, images and reels from the website, it is saved on your device. Your data does not lose in case of any technical faults or server crashes.
  • Another, top class feature is that you can browse anyone’s photos, images and reels without letting him/her know about it. You are watching their content anonymously.


The website is actually doing illegal activity by breaching the privacy of the users of Instagram. However, the website is still running on different platforms. The website is quite compatible with Android devices, iOS devices, Windows devices and Linux platforms. You can use this website on any such devices without paying a single penny.

Is it safe to use SmiHub?

The SmiHub website actually uses Instagram content without their permission. They use the different loopholes of the social media platform to run their website. It is therefore not safe to use such websites for watching or downloading any type of content. These websites are already doing illegal activities by breaking the privacy of the Instagram users and downloading their content. If you download any image and video, there may be a risk of any malware or virus injecting in your device. That virus can damage or misuse your data.

It is not always a safe way to watch the content of Instagram users. Rather you should download the official application of Instagram on your device and follow the person whose photos or videos you want to search. This is a proper and safe way to use social media platforms. Your security and data should be your top priority in terms of the digital world.

Major Issues with SmiHub:

There are different issues and drawbacks with the SmiHub website that you must keep in mind while using it.

  • It is not a safe method to scroll and use Instagram. Your information and data can be at high risk of hacking and compromise.
  • You can face different legal consequences while using such websites. Because you are using copyrighted content.
  • You cannot watch the private stories of the person while using this website.


Is this website legit?

No, it is not legit to use such a website for viewing or downloading the content of someone else. There can be some legal consequences in terms of copyright claims and data stealing. You can face such problems while using this platform.

Is SmiHub anonymous?

Yes, your identity is not known to anyone. You stay a mystery person to the person whose videos and images you are watching. But there are different methods to find you by tracking your IP address and device specifications like IMEI numbers.

Does Anonymous Instagram story viewer work?

Yes, the feature of viewing someone’s story works very comfortably on this website. You just paste the link to the profile of your desired person. Then, you can watch all his stories and videos. But there is a problem while using this platform is that you cannot watch the private stories and images of the person.

Final Thoughts:

SmiHub is a great website for watching the stories, reels, profile pictures, images and videos of your favorite personality. You stay unknown to that person whose content you are watching. It is completely free of cost to use this website. The website comes with different other great features like downloading the content and watching the profile’s content without logging in to the website. But it is not safe and legal to use such websites. Your private data, privacy, and security is at risk due to the viruses and malwares while using this website.


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