Taxi Cerca de mi: How to find? Best Taxi services in the USA

Taxi Cerca de mi: How to find? Best Taxi services in the USA

During your visit to America, you may come across the problem of taxis. In this article, we have completely described the methods and sources that can help you find the taxi cerca de mi. Even if you are native American, you can benefit from this article and make a better decision while calling any taxi.

How to find a Taxi Cerca de mi in the USA?

Now, we will talk about the process of accessing a taxi nearby in the USA. With the help of various websites and mobile apps, we can contact nearby taxis and can travel to specific places. Let us discuss a few of them in detail.


Uber is one of the best private transport companies in the world today. This company is spread all over the world. Uber’s mobile app works in more than 600 cities and 58 countries around the world. The headquarter of Uber is in San Francisco, California. There are more than 12,000 employees and drivers who are dedicated to taking passengers in the world’s largest cities.

Anyone can use this application or website for finding taxi cerca de mi. You can download the application for Android and iOs. You can request the taxi service at the moment. In addition, passengers will be able to locate where the driver is coming from, their name, licence plate, the path they are taking and the approximate time of arrival.


It has existed since before Uber, and it became its direct competition, since it offers taxi cerca de mi service for any type of transfer in all states. With the application, the driver will be able to know your location and pick you up immediately to take you to your destination with all the comfort and safety. In addition, Lyft offers the possibility of making shared trips, so that the final cost is divided between both parties and, therefore, it is cheaper.

Taxi Cerca de mi

Yellow Cabs:

It is a taxi service that provides the best comfort and highest quality and safety since 1924 . With the advancement of technology, Yellow Cabs has created a USA taxi application , from where you can request a taxi cerca de mi and they will pick you up in a few minutes.

Cabs in Texas

If you are looking for a taxi in Texas, You should definitely contact the following cabs and taxi services.

Yellow Cab & Checker Taxi Service:

This taxi service is one of the largest and most reliable companies in this state. The company has hired skillful and experienced drivers who will take you wherever you need to go. In addition, all the vehicles that are working for Texas Yellow Cab & Checker Taxi Service are clean, and well maintained. This is to provide a safe and relaxing service to the customers.

Yellow Cab:

Yellow cab services are also operating very smoothly in Texas to locate taxi cerca de mi. The drivers are skillful and they know the routes of the city. With the help of a GPS, they will take the best possible route so that you get to your destination faster and you don’t have to waste time waiting for a bus.

Taxis near me Arizona

If you are in search of the best taxi services in Arizona, you can contact the following taxi companies.

Arizona taxi:

Arizona Taxi is a company that has more than 20 years of experience in this area of ​​transportation. The professionalism of the drivers provides the necessary confidence to the passengers, who are often afraid when getting into a taxi cerca de mi. You can travel safely and with the comfort of clean, smooth and first class cars. Their taxi station is located at 711 East Lemon Street, Tempe, Arizona.

Finding taxi cerca de mi in Phoenix:

Phoenix is another state of America, where a lot of people travel from all over the world. They often look for the taxi services. If you are among them, you can contact the following taxi services.

VIP taxi:

VIP Taxi is one of the most recognized companies in Phoenix and Tucson , in Arizona. The company has provided transportation service since 2007. You can contact them through their website and mobile application. This taxi cerca de mi service provides great comfort and satisfaction to passengers who love to travel via VIP taxis.

Taxi Cerca de mi

Taxis in New Jersey

One of the most recognized taxi companies in New Jersey and New York is LH Transportation. This taxi company offers services for journeys to the airport, transfers of more than 4 people. They also provide services of limousines for weddings or special events. LH Transportation taxis not only move around the city for local transfers, but also do night tours and provide executive taxi service 24 hours a day. You can check the updated rates on their website or by phone.

Taxis in Chicago

If you are searching for the best taxi services in Chicago, you can contact the following taxi company.

Taxi 303:

An excellent option to move around in Chicago is 303 taxi. This taxi cerca de mi service offers a great service with corporate accounts. These accounts grant a number that is used by companies to request the private service and take the corporate ones in a well-kept and clean vehicle, with the greatest security. While the company keeps growing, it started to do home delivery service for packages and parcels. They give services to both companies and for individuals. If you need a taxi in Chicago, Illinois, You can contact them through their official website.

Finding taxi cerca de mi in New York

New York is one of the busiest cities in the world. There are buses or subways to get around the city. But the taxi is among the best options to arrive on time. You can book a taxi on rainy days to take refuge from the water. You do not have to wait for the bus or subway pass. The taxis in New York would seem to be an icon of the big city, since their yellow stands out from the other vehicles. If you are looking for a Taxi phone number in New York , we recommend that you contact Taxiqueens .

Taxi Queens:

Taxi Queen began its journey 3 years ago. The drivers of this taxi company are very professional. They provide greater security and confidence to passengers. This makes the company one of the most trusted taxi services.

Taxis in Miami

Florida is among the most touristic states in the USA. So, visitors often search for taxis to move around and tour the state. There are three best taxi services that operate in Miami, Florida. These taxi services are completely reliable and have years of experience.

Yellow Taxi Miami:

It is the most renowned taxi cerca de mi company in all of Miami-Dade. They have more than 20 years of experience in the field. They provide the greatest security and confidence when taking a taxi. The company also gives services of group trips and people in wheelchairs.

Taxi Cerca de mi

Flamingo Transportation

It provides a black car service in Naples and Southwest Florida, similar to what UBER was in its early days. To request a taxi cerca de mi in Miami through this company, do so by calling on their numbers. You can also visit their official website for taking their taxi services.

Miami Taxis Services:

They have been offering taxi service since 1979. With a long history, it is one of the most recognized taxi companies in Miami. The company provides great facilities like neat and clean cars. They have professional drivers that operate their vehicles.

Finding taxi cerca de mi in California

If you are in California, we recommend

American Cab:

American Cab is a taxi service company that operates in almost every state of the country. If you are in California, you must contact them for your travelling. They provide high quality services and the passenger feels great comfort. As California is full of tourist places, people travel from all over the world to enjoy their trip. This company provides services for tourists, to take them, or pick them up, to the airport clean and top class cars. The company also provides transportation for disabled people and private taxis.

It offers taxi services in southern California and in the Coachella valley with minivans. You can book a taxi cerca de mi by calling or going to their official website. The company also deals in mobility for companies, corporate transport and transport for weddings.

Bell Cab:

Bell Cab is one of the safest and most reliable companies in California. The company provides services in high class and clean vehicles. You can contact them on the telephone numbers and through their website. They have quick and reliable services. They majorly operate in cities like Los Angeles, LAX, South Bay, Santa Monica, Hollywood and West Hollywood.

Taxi Cerca de mi


How To Request An Uber By Phone?

We have completely discussed how you can request an Uber for you. You can use their website or mobile application for this cause. Just enter your location and select the mode of vehicle you want to travel. Then select the fare and you can ask the driver to come to your location . The driver of that vehicle will come and pick you up. After that, he will drop you off at your location.

Where are the Spanish taxis in the USA?

If you are looking for a taxi cerca de mi that speaks Spanish you can contact Hispánicos Taxi . It is a taxi station with radio connections. Founded in 2002 in Atlanta, it has Spanish-speaking taxi personnel and provides more confidence to people who do not understand English. You can download their application available for different operating systems, or call their taxi phone number in Spanish USA.

How much does a taxi cost in the USA?

Generally, the fare of a taxi in the United States depends on the time or the miles travelled. An estimated taxi price is $4.00 for each mile travelled . While how much is the lowering of the flag in the USA, we have to, the initial charge varies by state and is approximately between $3 to $8.

Bottom Line:

It is very easy to locate taxi cerca de mi in the USA. There are multiple apps and websites that can help you in finding the best taxi services. Moreover, many taxi companies and services are operating that provide great quality services and facilities to the passengers. We have discussed everything in detail about this in the article. So, make sure you have read that to get complete information.



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