Taylordle: How to play, Modes, Hints, Rules, Alternatives

Taylordle: How to play, Modes, Hints, Rules, Alternatives

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift singing or a human? How much do you know about Taylor Swift? There is a word-guessing game Taylordle that tests the knowledge of these fans by allowing them to guess a word that is related to Taylor Swift. In this article. We will completely describe the features and gameplay of this game. So, make sure to read thoroughly to know the game completely.

What is Taylordle?

Taylordle is basically a puzzle game in which a player needs to guess a 5 letter word that is related to Taylor Swift. However, the length of the words can vary from 4 to 6 letters according to the mode. This is a great mind-sharpening game that not only tests your knowledge about your favorite singer but also improves the memory skills of your mind. Taylor Swift is a singer, so most of the words that you need to guess are the song’s name, album, and music video’s name. However, it is not compulsory because she is a fashion icon also and words related to those industries that are relevant to Taylor Swift may also be asked.

Furthermore, you can share your game stats with your friends. The mode of the Taylordle game can be changed from the “Setting” icon that shows up on the top right corner of the website. But, you should select the mode of the game before the start of play. You cannot change the mode to a difficult or normal level during the game.


How to play Taylordle?

The process of playing the Tayordle game is quite simple. You need to follow the steps I am going to discuss below.

  • First of all, You need to go to your internet browser and search for Taylordle.
  • The top result is the official website and when you open that website. You will see a grid of boxes.
  • This is basically the platform where your guessing words will be placed one by one. The Grid size may differ from 4 to 6 letters.
  • You have to start by taking a wild guess about Taylor Swift’s songs, album, or anything related to her. That guess word should be 5 letters long. This length of a letter may change from 4 to 6 letters.
  • The grid dimension is 5 x 6. Number 5 shows the length of the word and number 6 shows the chances or opportunities that you have for guessing the answer.
  • Once you avail all your chances, now you have to wait for the next day to play the game.


Rules to follow:

There are certain rules for playing this game like any other game. You need to follow those rules to guess the word correctly in a limited number of chances.

  • First of all, Guess any word and put it in the first row of the grid. The word should be a proper word that carries a meaning. Furthermore, enter the word that is relevant to the singer Taylor Swift.
  • After that click on the ‘Enter” option. The letters will turn into different colors. The Grey color letter shows that the letter is not present in the answer word of the Taylordle game.


  • The green color on a letter shows that the letter is present in the answer word and it is at the exact place in the answer too.
  • After that, The dark yellow color on a letter shows that the letter is present in the answer but it is not in the right place.


  • The grey letter once used in a word cannot be used again.
  • The dark yellow letter’s place has to change to guess the answer word.

Note the color of the letter that I described depends on the mode of view you select for playing the game. These orange and Sky blue colors occur when you’re playing a game in a high-contrast mode. In the normal mode of the Taylordle game, the Green color shows the letter with the right place in the answer word. Similarly, the dark yellow color shows that the letter is in the answer but not in the right place.

Modes of Taylordle:

There are basically two modes of playing this word-guessing game.

Normal Mode:

The game that you start playing by opening the website is actually the normal mode. In this mode, the length of the answer word is 4 or 5 letters. Usually, the words are simple and one can easily guess the word. The rules for this mode of Taylordle game are the same that we discussed above.

Difficult Mode:

In the difficult mode, the length of the answer word becomes 6 to 8 letters. Due to the increase in the length of words, the game becomes a little more difficult. However, the rules of the game do not determine the difficulty level of the Taylordle.

Hints for playing Taylordle:

Here are a few tips and hints that can help you to play this game with great efficiency in winning.

  • You should refresh your knowledge about Taylor Swift before playing this game with your friends. One should know the terms like song names, album, videos, and personal information of Taylor Swift, like family members before playing this game.
  • Choose the word wisely and the word should definitely relate to Taylor Swift. Avoid using irrelevant words as they will exhaust your one chance among the six chances the Taylordle game provides you.
  • You can carry a dictionary in case you have spelling issues.
  • Start with a random guess but the guess normally should be Taylor Swift’s song or album name.
  • Keep in mind the words that keep eliminating from the alphabet list and now focus on the remaining letters and refresh your knowledge about songs and album names that are made up of those remaining letters.
  • The player can share his stats that show the number of chances, the player guesses the right word. The stats also show the number of games, the player played, how many he won, and how many he lost.


Alternatives of Taylordle:

There are various word-guessing games in which the answer word depends on different topics. You may need to guess a word that is a bird, animal, or anything like this. Following Is the list of the games that are similar to the Taylordle game.

  • Wordle
  • Queerdle
  • Anti-Wordle
  • Birdle
  • Squirdle
  • Basketle
  • Cityle

There are many other such games that you can enjoy playing on different cloud gaming platforms. However, these games are quite similar to the Taylordle game on the basis of rules and hints.

Final Thoughts:

The Taylordle game is a fun activity that you can enjoy with your family and friends. You can modify the rules of the game to add more interest and thrill to this game. The True Taylor Swift fans really love the game. Moreover, the game is a fun activity and enhances your memory skills, and keeps the mind active.



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