Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi: How to locate? Best Shops

Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi: How to locate? Best Shops

Thrift shops are basically low price, second hand accessory stores having clothes, shoes and other items. Are you looking for the Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi? Are thrift stores only selling cheap goods? What is the difference between thrift stores and normal stores.? At what time, i have to visit the thrift store? These questions usually come whenever you decide to buy something second hand at a low price. After reading this review, you will get all the information regarding thrift stores near by you.

Thrift stores are basically run by non-profit organizations, and the profit from these stores are usually donated for charitable purposes. After reading this information, the first question that came to your mind was how to locate the thrift stores in America. There are different apps, websites, and one and only Google Map help you to take the direction towards thrift stores in America. Let ‘s start our journey towards Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi.

Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi

Locate the Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi

By Google Map

  • Google MAP provides the most convenient way of reaching anywhere in America and finding whatever stores.
  • First step for using google maps is simply opening the google map on your mobile and laptop.
  • Tap the search bar at the top of the screen and type the Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi in America.
  • Then navigate your current location and enter the current location.
  • On the map, markers are present that indicate the locations of nearby thrift stores.
  • You can also filter your search results by rating, distance, and open hours, by simply taping the filter icon by simply tab it.
  • Select the thrift stores from the list and tap on it to see more information, like photos and reviews.
  • You can also tab the phone icon to queries about accessories you want to choose from thrift stores.
  • You can also save the information by clicking the save icon for future use.

Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi

By using Smart apps

There are different apps that are convenient for discovering the Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi.

  • Thriftigo:

You can use Thriftigo to look for or find nearby thrift stores and secondhand shops. Choose a store you wish to go to, find out more information, such as opening hours, and use the navigation direction to get there.

  • Letgo:

Letgo is also a common app on mobile phones to buy and sell second-hand accessories, including shoes, furniture, dresses, and jewelry. This app can help you to locate Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi. You can just use this app by taking out your mobile phone and install from google play store or apple store, and simply enjoy the services.

  • Curtsy:

Curtsy is accessible by both iOS, and Android. It connects you to the second-hand buyer and sellers of clothes, and other accessories. You can simply enter your size for shoes, jeans, tops, and dresses. The price is in your favor if you use the offer method rather than the buy option.

  • OfferUp:

It is also another app of online market, that allows you to buy and sell second-hand accessories including clothes, and household goods. You can easily download it and search for the Tienda de segunda mano and also view the items of these thrift stores.

Among these, there are also other applications available on stores like Depop, Thredup, Poshmark, and The real real are the best online smart apps for locating the Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi

By using popular websites

There are different popular websites like yelp, salvation army, and charity navigator.

  • Salvation army: Salvation army is a common website to locate the Tienda de segunda mano. You can simply write the name of any of these websites in the search engine. Enter your Zip code and city name in the search bar on the website. Browse the thrift stores you want to visit. Check the opening hours and phone number to make sure that it is open and convenient to use. You can also check the customer’s review and rating.

Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi

  • Yelp: Yelp is a popular website that allows you to search for local businesses, including thrift stores, and view information about their locations, hours, and customer reviews.
  • Thrift Store finder: Thrift Store Finder is a website or an online platform that helps users to locate thrift stores in nearby areas in America. It provides a directory of thrift stores along with their contact information, hours of operation, and location.
  • Charity Navigator: Charity Navigator is a website that provides information about non-profit organizations, including thrift stores, and helps you find those in your area.

By using social media:

You can also locate the Tienda de segunda mano by using social media accounts like facebook, instagram, and tweeter. You can also get information like location, sales, and new arrivals.

By asking people around:

The most enjoyable way and time taking way to locate the thrift stores in America, is just go out of their homes and ask your family, friends, colleagues, and nearby people, and reach the Tienda de segunda mano.

Why are thrift stores necessary for christian community?

Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi is important because

  • It extends a garment’s lifecycle So, it reduces the waste and helps keep items out of landfills, which is beneficial to the environment.
  • It provide affordable shopping of luxury items to the christian community
  • It supports the local charities and non-profit organizations, which helps the needy community.
  • It also provides unique items that are difficult to find.
  • It also provides job opportunities to the local people, which is helpful in modern limited job conditions.

Tips while shopping on Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi:

If you are purchasing at Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi, must keep in mind the below steps

  • Don’t buy the stuffed animals, safety equipment, and mattresses, because it did not provide the right protection.
  • Being polite with the workers is one of my favorite buying advice strategies
  • Another suggestion is to visit on days when your neighborhood thrift store is offering a discount, since you can get even better deals on the things you need or want.

Items to buy from Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi:

There are lots of things but most common are

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Books
  • Vintage items

Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi

How you can support your Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi?

You can support your thrift stores nearby by giving your used clothes and other items you want to change. There are different days for donation and drop-off days and hours. Get information from your nearby thrift stores and become a part of the donation community.

Brands available on Tienda de segunda mano:

There are different brands available on Tienda de segunda mano Moreover, some famous personalities, and actresses also give their accessories like furniture, shoes, and clothes of one time use on these stores. Some common brands are Nike, Adidas, Puma, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein

14 Best Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi

There are lots of best thrift stores in America, Here are few, you can simply read their names and visit according to location which is more near to you:

  1. Goodwill industry, present in different cities about 4,245 thrift stores
  2. Salvation Army, also present in different cities about 8,000 thrift stores
  3. St. Vincent de Paul: present in different cities about 230 thrift stores worldwide.
  4. Out of the Closet: present in different cities.
  5. In Alaska, Bad mother Tienda de segunda mano is best
  6. In California, Selah Vie Thrift store
  7. In Delaware, Beebe’s Treasure Chest Thrift shop
  8. In Hawaii, Rainbow Attic Thrift store
  9. In Idaho, The Thrift Owl Thrift shore
  10. In Indiana, Audrey’s Place thrift store
  11. In Mississippi, NUTS thrift store
  12. In Montana, Re-couture Boutique Thrift store
  13. In Nevada, Assistance League Thrift store
  14. In new Hampshire, Lucky Dog Thrift Shop

Sales on thrift stores in America

The time of sales at thrift stores in America varies from time to time. You can get information by simply visiting the websites of specific stores. Additionally, you can also contact by phone and email newsletter. Most thrift stores have regular weekly, and monthly sales, while other special sales on holidays and specific events are also held. Sales are also affected by covid-19 situation, make sure of the information before visiting a store.

Brands Sales tag changes day
Good Will Every tuesday
Savor Sales on January 17-21 February, April 6, July 4, and July 14.
American thrift store Monday-Wednesday

Most commonly sales tags are changed on monday and tuesday. You can visit the stores before Tuesday and Sunday.


  • What are the best days to go to the Tienda de segunda mano?

Monday and Tuesday are the best days to go.

  • What sells the most Thrift stores in America?

Clothes are among the most selling items.

  • Where is the best thrifting in the US?

In unique New York, is the place for the best thrifting store.

  • Why is thrifting cheap?

Second-hand things are always cheap, that is why they are available at low prices.

  • Is Olex a thrifting store?

No, it was not.

Final remarks:

Finally, I conclude my review on Tienda de segunda mano cerca de mi, how to locate by google map, smart application, websites, tips to consider before buying some goods. If you are on holiday, want to spend time wandering and window shopping, just follow the guides and reach your destination. And share your reviews after visiting thrift stores on our website.



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