How to find tienda mexicana cerca de mi? Tips & Guidelines

How to find tienda mexicana cerca de mi? Tips & Guidelines

Are you in search of tienda mexicana cerca de mi in the USA? This article will be quite useful and helpful for you because we have discussed all the possibilities and information to help you in your search.

Mexicans are the biggest immigrant group in the United States of America. The data analysts have said that Mexicans account for 24% of all foreign-born residents. As a result, there is always a huge ask for Mexican food and people keep searching for stores that deal in Mexican food products.

The United States is the preferred destination to live as it is the most developed country in the world. Therefore people from all over the world, especially neigh bouring countries like Mexico and Canada, choose to live in the United States because of  the business opportunities, Quality living and most of these immigrant people are Spanish speaking.

Now without any further delay , let’s jump straight to the ways.

How to find tienda mexicana cerca de mi:

  • Google Maps:

The easiest and most effective method to find Mexican food stores near you is Google maps. Few tips are given which will be helpful for you to find such stores near you.

  1. Open the Google maps application on your mobile or laptop.
  2. Click the search bar panel of google maps and type mexicana cerca de mí.
  3. Now Google will show you all the stores with Mexican food .
  4. You can contact these stores by clicking on their website link.
  5. Google will further tell you the exact location of those stores from your location.
  6. Google will tell you the exact distance from your location to the store and directions if you want to go to the physical store.

tienda mexicana cerca de mi

  • Foursquare:

This website is solely designed to locate stores and shops near your location. It provides a good number of possibilities per listing. So, go with this option if you are searching for stores near your location.

  • Yelp to find tienda mexicana cerca de mi:

Yelp is a popular website that is used excessively, especially in the USA. This platform provides all the necessary details regarding stores, services, business and places. Therefore, you can check out this website to search different stores for your shopping.

  • Pagina Mexa:

This is an online portal for Mexican people that are currently residing in America but basically are from Mexico. These people speak Spanish and this web portal allows them to translate and search for Mexican stores around them. Pagina Mexa has arranged a directory page for searching a particular store.

The stores below are located in the USA where you can find your best Mexican food by visiting their physical store or by their online website and portal.

1. AllegroFoods:

AlegroFoods is  a Mexican online grocery store that helps people to choose from a range of products and provide home delivery of these products. Moreover, The site offers free guides to different and true Mexican cuisine, as well as a list of free recipes for Mexican desserts and dishes. was founded in response to the growing need for Mexican products online and small Mexican grocery stores. Therefore, It quickly became a leading brand in the Mexican food and dining  industry.

2. El Ecanto Products Inc:

El Encanto Products Inc. is a universal grocery store like Walmart where you can find food items of your choice and brand under one roof. This store is located in the Midwest. Moreover, a lot of Mexican food brands like Mazola, Verde Valle, La Costena, Maseca, and Jarritos. These brands are very renowned for their organic Mexican food and grocery items. Therefore, if you are looking for some Mexican style meals then this the perfect option for you to discover.

tienda mexicana cerca de mi

3. The Food King:

The Food king store was first started as a family business which now has spreaded over many stores. This food brand sells great deals of Mexican food and eating products. Therefore, People love the products of this food chain a lot. The Food King offers great customer service for their physical store customers and also the online buyers. Moreover, the customers are very satisfied with the food and the management of the stores.

4. MexGrocer:

MexGrocer was founded in San Diego, California in the year 2000. It is a nationwide multilingual grocery store specialising in unique and rarely found Mexican foods and cuisines. However, many products, including household items, baking ideas, and food recipes are also shared on this platform.

These stores supply over three thousand Mexican and Latin specialties from leading domestic and international brands. In the year 2018, the company’s products were sold in more than 15 thousands cities of fifty states of the United States, and Washington DC.

5. La Michoacana Wholesale Inc is another tienda mexicana cerca de mi:

The LA Michoacana wholesale stores are located basically in Houston. This store is also famous for its Mexican food. This food chain was started a few years back but because of their great customer service and best food, they are now expanded to 150 stores in this state.

At first, the organic food and its quality is a key part in this store’s success. Now they have a great customer response and online sale of this food store is skyrocketing.

tienda mexicana cerca de mi

6. Deli Mexico:

Deli Mexico is the storefront Mexican online grocery platform whose headquarter is in the Netherlands and operates mainly in the import of scarce and genuine Mexican products for example  food items, recipe books, etc. There are different food modules on offer including a gluten-free tortillas, Mexican punch and romeritos.(Source:

The idea to sell Mexican food arose from the need to understand Mexican culture and observe the lack of authentic Mexican ingredients to make authentic Mexican food.

Benefits of Mexican Food:

Following are the key benefits for taking mexican food:

  • More Healthy and Organic Food in tienda mexicana cerca de mi:

Mexican food is often handmade, which means no added preservatives and is sold fresh. For example, handmade tortillas are fresh and come in many varieties, including whole wheat tortillas, flour tortillas, and corn tortillas. ( Source: )

Moreover, the best Mexican products are the healthiest, which makes Mexican cuisine a great choice for parents who are very cautious about the foods they consume themselves and their children.

  • Children Favourite:

Mexican food has authentic flavours that kids like to enjoy, especially desserts and sweets. If your children  love to eat sweets, they will surely appreciate the variety of flavorful cakes and pastries that are available at Mexican utility stores.

The various items you’re most likely to find while shopping in the bakery and sweets corner is Mexican sweet cornbread, sopapillas and churros. Sopapillas are basically fried pastries and cakes. All of these desserts are as delicious as they look. Therefore, it is guaranteed that your kid will love every single bite.

Tamarind is a tropical fruit used in many cuisines around the world and it even has medicinal attributes and benefits. Therefore, this fruity additive is commonly found in many Mexican sweet candies. That is why a tasty portion you see in Mexican grocery stores  has a sweet and sour taste.

  • Quality food in Affordable Prices in tienda mexicana cerca de mi:

Mexican grocery shops have extremely affordable prices for most of their products. Furthermore, a Mexican brand of sweets and bakers is very cheap as compared to many American brands that deal in bakeries.

The food available at these stores is far cheaper than the food items available at regular grocery shops in the United States. That is helpful if you’re short on cash and looking to buy something that tastes delicious and mood satisfying.

Concluding Thoughts:

Mexican food is surely a great choice for healthy living. From the above article you will surely find techkmarket great information regarding tienda mexicana cerca de mi. Whenever you search for these stores kindly keep these instructions in mind before shopping.


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