Toji Fushiguro: Superpowers, Personality, Appearance & Trivia

Toji Fushiguro: Superpowers, Personality, Appearance & Trivia

Do you want to know about Toji Fushiguro? If you want then this article will lead you to know all about Toji. here all the questions that arise when you think about Toji have been solved. A question like what type of physical appearance does Toji have? What type of personality does Toji Fushiguro have? Is Toji a villain? And other related questions have been solved in this article. You people just make sure that you will read this article completely.

Physical Appearance of Toji Fushiguro

Toji Fushiguro is a taller man. His height is around 6 feet and 2 inches. But some fans of Toji said that his height is 5 feet 9 inches and said that his height is 5 feet 11 inches. He has a muscular body with mid-length straight black hair that reaches to his ears. The eye color of Toji Fushiguro is green with black thin eyebrows. A scar is present on his right lip.

Toji wears a simple dress including an outfit consisting of a long-sleeved shirt and matching pants with sandals. when Toji flies, he wears tight and art fashioned shirts with tight sports pants. The reason for the tight dress is that he does not want to face the resistance of the air. He just wants to fly in the air. when Joji was still a member of the Zenin family. The dress of Toji was Haori over a black color yukata.

Toji Fushiguro

Personality of the Toji Fushiguro

Toji Fushiguro is a mature and cool-headed person. He has a great confidence level. His living style is simple but covered with roles. He lives life to use his skills and he does not sweat for small things. His conversation skill is very insightful with other words, he enjoys communicating in good ways with other people. Toji has a calculated mind and also plotted his next steps. Unfortunately, Toji loses his battle, but he is a fearless person.

He deals with others with a cool head and also has plotted plans for the future. Toji is a killer and he gets the name sorcerer killer. He always spends his time gambling assignments with his shady clients. Toji married a woman. He left her quickly and went away from her. Toji leaves a newborn child without knowing his gender. One-time Toji wants to sell his child named Megumi to the Zinin family.

He does not judge his client’s views and also does not question them. He works according to the money’s strength. If the money has a big amount, Toji works properly and the same amount is less according to the event which he passes. He works badly. Remember that Toji doesn’t do extra work for free. Toji used his cool and calculated mind to plot dangerous strategies with the help of his jujutsu knowledge. He left behind many most prophesied sorcerers. This achievement gave the attention of the wealthy time vessel association for such an important to ensure their job for the future. when he decides that go to death to choose the way of suicide. The last word of the Toji is that he said I am happy to know that my son introduced himself as a Fushiguro instead of the Zinin.

Toji Fushiguro

Top Abilities and Powers of Toji Fushiguro

Toji is a muscular person with a great personality. There are many abilities and powers which Toji uses to mount his working procedure and other living ways. Here, we discuss some main and exclusive abilities and powers that Toji Fushiguron has and uses in different fields of life. So, some top abilities and powers are given below.

Overall Skill Level:

If we talk about the technical life of the Toji has no talent for jujutsu. While he was alive, he was the most powerful jujutsu in the world. He had many abilities and powers in the field of jujutsu. therefore he connected with the most dangerous practices of dangerous jujutsu. Toji defeated the three different special grade users at three different events.

One of them has name Gojo and he was a young jujutsu user who knew one of the great jujutsu users in the world. And the second other consider as that one of the strongest at the time of course manipulator, Suguru Geto. Toji uses its coarse spirits to fight with Suguru Geto and finally, he defeats Suguru in down. Tji uses the knowledge Zinin family and turns it against the many sorcerers, he used this knowledge to reach the top of sorcerers and get the name sorcerer jujutsu.

Specialist of the Master Weapons

Toji has a great capability to use a different variety of modern weapons for a dangerous battle. There are times in battle when they use jujutsu and when they use many weapons related to the sorcerer’s jujutsu. He keeps his cursed spirit in many dangerous weapons to use to cover all the battle. Toji uses cursed tools to perform some silent attacks on the enemy of the Toji. he also used the sword for a sneak attack. Toji is also an expert marksman with some important aims and anyone can not detect the cursed power of Toji.

Toji Fushiguro

Immense Strength

Toji Fushiguro has a superman degree in physical strength to perform many purposes of the sorcerers’ jujutsu battle. And this power is enough for the Makis’ hands. Using the playful cloud, a tool that is based on physical strength, Toji simply smashed through Dagon’s hardest shinigami. With another cursed tool, he was able to cut through Sugurus’s toughest curse and used his bare hands to beat Takuma Ino’s face so badly that he almost died.

Immense Speed and Reflexes

Toji Fushiguro has superman speed with many reflexes. The reflexes speed of the Tpji is very fast until anyone can not judge which way Taji used and how much speed Toji. he has cursed knowledge for dodging many battles.

Interesting facts about Toji Fushiguro

According to jujutsu’s official Facebook and some other platforms. Interesting facts about Toji Fushiguro are listed below.

  • Hobbies of the Toji Fushiguro: gambling is the main favorite hobby of the Taji.
  • Favorite dish of the Toji: if we talk about the favorite dishes of the Toji. meet and offal are top of the list.
  • Toji’s least favorite dish: alcohol is the least favorite dish of the Toji.
  • Causes of the stress: Toji Fushiguro belongs to the Zinin family and after some period he left the Zinin family. If we look at the causes of stress, the Zinin family is the main cause of the Toji Fushiguro.
  • Toji Fushiguro never meets the makis Zinin and Mai Zinin who are the relatives of the Toji.
  • There is no degree absorbed from toji because the world of jujutsu does not believe in the degree.
  • When Toji left the Zinin family. There is too little money, but he purchases many cursed weapons. for the sake of the cursed weapons he performed, many jobs under the many cursed clients.
  • The money budget of the Toji was not strong. Therefore, he changes the woman and continuously earns money.
  • Toji was stable with his wife but unfortunately, the death of his wife puts Toji in an unstable state. Furthermore, Toji Fushiguro is also unstable with the Zinin family.
  • Toji can fight with the jujutsu sorcerers user without using the cursed weapons. But he failed to get out of the cursed spirit themself. This is the main reason the Tojhi left the Zinin family.

Toji Fushiguro


Is Toji Fushiguro a villain?

Toji is a sorcerer’s killer and belongs to the Zinin family. he has much-cursed power and many cursed tools fighting dangerous battles

Who is the stronger Gojo or Taji Fushiguro?

Taji Ishiguro is stronger than Gojo, he is a victorious person.

Does Megumi know that Toji Fushiguro is his dad?

Megusmi does not know that Toji is his father. Megumi shows that the nether belongs to the Zinin family and the nether belongs to Fushiguro. He belongs to Tsukimi.

Why did Toji Ishiguro abandon Megumi?

Toji Fushiguro abandoned the megumi. He believed that, After the death of his wife, he thinks that he could never be the father of his son and needed

Final Remarks:

Toji is a taller man. His height is around 6 feet and 2 inches. But some fans of Toji said that his height is 5 feet 9 inches and said that his height is 5 feet 11 inches. He has a muscular body with mid-length straight black hair that reaches to his ears. The eye color of Toji Fushiguro is green with black thin eyebrows. He has many cursed tools for fighting the battle. So all information about Toji Ishiguro is listed above in detail in this article. I am sure that if you people read this article with full attention. You will understand all about the Tojhi Fushiguro.

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