Twylight Album: Review, Artists, Tracks & Where to Buy?

Twylight Album: Review, Artists, Tracks & Where to Buy?

Where can I buy the Twylight album by Gerry Allen? Why is this album so famous nowadays? Which artists worked on this album? In this article, we will describe the complete details of the Twylight album and will further discuss the tracks, musicians, and other artists that played a major role in its success. Without any further delay, let’s move on to the details.

What is Twylight?

Twylight is basically an album that famous American Pianist Geri Allen recorded in 1989. A German music label whose name was “German Minor Music Label,” released this album. The album became quite popular after its release. People really loved the performance of Gerry Allen as a pianist in this album. This Hit made her a famous star in no time. The album consisted of eleven tracks, and many famous artists of that era worked together to make this album. Jaribu Shahid, Clarice Taylor Bell, Sadiq Bey, Eli Fountain, and Tani Tabbal are the artists that gave performances in their respective interests for shaping this Album.


Who is Gerry Allen?

Gerry Allen was a famous American Jazz Pianist that gave a Huge Hit Album, “Twylight,” in 1989. She was also a music composer and educator as well. She pursued her career mainly in the music industry. Gerry Allen performed on many occasions as Pianist and bandleader in her life. Furthermore, she also worked as an associate professor of music at the University of Pittsburgh. In the education sector, she was appointed as a Director of the University’s Jazz Studies Program. Allen got famous for her music career as a pianist. Her album Twylight became popular in 1989 and made her a star in that era. People really appreciated and enjoyed each track of this album.

Tracks of Twylight Album:

The Album consisted of 11 tracks. Let us discuss the details of these tracks and get to know about the artist that performed in this album.

1 “When Kabuya Dances”

This was the first track of the album, and Gerry Allen gave composition to this track. The track lasted for 8 minutes and 42 seconds. Among other artists, Jaribu Shahid was the one who gave the Acoustic Bass. Tani Tabbal managed the Drums in these tracks. Geri Allen herself was the pianist, and Sadiq Bey performed the congas.

2. “Shadow Series”

Shadow Series was the second track of this famous Twylight album. The track lasted for 6 minutes and 6 seconds. Gerry Allen performed as a Synthesizer and Pianist in this track. She also composed this track for an Album. Clarice Taylor Bell gave the vocals in this track. Jaribu Shahid handled the Acoustic Bass of this track very efficiently.

3. “Skin”

The third track of this album was Skin. Again Gerry Allen gave the composition to this track and also performed as a Pianist. Tani Tabbel performed as a Drumist in this track. Jaribu Shahid gave the track an acoustic Bass. The run time of this track is 1 minute and 43 seconds.

4. “A Place Or Power”

The fourth song of this album is “A Place Or Power ”. The percussion part of the track was given by Sadiq Bey. Geri Allen composed and performed as a pianist and synthesizer in this track also. Jaribu Shahid gave the necessary Acoustic Bass to the track.

5. “Twylight”

This track was the main headline of this album. Gerry Allen only performed in this track. She performed as a pianist and synthesizer on this track. Further, she also composed these tracks. This track made her in the limelight in 1989. The track duration was 1 minute and 11 seconds.


6. “Stop the World”

The next track of the Twylight album was Stop The World. The track runtime was 4 minutes and 6 seconds. Gerry Allen was the pianist and synthesizer in this track. Jaribu Shahid gave acoustic Bass to the track, and Tani Tabbel performed on the drums and Djembe.

7. “Wood”

The 7th track of this album was Wood. The track was composed by Gerry Allen, and she also gave performances as Pianist and synthesizer. The percussion of the track was performed by Eli Fountain and Sadiq Bey. Tani Tabbel performed on the Drums for this track, and Jaribu Shahid delivered the Acoustic Bass of the track. The duration of this track was 2 minutes and 36 seconds.

8. “Little Wind”

The next track of Twylight album was Little Wind. Tani Tabbel handled the Drums Section, and Jaribu Shahid provided the acoustic bass of the track. The duration of this track was 4 minutes and 22 seconds. Gerry Allen not only composed this track and also performed as a pianist and synthesizer of this track. The percussion part of the track was given by Sadiq Bey and Eli Fountain.

9. “Dream Time”

Dream Time was also a popular track on this album. Geri Allen played the Piano, and Sadiq Bey gave the Congas of the track. Tani Tabbal played the drums, and Jaribu Shahid delivered the acoustic bass of the track. The track running time was 3 minutes and 44 seconds.

10. “Blue”

Blue was the second last track of the Twylight album, and Gerry Allen just played the Piano for 4 minutes and 11 seconds. It was a sole performance from her, and she just nailed the piano art in this track

11. “Black Pools”

Finally the last track of this album was Black Polls. In this track all the artists performed together and Gerry Allen composed the this track. Clarice Taylor Bell gave her vocals for this track and Tani Tabbal performed on the Drums section. Again Jaribu Shahid worked on the acoustic bass of the track and Gerri Allen played the piano for this track also. Eli Fountain and Sadiq Bey deliver the percussion part of the this track. The duration of this track was 4 minutes and 29 seconds.

Other Artists of this Album:

Various popular and famous artists were the part of this Twylight album. Let us discuss them below;

Jaribu Shahid:

Jaribu Shahid is a famous American Jazz and Acoustic Bassist. He worked on almost every track of the album in 1989. Jaribu Shahid played the acoustic bass for every track of the Album. He can play double bass and electronic bass with equal excellency.


Eli Fountain:

Eli Fountain was also a major part of this Twylight album. He was a popular American composer and multi-instrumentalist. He introduced the concept of categorization in the music industry. Eli Fountain performed in the percussion section of many tracks of this album. He died on May 17, 2022, in New York. At the time of death, his age was 64.

Tani Tabbal:

Tani Tabbal is an American drummer who has expertise in Jazz music. He started playing the drums at a very early age in his life. Tabbal has recorded tracks and songs for many singers and composers in his career. He became ill due to a brain tumor and successfully recovered from it in 2001. He also released a solo CD in 2007 named “Before Time After.” He also performed as a drummer in the famous album Twylight in 18989.

Clarice Taylor Bell:

Clarice Taylor Bell was a famous stage actress and performer. She performed and worked with many top musicians in her career. Clarice Taylor Bell died in 2011. She played many famous characters in her life as an actress. She was a part of Twylight’s album and gave her vocals for the album. She died due to heart failure at the age of 93 in New Jersey. She was an important part of the tracks of this album.

Sadiq Bey:

Sadiq Bey and Eli Fountain gave the percussion to many tracks of the Twylight album. He is a great writer, percussionist, and poet. He hails from Detroit. Ha has been in the music industry for more than 35 years. He lives in New York and Berlin. He played a key role in the success of that album in 1989.

Twilight Reception:

After the release of this album, people really enjoyed the work of various artists. The top American music database “AllMusic” gave 4-star rating to this album. This music database really appreciated the efforts of Gerry Allen and other artists for producing a distinct progression of the music. They also praised the collaboration of multiple artists for creating a masterpiece of music.

A famous pianist and composer Ethan Iverson wrote “the compositional integrity is striking,” and also commented: “Twylight has a concentrated offering of Allen’s odd meter vamps that feel old and fresh at the same time. Over those vamps, Allen plays pretty chords, bluesy melodies, or jagged shapes. Everyone does this today, but at the time, it was a rousing call to arms.” (source:

Where to Buy this Twylight Album?

You can still buy this album from different e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Discogs. The album costs around 30 Euros, including shipping charges from Italy. The last copy of this album was sold on July 06, 2022, from the Discogs platform. The Twylight album is on sale at the biggest e-commerce website Amazon for the price of $39.95. You can purchase it from there as well. Furthermore, you can listen to this album on the music streaming application Spotify also. The album is completely available on other music applications, also.

Final Thoughts:

Twylight is basically a music album that a famous pianist from America, Gerry Allen, composed. The album was released by a German Music label in 1989. Many famous artists came together to create musical masterpieces. The album is still popular among many people, and you can buy it from multiple e-commerce and music websites. The album was a huge hit in that music era.


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